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Friday, 11 October 2013

Arc Productions lends animation to new US DVD scenes

Arc Productions have provided animation towards specially made scenes that have appeared on a US DVD.

The current animators of the series lent their CGI to the interactive interstital Who's That Engine? on the Santa's Little Engine disc.
It shows The Fat Controller giving clues towards one of his Sodor engines that is hidden from profile in the countryside.

Emerging from some bushes is Percy, who then whistles and breaks the fourth wall. It then leads to The Fat Controller reminiscing about the events of Percy the Snowman. A certificate is awarded to the viewer at the end.

Alongside a Meet Thomas and Gordon double, The Earl of Sodor also appears on the DVD questioning scenarios based on Toby's New Whistle and Tickled Pink. More interactive scenes are certain for inclusions on future releases.

Santa's Little Engine from Lionsgate Entertainment is out now to buy on US DVD.

1 comment:

  1. I love how you use the phrase "breaks the fourth wall;" I feel like that's a phrase not everyone knows, but I know it and love it.