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Sunday, 11 August 2013

PBS confirms more new episodes for Season 17 in US

PBS have confirmed the next set of episodes from the 17th Series on their website.

The US broadcaster's newly revamped Thomas site, which houses full length episodes, lists the ten half-hour blocks due to air on their channel in October.

More so are the synopsis for ten new stories included in the shows, starting off with Paxton in the lead role for The Lost Puff, which is to gain a Thomas Story Time book adaptation.
The popularities of Flynn and Belle are put to the test in Too Many Fire Engines. After his celebrated brief comeback in Henry's Hero, Duck will re-appear in a supporting role alongside Thomas and Harold in The Thomas Way.

The Phantom Express and Percy's Lucky Day incorporate both Percy and King of the Railway's Stephen, the latter story featuring the returning Bill and Ben who also face-off with Connor in Bill or Ben?.

Fans have speculated that Bill or Ben? is based off of the magazine story, Diesel's Race, which shares a similar plotline, both of which are thought to be written by current script editor, Andrew Brenner.
The winter tales, No Snow for Thomas and The Frozen Turntable follow while the No Wheels for Sidney plotline is used for The Missing Christmas Decorations.

The latter will mark Diesel 10's first regular episode, breaking the tradition of the diesel's roles as a movie-only character.

Rounding off the run is Santa's Little Engine which is to headline a DVD release in the US later this year.

Series 17 of Thomas & Friends premieres on US television on PBS Kids and local public stations from October 7th.


  1. I am SO ready.
    Bill & Ben's return (though that's not most important), Diesel 10 no longer considered a movie-only character, and Sidney finally appearing after 2 long years of appearing for only 2 seconds in DOTD. If he speaks, I hope someone gives him a wonderful voice.

  2. I'm a little disappointed that Edward doesn't have an episode this season, at least not yet. Nonetheless, this season is likely going to be a winner.