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Monday, 2 July 2012

Luke and online mystery unravelled on official website

The Blue Mountain Mystery is getting closer to its public revelation with the official Thomas & Friends website uncovering more content.

The Blue Mountain Quarry minisite has now added activities featuring Luke the Small Engine. First off is a colouring page that opens up a head on artwork of the No. 22 Narrow Gauger.
Next is a short clip coming from the sixth feature-length special which sees Luke talking to Thomas about how he felt to be working on The Island of Sodor.

The latest game, Hide & Peep with Luke is the third on the list. It allows the player to use Thomas to find Luke, who is hiding in the quarry, by picking a track to go to.
A minute long piece of soundtrack composed for the film which was briefly heard on the Learn About Standard and Narrow Gauge Engines video, supports the game throughout.

Lastly is the Mystery Engine Gallery that presents the selected entries from young Thomas fans who won the mystery engine competition.

The objective was to draw an original creation of a steam engine. The countdown calendar now reads; See the BMM products in less than a fortnight's time.


Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.


  1. Luke's clip currently is unable to work on any of the sites, i've passed a message on to see if this error can be fixed.

    The SG,NG video has also been out of commision for the US and Canada site...

  2. After SteamTeam uploaded it to the Wikia, Lukes poster has been uncovered


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