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Monday, 13 May 2013

Second new series DVD and Stephen episode confirmed

Another new US DVD of Season Seventeen episodes is on the horizon for release into next year.

Following the success of Walmart's Railway Mischief, Spills & Thrills will be the next DVD to contain more stories from the latest series.

The reveal came from a listing for a forthcoming Step into Reading book called The Rocket Returns.

The book, due to hit US book shelves on January 7th 2014, confirms that Stephen will take centre stage in his own episode.

Thomas the Tank Engine's new friend Stephen used to be known as The Rocket! With Thomas' help, he will again!

Little boys ages 4 to 6 who love trains will dive in to this Step into Reading adventure based on an episode from the newest Thomas & Friends DVD release, Spills and Thrills!

Spills & Thrills is coming soon to US DVD from Lionsgate Entertainment.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.


  1. So will the upcoming/coming soon DVD have the same number of episodes like Railway Mischief?

  2. The US already has a release with a similar name...
    It's called Thrills and Spill. It's a collection of Series 5 episodes. Looks like their running out of names for these things.

  3. will this dvd be sold only in walmart or target, as well. and when will we see the date of this dvd.

    1. You might want to tone down asking questions to everything, we're not psychics. All we know is that a DVD is in the future, nothing more. This DVD release has nothing to do with the release of the Walmart one. This will likely be back to the normal schedule of all stores getting this release.

  4. "Following The Success Of Railway Mischief" makes me think it has something to do with it. He's just asking, I was expecting another release in the summer, maybe that's when it will hit.