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Friday, 26 April 2013

'Muddy Matters' UK DVD content cleared by the bbfc

The content due to feature on the British version of the Muddy Matters DVD has been cleared by the British Board of Film Classification.

The release is the second for the UK to contain episodes from the Sixteenth Series after March's Go Go Thomas!.

As with its US counterpart, Muddy Matters, Thomas and the Rubbish Train, Don't Bother Victor!, Whiff's Wish and Thomas Toots the Crows headline the release.

Watch with Mr. Perkins! returns in between stories while Down at the Station: Evening and two Guess Who?'s fill the extras.

In addition, adverts for the relaunched Day Out with Thomas events and an Action Tracks playset start off the DVD.

Muddy Matters from Hit Entertainment hits UK DVD shelves on May 27th 2013.

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