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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Season Fourteen and activity DVDs from Sony in Japan

Japan have gained another six DVD releases for 2013 under the auspices of Sony Creative Products Inc.

Out now to buy is the start of two activity titles. 高山鉄道小さなきかんしゃたち 大解剖 sees the engines of the Narrow Gauge Railway defined in each of their roles in the high hills.

Despite their brief appearances, Duke, Smudger, Bertram, The Ghost Engine and Proteus are also detailed in similar fashion. Rheneas and the Dinosaur and the Blue Mountain Mystery trailer are included in the release.

ソドー島1番さがせ! follows the scenario by instead focusing on The Fat Controller's engines and vehicles commenting on their strengths. Thomas and the Jet Plane is the story testing the premise.
For March, ソドー島パニック takes a look at the many incidents on Sodor while トーマスくるまなかま talks about the many road vehicles serving the island including Jack and the Sodor Construction Company.

Lastly, Season Fourteen returns in June when トーマススクラフ and ワクワクするぼうけん emerge. Thomas and Scruff and Jitters and Japes are just some of the episodes continuing the trend.

Sony Creative Products Inc.'s 高山鉄道と小さなきかんしゃたち 大解剖 and ソドー島で1番をさがせ! are available to buy on Japanese DVD.

ソドー島大パニック and トーマスとくるまのなかま follows on March 27th while トーマスとスクラフ and ワクワクするぼうけん are released on June 12th.

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