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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Exclusive: Moraghan confirms start on Series 18 UK dub

The British dub of Season 18 has commenced recording with the voice cast in London.

Today, Mark Moraghan took to Twitter on his return to record more episodes; Early into dat Lundon back on the little blue tank engine. Nice morning but a bit parky, four degrees, brrr! 
Roll Along Thomas meanwhile contacted the storyteller to clarify the series; Yes it is [Season 18]! I'm not really allowed to talk about it!

The American dub was completed sometime before, with the Trouble on the Tracks DVD offering the first glimpse of the season.

At the tailing end of March, Moraghan tweeted his excitement ahead of his sessions; Looking forward to recording the next series of Thomas & Friends very soon!

Thomas & Friends' 18th series premieres on UK and US television this fall.

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