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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Universal Home Entertainment takeover US DVD range

Universal Studios Home Entertainment have been announced as the new distributors for future US DVDs.

The deal, announced today, with Hit Entertainment will oversee new releases made by Universal taking into effect from October 1st.
Tale of the Brave's DVD is among the new titles to be helmed by the studio, set for a fall 2014 dating

The takeover ends Lionsgate Entertainment's tenure as distributors after an eventual six year stint. Hit's other brands such as Barney & Friends, Pingu and Kipper are part of the move. 

Universal Home Entertainment's President, Eddie Cunningham, spoke of the initiative.

Pairing Hit's superior entertainment properties with Universal's formidable home sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure effectively positions our companies for an enduring and prosperous collaboration.

Hit's Vice President of The Americas, Sid Marthur, gave his thoughts; With its strong expertise in content distribution, we are thrilled to partner with Universal to distribute and market Hit's preschool franchises in North America.

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