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Monday, 13 May 2013

'King of the Railway' for world premiere in Australia

King of the Railway: The Movie will land in Australia for its world premiere this July.

The country, who will debut a Thomas & Friends movie once again, is to screen the feature in Hoyts cinemas.

The cinema chain have released a higher quality version of the first trailer in anticipation and a more detailed outline of the film's plot.
Thomas is over the moon when the Earl of Sodor chooses him and friends Percy and James to rebuild Ulfstead Castle.

During their latest adventure, the Steam Team meets Millie, a bubbly French engine, and Stephen, an older steam locomotive with fascinating stories to tell.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Gordon are stunned when they encounter two new engines, Connor and Caitlin, who are even faster than they are!

But disaster strikes when Stephen goes missing. Will Thomas find Stephen in time for the Grand Opening of Ulfstead Castle, and what is it that lies buried deep in the mine under the Castle…?

The UK is to screen the special in Vue cinemas in late August with the US and Germany following in September.

King of the Railway: The Movie marks its world premiere in Hoyts cinemas across Australia from July 20th.

Thanks to Thomas Stansfield for the alert.

1 comment:

  1. YESSS!!!! This time, I'm going to see it the day it opens!!!