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Saturday, 25 January 2014

'Tale of the Brave' UK books and 2015 Annual revealed

Three new books for the UK have been revealed by amazon for release at the end of July.

Coinciding with the Tale of the Brave are storybook and sticker book editions of the upcoming feature-length special.
With both reliving the action from the movie, the storybook's description reveals more on the plot of the film.

When Thomas discovers a mysterious footprint in the clay pits, everyone is curious about where it came from, but poor Percy is just scared!

Can a new friend convince Percy there is no such thing as monsters or will his fear lead him to leave Sodor Island forever?! Fans of Thomas & Friends can relive all the action from the hit movie in this action-packed storybook!

Also due simultaneously is the Thomas & Friends 2015 Annual. The 72 page book is to hold an another assortment of stories, character profiles and activities.

The Tale of the Brave books and the 2015 Annual hit UK book shelves on July 31st.


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