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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Official website explores Sodor and teases 'King' movie

The Thomas & Friends website has received an update for 2013 and King of the Railway's launch.

Keeping the same layout, the official site has given users the chance to navigate through Sodor's locations such as Knapford Station and Tidmouth Sheds.

Along the way, treats concerning activities, read-alongs, videos and more await. When certain tasks are completed, badges are awarded, leading to more of Sodor's places becoming accessible as time goes by.

One of the features is the Keep Looking Thomas! short storybook, first available at UK Day Out with Thomas events.

The activity offers two stills from the King of the Railway movie, one depicting Thomas approaching Ulfstead Castle and the other showing Sir Robert Norramby on board a passenger train.

Toy World announced the update to the press alongside many other developments in their magazine in January.


  1. Wheres the King of the Railway stuff on the Thomas Website?

    1. As with the previous mini-sites, all upcoming stuff is timed, and will be revealed every few months.