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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Classic Thomas 'Treat Size' DVDs continue in Poundland

The UK's Poundland have released more Thomas & Friends DVDs in their Treat Size Introduces... range.

May saw the arrival of the first four titles hitting the bargain store, with the majority spotlighting the First Series.

With a handful of episodes thrown in to complete the latter, the Second Series takes priority of the new quartet.

Edward & Gordon, Thomas, Percy & the Coal, Percy Takes the Plunge and A Close Shave each contain six episodes.

Treat Size Introduces... Thomas & Friends from Walk Investments Ltd. are available to buy on DVD in Poundland stores across the UK for £1 each.

Thanks to Hawk01 for the alert.


  1. Have to keep a look out for these, they sell out very quickly!

  2. I need Edward and Gordon and I have got all the others

  3. These DVDs are a great way to get kids into the classic episodes (when Thomas was at its best on television) very cheaply. Especially since the complete series DVDs are pretty much impossible to find in retail stores