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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thomas culled from Netflix service in "Streamageddon"

Thomas & Friends has been named one of the casualties affected by Netflix's recent cutbacks on their service.

The cull occurred on May 1st when the payable on-demand platform removed up to 1,800 TV and film titles in a move branded Streamageddon.

Alongside the James Bond films, South Park and other properties, over 40 titles from the Thomas & Friends range are no longer available for streaming in the US, according to Nik Stanoscheck's Steamies Vs. Diesels blog.

In a statement, Netflix explained their reasoning; The vast majority of the titles that expire on Wednesday are older features that were aggregated by Epix.

We recently added many great, more recent titles such as ParaNorman, Hunger Games, Safe and Bachelorette. We will also add Mission Impossible 2 among many other titles.

Netflix is a dynamic service. We constantly update TV shows and movies that are available to our members. We will add more than 500 titles on May 1st, but we also have titles expiring, this ebb and flow happens all the time.

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