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Monday, 26 August 2013

Third Awesome Adventures UK DVD for 'Thrills & Chills'

Hit Entertainment's brands will be back together again for another Awesome Adventures DVD for the UK.

Thrills & Chills is the third to be adapted from one of the US Lionsgate releases, Halloween Thrills & Chills.

Fireman Sam, Thomas & Friends and Mike the Knight are each represented in two spooky themed episodes, the latter replacing Bob the Builder, who is included as a bonus.
Episodes include;
Fireman Sam in
Norman's Ghost and Norman's Halloween Heist.
Thomas & Friends in
Toby and the Whistling Woods and Percy and the Monster of Brendam.
Mike the Knight in
The Scary Noise and The Wizard's Treasure.
Bob the Builder in
Dizzy's Sleepover.

The description reads; Scare up some fun this Halloween with your favourite friends!
Thomas and friends get spooked by some mysterious sounds, while Fireman Sam keeps everyone safe, especially when Norman hatches a trick-or-treating plan.

Mike the Knight battles Cave Monsters with Evie's wizardry help, and Bob the Builder & the machine team go batty with some new night-time pals! Get in the Halloween spirit with a few tricks, lots of treats and plenty of fun for all.

Awesome Adventures: Thrills & Chills from Hit Entertainment hits UK DVD shelves on October 7th.

Thanks to Hawk01 for the alert.

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