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Friday, 31 May 2013

Mark Moraghan talks Thomas on BBC Radio Merseyside

New storyteller Mark Moraghan has talked candidly about his new role in Thomas & Friends on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Tweeting before his arrival, the actor and singer was interviewed by Simon Hoban near the end of Tony Snell in the Morning, where he spoke of his enthusiasm on joining the show.

I have pinched myself really, its a cracking job, I'm absolutley over the moon to be doing it and I've just had a ball really and I've been recording it now for... it'll be a year in June so its gone so quickly and I'm having a great time.

Mark also revealed his commitment to the show, securing him for future series to come; I think I've recorded about a 100... up to now. There's lots of new engines coming into the show aswell so... lots of great characters.

The Liverpudlian then went on to discuss how he wanted to approach his style of narration while also keeping the legacy alive.

You try and put your own stamp on it, but I think I've tried to keep an essence of what Ringo [Starr] and Michael [Angelis] did before me because I don't think people like too much change so I've tried to stay true to the show's roots.

Following in the footsteps of Michael and Ringo and people like Pierce Brosnan, Alec Baldwin... its big shoes to fill so its just an honour really.

As I say its a great legacy for my kids and my grandkids and... I hope to be doing it for a long time to come.

Mark later talked of how the TV series models would have been outdated in the modern age, his feelings towards the animation and the storylines that have moved with the times.


  1. He's doing a fantastic job so far. He's actually becoming my favourite

  2. One thing I have to disagree on is how Mr Moraghan said about how the Models (if continued) would be outdated with the modern times. Although that maybe true, in my opinion the Models weren't OUTDATED by their appearance; it was the storylines (Three Strikes Formula, Rhyming, Character Persona's taking an opposite direction etc) that forced the series to switch to CGI. Having watching the five Season 17 episodes on the Railway Mischief DVD (on Youtube) and seeing Andrew Brenner's writing showcasing a MASSIVE improvement, I felt that if Brenner had been Head Writer sooner when the Models were present (post Season 11), the show might have continued with the Models for a good 7 more series due to the increase in TV ratings and high sales of merchandise. I could just picture Gordon Runs Dry in Model form.

    But one can dream, eh?

    P.S I've NOTHING against Mark Moraghan. I think HIT Entertainment have chosen wisely. But I just feel upset that when the episodes have become much better to narrate, Angelis isn't part of the show anymore. Lets just hope that he's going to continue with The Railway Stories BBC Audio Series. Fingers crossed! :)

    1. I don't think it was the stories that caused the CGI switchover because the storyline formula were heavily used between S13-16. To be honest, in my opinion, the models were becoming a bit of a bore to look around S10. It was the same setting going over and over and over again, even though the CGI does the same as well but with CGI it can expand things in the series that can't be made with the models such as for example, RWS characters.
      Looking at the switchover idea, it was pretty much budget problems HIT were facing at the time in 2007. Sure Thomas is a multi-million pound brand but it has to have some financial debt someday.