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Friday, 4 October 2013

Flying Kipper return for Season 17's 'The Smelly Kipper'

ABC Television have revealed a brand new episode for the 17th Series, due to air in Australia on October 20th.

Following recently announced stories No More Mr. Nice Engine, Away from the Sea and Thomas' Shortcut, James will once again star in a lead role.
The penultimate named story The Smelly Kipper is to challenge the character's cheekiness again after a similar plotline occurred in The Phantom Express.

The Flying Kipper will return for its proper utilisation to the series after being used briefly during the opening of Whiff's Wish and in Calm Down Caitlin.

The summary reads; One evening at Tidmouth Sheds, James is teasing Percy about being scared in the dark, so Henry challenges James to take The Flying Kipper that night for him.

Series 17 of Thomas & Friends marks its Australian premiere on October 9th on ABC2 at 8am, with the episode Steamie Stafford.

Thanks to Thomas Stansfield for the alert.

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