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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Trevor the Traction Engine and miniatures go on sale

A number of original props used in the TV series have gone on sale on prop store websites.

The large scale model of Trevor the Traction Engine, as seen in the New Series, is among the listings but has since been sold.
From the Prop Store of London, its detail and remote control remained intact with the exception of its radio signals functioning the engine.

Another three however are currently available for purhcase from The Prop Gallery. A face cast of Percy, also seen in the New Series, is listed alongside a figure of a driver understood to be from the Classic Series.

Concluding is a Sodor Chilling. Although not a prop, the metal coin was given to crew members at the time of completing 25 years of production.

Thanks to Puff Puff Thomas and Thomas Stansfield for the alerts.


  1. It's strange that they would sell the old prop's.

  2. Might need the storage space