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Friday, 22 March 2013

Nitrogen presents aftermaths of models fates in video

Nitrogen Studios have revealed the exact fates as to what happened to TV Series models after the live action series ended.

Since the show's switch to full CGI in 2009, a number of the original models went on to be presented at the UK's Thomas Land Discover Thomas & Friends Exhibition in Staffordshire.
Despite being known to own a few, Nitrogen has surprised fans in a new YouTube video that an even greater number reside at their Vancouver based studios.

Engines such as Molly, Rheneas, Spencer, Duck, Murdoch and others are currently stored in cabinets for display purposes only.

Arc Productions were named as the successors to Nitrogen after the former left Thomas to pursue other projects.

1 comment:

  1. i know most of the models are now on display in nitrogen studios and drayton manor, but i was wondering where did the rest of the thomas and friends tv series models have gone to. i wish that i have all the thomas and friends tv series models all to myself, so, that maybe i can display them in my own basement in my own house for fun.