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Monday, 9 July 2012

Executive producer Angus Wright passes away aged 78

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends' former executive producer, Angus Wright has died at the age of 78.

Wright, who was one of the people responsible for Thomas' transition into a television programme, passed away in France on June 15th 2012.
Born in Britain, Angus worked in many behind-the-scenes departments for the BBC and ITV before transferring to The Britt Allcroft Company in 1984, which led to Thomas' TV creation.

He embarked on a relationship with show creator, Britt Allcroft, before marrying some time after. They divorced years later. Angus played a vital role during Thomas' first five series by serving as a producer.
Before the millenium, Angus moved to France where he became infatuated with the country. He then proceeded to live in his ideal place and served in politics.


Thanks to Troublesome Truck for the alert.