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Friday, 6 July 2012

Exclusive: Hit talks new UK DVDs and Season Seventeen

Hit Entertainment have revealed plans to be made for future DVD releases in the United Kingdom.

The company who produce Thomas & Friends are to issue four DVDs for the 2012 year. These include previously revealed titles that are yet to hit shops in Britain.

Rumours about Curious Cargo and Merry Winter Wish being in a state of limbo have been played down. Speaking to Roll Along Thomas, Hit have confirmed the following discs to be released in their respective dates.
Here is a list of Thomas & Friends DVD releases that are planned until the end of the year. Please note, this list is subject to changes.

16th July –  Curious Cargo
3rd September Blue Mountain Mystery
24th SeptemberThe Complete Series 1-7 

29th October Merry Winter Wish

On the subject of remainder series and songs due to be available on home video, Hit had this to say; We can confirm that there are plans to release seasons 15 & 16 on DVD.
There are plans to include the new Thomas & Percy song on to upcoming DVD releases.

Day of the Diesels is currently the only special, and to date, the only Thomas UK feature to be on Blu-Ray. Asked if this would concour to later movies or episodes, the London based producers commented.

We have no plans to release any more Blu-Rays at the moment. These plans are also subject to change.

Talking about the new 2013 series made by clients, Arc Productions and Andrew Brenner, all is not yet divulged on the upcoming twenty part show. Season 17 will be aired in 2013, no other information is confirmed as yet.

Curious Cargo, Blue Mountain Mystery, The Complete Series 1-7 and Merry Winter Wish hit UK DVD shelves on July 16th, September 3rd, 24th and October 29th 2012 respectively.

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  1. Series 1-7 again..? I'd rather there be a Series 14 and the 1-7 set idea shipped over to the US. The UK already has a Series 1-11 set...