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Monday, 23 September 2013

Exclusive: David Menkin named as US voiceover of Jack

The producer of Thomas & Friends has confirmed the identity of the American voice of Jack.

The front loader of Miss. Jenny's The Pack team returned in the King of the Railway special after his last appearance in the Season 12 episode, Percy and the Bandstand.

In the UK, Steven Kynman voiced the character, but his US counterpart was thought to be provided by Thomas and Diesel current voice actor, Martin T. Sherman.
Roll Along Thomas can exclusively reveal a response from the show's current producer Ian McCue, who reveals that a new cast member has joined the series.

You are [all] correct in assuming Steve Kynman for the UK voice of Jack, but for the US voice it was an actor called David Menkin who does have a similar tone to Martin.

David Menkin is an American actor and voiceover artist based in London who has acted in several stage shows such as The Green Violin and Christmas with the Rat Pack.

He has occasionally played a part in television shows such as the fourth series of Strike Back, Shadow Warfare and voices Scoop in the US version of Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!.

More recently, Menkin gained opportunities to feature in the Oscar winning film, Zero Dark Thirty and provide several voices for the animated picture, Arthur Christmas

Thanks to Daniel Coffey.



  1. Wow, a frontloader voicing a frontloader...oh, the irony-LOL!

  2. So he's both Scoop and Jack? That must be interesting for him.