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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Porter and Season 17 scenes in Wooden Railway range

New stock for the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway range is to arrive from this year through to 2014.

From unknown sources, Sodor's newest arrival Porter is one of the first to join after being made for Take-n-Play and Trackmaster. His so far prototype model shows a section of pink painted on his boiler and cab.
Based on a key scene from Bill or Ben?, the twin engines are re-introduced to the range with Bill in current form sporting red wheels and Ben in dark blue livery.

Salty's Celebration sees the dockside diesel covered in oil and bunting while pulling a truck full of party supplies in a scene to be witnessed in Porter's debut episode, Away from the Sea.

Meanwhile, Whiff returns to Wooden Railway alongside Toby, where the tram engine's model is significantly wider to accommodate a Battery Powered guise.

The new Wooden Railway stock hit toy shelves worldwide from this year through to 2014.

Thanks to alcofan158 for the alert.

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