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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Season 13 and 14 stories in fifth Awesome Adventures

Two episodes from the modern era are to appear on Hit Entertainment's next brands DVD.

For the UK, Mighty Messes is the fifth volume in the Awesome Adventures collection.

Four of Hit's shows including Thomas and two episodes from the 13th and 14th Seasons fill the 84 minute feature.
Episodes include;
Thomas & Friends in
Thomas and Scruff and Splish Splash Splosh.
Fireman Sam in
To Outfox a Fox and Stuck in the Muck.
Bob the Builder in
Start from Scratch and Super Scrambler.
Mike the Knight in
The Flying Corgis and The Big Swap.

It follows a similar version seen on US DVD in June 2013 instead opting for two Season 13 episodes.

Awesome Adventures: Mighty Messes from Hit Entertainment hits UK DVD shelves on July 21st.

Thanks to Hawk01 for the alert.

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