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Monday, 31 October 2011

'Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks' given late German TV debut

The Thomas & Seine Freunde facebook page have promoted the Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks' TV broadcast debut in Germany.

The German's version of the Day of the Diesels special has quite late on had it's airing details published on the page.
The advert for it has been uploaded which can be viewed, showing various clips from the 2011 hour long episode.

The country has had the chance to watch it with their home video releases and cinema showings.

Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks airs on Super RTL's Toggo Lino block tomorrow on Tuesday November 1st 2011 at 7am.

Thomas to make a noisy story with book

For the British, amazon.co.uk have published details on a new type of book for mid 2012.

Thomas' Noisy Story! A Rhyming Story to Share is the next board book in line for next year where rhymes and noises are essentially made for it.

The description reads; Young children will love joining in and making the Toot!, Beep!, Whoosh!, Peep!, Vroom! and Shhh! noises when you share this rhyming story about Thomas and his friends.
The sturdy board format is perfect for young children to handle themselves. The pictures contain favourite characters and plenty of detail, so there are lots of things for you and your child to look at and to talk about together. 

Independent charity organisation Booktrust have already posted their review in short, reccomended by amazon; Stories with rhyme, rhythm and repetition help to develop reading skills. They are also great for sharing! 

Thomas' Noisy Story! A Rhyming Story to Share hits UK book shelves on May 8th 2012.

'Thomas in Charge' of more 2012 US books

The US will be on hand in 2012 next year to witness the releases of four more books.

Cranky's Surprise is an activity title where stencils are included with it while more of them are found inside the book. Some of the shapings include The Fat Controller's hat and Thomas' No. 1 plating.
Over 400 Pages! More Than 200 Stickers!, that is what is seen and confirmed to be on the front cover of Thomas' Super-Jumbo Colouring Book which says it all as to what the book has.

Two TV Series book tie-ins are announced aswell where Thomas in Charge and Sodor's Steamworks are packaged together as a 2 Books In 1 release.

The Thomas in Charge cover includes an image of Thomas and Annie on The Shake Shake Bridge from Jitters and Japes but is not yet known as to what story the book will relate to.
Far more recognisable is Sodor's Steamworks' front that shows a promo from Steamy Sodor, however both books will be known to be in the form of a Sticker duo title.

Lastly is yet another activity page turner with Full Steam Ahead! showing Thomas and James racing through the countryside, just like in The Great Discovery special. The book contains Over 30 Tattoos inside.

The four titles all hit US book shelves on July 24th 2012.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

More cargo loaded for the 'Curious Cargo' train

Walmart have added more details including the cover art for the Curious Cargo US DVD.

DVDEmpire first drew out the confirmation of the 2012 release along with three of the four episodes being included.
Meanwhile, eagle eyed and intelligent Thomas fans have since noted in it's description that the James in the Dark episode may be included.

All aboard for a wild ride on the Island of Sodor as Thomas and his engine friends deliver some Curious Cargo - from giraffes and cows to birds and bunnies and more!

Walmart have since revealed two extras that will be added to the home video release, including one traditional mulit feature.
Extras include;
Find What Doesn't Belong Game
Determination Karaoke Music Video
English Closed Captioned Subtitles

Along with all of the above, the cover art has been published by the shopping company showing a new promo of Thomas pulling the giraffe from Thomas' Tall Friend, the centre episode of the release.

Curious Cargo hits US DVD shelves on January 17th 2012.

Rev's Talyllyn's Railway becomes newest Heritage

The Talyllyn Railway who had the Rev. W. Awdry as one of their volunteer in the 1950's while writing The Railway Series has recieved an award.

The award itself has named the railway the 67th Engineering Heritage Award by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers according to BBC News.
One of the railway's volunteer workers, Julian Stow gave his appreciation.

I think it's really fantastic, it's a nice bit of recognition for the railway and puts us in illustrious company alongside the Harrier jump jet and SS Great Britain, so it's really good news.

The railway is still visited today by families, rail enthusiasts and fans of Thomas and The Railway Series. 

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

Early Ringo Starr shots promoting Thomas tags ebay

Four unseen and alternative shots showing first narrator Ringo Starr promoting the debut of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends emerge on ebay.

Each of them show Starr holding the real TV Series model of Thomas himself while the Rev. W. Awdry is seen in one picture beside Starr, with his Thomas.
All of which, which can be bidded on, come from image database REX Features who are known for publishing many unseen pictures.

The company previously were revealed to show Steve Asquith with two engines, looking over one of the sets.


Thanks to Sam and SI3DFilms for the alerts.

Up, up you go, go Percy to tracking

Another Greatest Moments package from TrackMaster will be on it's way to stores where Percy will lead the set.

Up, Up & Away Percy based on the underrated Up, Up and Away episode from the Fifteenth Season is joining the special lineup series.
It comes with a TrackMaster model of Percy accompained by a flatbed carrying a differing version of The Red Balloon.

Along with it is a van dressed in purple with Mr. Bubble's trademark symbol on each of the sides.

TrackMaster's Up, Up & Away Percy is available in stores worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Steam and Diesel get fully loaded for special magazine

The United Kingdom's Thomas & Friends magazine series have published a special packed edition issue.

With Gordon and Thomas as the main stars on the front cover, the magazine which has been subtitled Full Steam Ahead has alot to offer.
Coming with it is a small toy Circus Set with Thomas, a Thomas Story Library book on the back with either Neville or Caroline's chosen, Toys R Us' Thomas catalogue and a copy of The Ultimate Diesel Guide.

The Diesel book only available at Days Out With Thomas events can alternatively be viewed on the Official Thomas & Friends Website.
The 626th issue has the Story, Steamy Sodor, the latest profiler in Meet Gordon, a Duty Calls poster with Harold, Day of the Diesels adverts, a Bedtime Story with Daisy, Salty, Bill and Ben in Taking a Break and more.

The Full Steam Ahead magazine is available now in UK retailers until November 8th 2011 for £3.99.

Cargo unloaded for DVD roll out in 2012

The American fans will be getting even more ahead with the animated series DVD's by recieving Curious Cargo.

Unveiled by DVDEmpire.com, the forthcoming release by Lionsgate Entertainment shall contain a mixed bag of the modern animal themed episodes.
Three out of four of the episodes have been confirmed via it's description while the fourth remains to be seen.

The DVD's description reads; All aboard for a wild ride on the Island of Sodor as Thomas and his engine friends deliver some Curious Cargo from giraffes and cows to birds and bunnies and more! 

Thomas meets a tall challenge while taking a giraffe to the Sodor Wildlife Center, Percy learns to be gentle with the animals of Sodor, and Belle and Toby discover the importance of listening to others. 
Episodes confirmed;
Thomas' Tall Friend
Percy's New Friends
Big Belle 
With one from the Fourteenth Season and two from the Fifteenth, extras have yet to be finalised for reveal for the title.
Curious Cargo hits US DVD shelves on January 17th 2012.

Thomas revisits the Abandoned Mine for Trackmaster

Fisher Price's Thomas Trackmaster range have released a new set with Thomas at the Abandoned Mine.

Based on The Great Discovery feature-length special, Thomas is given the task of working in the mine while pulling a blue truck.
A mine shaft is involved where the little blue engine can be transported down to another track below after he hits the shaft's buffers.

To keep in line with it's claustrophobic setting, the set can be played with in the dark with the Glow in the Dark feature.

Trackmaster's Thomas at the Abandoned Mine is now available in stores worldwide.

Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.

Monday, 24 October 2011

'Day of the Diesels' app goes on sale with special offer

The new Day of the Diesels app developed by Callway Digital Arts Inc. and Hit Entertainment is now available to buy.

The read along app which follows the same format as it's feature-length special preceders, Misty Island Rescue and Hero of the Rails, includes some notable comparisons between the book and the movie itself.
Keith Wickham narrates while only retaining his Percy voice when required. Soundbites from the characters are played out in the book a yellow signal is indicated in a selected spot.

iTunes are currently providing a special offer where for a limited time, you can purchase the app for £0.69 UK or $0.99 for the US. The price deduction is also available with the original Read-a-Long apps.

Starting up the app towards the main menu plays out a few seconds of movie's theme tune composed by Robert Hartshorne.
In the Puzzles area, four clips can be viewed after completing the puzzles whilst the Match cards activity includes more soundbites from the various engines

By going to the Paint section, six artworks are available to colour featuring Belle, Den, Flynn, Dart, Diesel 10 with Thomas and Percy leading to Watch where the special's Sing-a-Long music video is played out.

Callaway and Hit have both been confirmed to collaborate on another app due in December, Engine Activities.

The Day of the Diesels app is now available in the iTunes Store on iTunes for a limited price of £0.69 UK and $0.99 US for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.


Official: Mattel named new owner of Hit Entertainment

Toy maker Mattel have been announced as the winner's of the sale of Hit Entertainment.

After a long year of talks and involvements going on during the bid, Mattel have purchased Hit for a $680 million sum.

Thomas & Friends once again will have a new home in the form of the known toy maker company who already sell several Thomas themed products in the market.
The Chairman and Chief Officer of Mattel, Robert Eckert spoke of the deal via Hit Entertainment's exclusive press release; Mattel is the right home for Thomas & Friends. This powerhouse brand is joining the ranks of such iconic brands as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price and American Girl.

Thomas & Friends routinely ranks among the world’s leading preschool toys. Additionally, with more than half of the Thomas & Friends revenue generated from non-toy products, this transaction will marry Mattel’s global marketing,
distribution and brand management capabilities with Hit Entertainment’s global programming and licensing expertise to accelerate growth of the combined portfolio.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Hit Entertainment, Jeffrey Dunn also commented; Hit Entertainment owns some of the most loved and trusted preschool brands in the world and under Mattel’s leadership, I look forward to seeing them grow to even greater heights.
Mattel is a wonderful steward of brands and a great home for the outstanding properties Hit has developed and grown, including Thomas & Friends. It is fitting that the world’s premier toy company should become the owner of the world’s premier pre-school property.

Apax Partner's Media team member, Irina Hemmers said; We are very pleased that this strong portfolio of iconic brands will continue to flourish in the hands of Mattel.
Fisher-Price already produces Hit’s toys under license so the two companies know each other well and there is considerable industrial logic in this combination.

I would like to thank the employees and the management team for ensuring that Hit’s brands achieved their leading global position in the preschool character space. We wish the whole company every success for the future.

Viacom, Disney, Chorion, Saban Brands, Tomy and many other companies were all considered for the buyout but lost out to Mattel in one of the most eagerly anticipated stories of this month. 


What's your view on Mattel? Are they the right choice to buyout Hit Entertainment?, could you see a bright future ahead?, and what do you think is to become of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends?

Send a comment just under this post to express your views.

Russell Means recovering from cancer condition

Thomas and the Magic Railroad's, Billy Twofeathers alias Russell Means has been assuring the world that he is on his way to beating cancer completely.

The actor and activist has been praying and recieving treatment from his condition including drinking teas from the Indian market, all of which have cost $1000 a day.
Means also revealed via The Daily Republic a further insight has to what he encountered during his deterioration which has since transformed into healing.

The Daily Republic reports that, his throat was almost completely blocked by a massive tumor and he could not talk or eat and had trouble breathing. He was given days to live, he said. But now, he is feeling stronger every day.

During a call from his home, Russell has vowed to carry on with the battle with a notable quote being said for his so far road to win; I’m doing much better. 

Thanks to Troublesome Truck for the alert.

The beginning of Thomas the Tank Engine goes iTunes

The First Season of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends is now available on iTunes over in Australia.

The debut series combines two episodes in each package via the Apple application or alternatively, the whole series can be bought in one load.
Each combo cost at $1.49 Australian Dollars with the compilation of the 26 episodes made coming in at $17.99.

Like nearly all digital releases, the 1984 Season can be watched in it's glorious restored form which first materialised in 2003.

Thanks to TMRReturns for the alert.

Fisher Price unviels brand new sets

Fisher Price's toy franchise's will release new sets starting with the Pull 'n Zoom! series.

Thomas, James and Percy join the wind back themed sets where by pulling the engine back from their load, a string attached to their coupling magnet will stretch leading to fun fast play by letting go.
Thomas comes with a Caboose Van while Percy is accompained by a Mail Truck and James from his own tender.

Next comes the return of the Talking Engines series under new designs with both Percy and even Flynn the Fire Engine being involved.
Moving on from the new to the old with Dennis the Lazy Diesel finally signed on for the Take-n-Play which includes slight differences comapred to it's original Take Along model.

Lastly Trackmaster will delight older and younger fans of the TV Series with the long awaited arrival of Duck the Great Western Engine.
The popular No. 8 Pannier Tank Engine is confirmed for the motorized range in the UK with a truck being included in his product.

The new Pull 'n Zoom, Talking Engines and Take-n-Play products hit toy shelves worldwide later this year with Duck available to buy now.

Thanks to SteamTeam and SI3DFilms for the alerts.

Thomas meets The President Controller

The 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter joined Thomas the Tank Engine at a recent US Days Out With Thomas event.

Carter who is now 87 years of age visited the little blue engine with many Thomas fans witnessing his special appearance when the train arrived in the town of Archery, Carter's farm home.
The former President cared of children's reading and literature as he told a story to the audience from a Thomas book on Saturday October 22nd 2011.

We want everybody to learn how to read so we can make progress in their life. And everyone wants to make progress in their life right, we learn more and go to school.

Thanks to Thomasfan for the alert.

'Day of the Diesels' in Japan confirmed for 2012

The Day of the Diesels special will make it's way to the Japanese nation for a set of theatre screenings next year.

With their Misty Island Rescue completing it's cinema run a while ago, the Diesels will take over to star in cinema dates for the Spring of 2012.
Teased in the new Steamies Vs. Diesels DVD, じょうきはディーゼルにまけないぞ!!, the start of the release's descriptions reads; 2012年春に劇場公開予定の映画「デイ オブ ザ ディーゼル(原題)」にちなみ.

デイ オブ ザ ディーゼル, coming soon to Japanese theatres in Spring 2012.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Japanese Rescue of the Misty Island DVD approaches

Misty Island Rescue or ミスティアイランド レスキュー大作戦!! is finally entering Japan territory on DVD soon.

After a successful run in select theatres, the Japanese version of the 2010 special is on it's way for home video releases.
The description for the DVD reads; ソドー島にレスキューセンターをつくる事になり、トーマスたちは大忙し!ところが、手柄をひとりじめしようとしたディーゼルが失敗をして、それをトーマスが救ってあげます。



特典映像には次回作「デイ オブ ザ ディーゼル(原題)」の予告入り!

ミスティアイランド レスキュー大作戦!! hits Japanese DVD shelves on October 28th 2011.

Thomas Land tours on Japanese home release

Japan is to issue a different DVD where their Thomas Land will be the main attraction of the new release.

きかんしゃトーマス大集合!! みんなぼくに のりにおいでよ delivers a tour through Japan's famous Thomas & Friends theme park in Fuji.
All of it's rides feature along with the Sodor cast immortalized for the park since it's inception in the year of 1998.

As noted in it's description, the DVD includes the first footage of Thomas debuting through his first set of journey's on the Railways in Britain.

きかんしゃトーマス大集合!! みんなぼくに のりにおいでよ hits Japanese DVD shelves on October 26th 2011.

Steamies and Diesels Vs. Japan and DVD

As Japan prepares for the Day of the Diesels, a brand new DVD will star various episodes displaying the rivalry between the Steam Engines and the Diesel Engines.

A nicely sized pack of eight episodes join the release, じょうきはディーゼルにまけないぞ!! which hauls along some of the known oilers with Daisy, Mavis, Diesel and one timer The Diesel.

Episodes include;
ップは、ディーゼル行く (Pop Goes the Diesel)
(Dirty Work)

(Diesel Does It Again)
(Bulls Eyes)
(Bowled Out)
エンジン (The World's Strongest Engine)

Publicising the vastly approaching 2011 Diesels special is the extras which includes an Introduction alongside a preview clip and the very Steam Engines and Diesel Engines Differences video.

じょうきはディーゼルにまけないぞ!! hits Japanese DVD shelves on October 26th 2011.

Sodor goes partying all round with the Jap-es

A collection of party and celebration themed episodes are available to watch on a new DVD from Japan.

ソドー島は今日もおおさわぎ!! features six episodes, all of which are from the Classic Series that follow the above theme with a large cast of engines helping out in the episodes.

Episodes include;
じょおうへいかがやってくる (Paint, Pots and Queens)
トーマスととくべつなてがみ (Thomas and the Special Letter)
めでたしめでたし (Happy Ever After)
ひとだすけ (Make Someone Happy)
こわがりなきかんしゃ (Scaredy Engines)
ベストドレッサーはだれ (Best Dressed Engine)

Also included is two music videos specially created from the Japanese with パーティーしよう! (Try to Party!) and わくわくドキドキ (Pounding Thrill).

ソドー島は今日もおおさわぎ!! is available to buy now in Japanese stores.

The Railway Series meets the TV Series again on DVD

Japan is celebrating the Centenary of the Rev. W. Awdry with another DVD release on the comparison between The Railway Series and the TV stories.

Thomas is Full Time! or トーマスの きかしゃがっぱい incorporates four episodes with it's retrospective Railway Series origins to watch side by side.

Three of the TV shows come from the 1984 First Season with the last fast forwarding up to the Fourth Season in 1995.
Episodes include;
おおきなきかんしゃとてんしゃだい (Off the Rails)
きたないきかんしゃ (Dirty Objects)
フライング・キッパー (The Flying Kipper)
なつかしのわがや (Home at Last)

Not so very long ago in 2010, the Japanese made a similar release dedicated to the 65th year of the popular Awdry book franchise.

トーマスの きかんしゃがいっぱい! is available to buy in Japanese stores.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

'Day of the Diesels' to make debut in US theatres

The Day of the Diesels special will finally make it's debut in theatres across the United States of America

The movie which marks Percy's lead role in a special is to appear in 28 cinema screenings courtesy of Kidtoon Films.
It shall hit cities such as Bronx, Providence, Worcester, Hicksville, Brooklyn and many others across two days in November.

Kidtoon who distributed The Great Discovery and Hero of the Rails have taken over from Marcus Theatres who lost their sponsorship from Hit Entertainment to air the brand's movies as revealed exclusively on the blog.
The feature-length special has since appeared on US DVD/Blu Ray back in early September on the 6th this year while two months would have passed when arriven in cinemas.

Day of the Diesels rolls into theatres across the US on November 12th and 13th at 12pm.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Brand new online game coming to Official Website

The Thomas & Friends' Official Websites is due to have a new online game added to it's Games page.

Following the announcement of the Day of the Diesels and Engine Activities apps being launched, the same press release from Toy News Online notes the website's newest addition.
A new online game is currently being developed by Very Memorable and is set to launch on www.thomasandfriends.com later this year.

Very Memorable are no strangers to a children's brand as a portfolio is available on their website, which includes their contribution towards Clifford the Big Red Dog and Angelina Ballerina.

The new Thomas & Friends online game arrives on the Official Website later this year.

Two new apps confirmed for the App Store

Another two apps are currently being developed with Hit Entertainment once again teaming up with Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

With Hero of the Rails and Misty Island Rescue proving successful on the App Store via iTunes, both the above companies will make similar entertainment with Day of the Diesels.
The 2011 special's version will utilise all the basic ideas that it's preceders had such as reading, listening, watching and playing.

Distancing away from the feature-length specials, Callaway and Hit are also making Engine Activities where the user can play with activities like painting, matching cards and completing puzzles.

Global Brand Management and Digital Media SVP of Hit Entertainment, Natasha Fishman told of the announcement.
We are thrilled to be expanding our Digital portfolio with Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Mike the Knight as well as enhancing our Thomas & Friends offering.

These exciting new apps and websites serve to further enrich and extend the overall brand experience we deliver to our audiences.

The Day of the Diesels app will be released this month while Engine Activities follows on in December, both on the App Store on iTunes. 

Bachmann Large Scale Emily for "start of next year"

Model train hobby YouTube Channel gardentrains have confirmed that Emily the Beautiful Engine will be the next to join Bachmann's Thomas & Friends G Scale range.

Reviewing Emily's Passenger and Brake Coaches in a YouTube video, narrator and owner of LSOL.com (Large Scale Online), John DeKeles said the following at the 3:58 mark.
The Emily Coaches are supposed to be pulled by Emily which will be coming out soon.

For further confirmation, SI3DFilms recieved a message back from gardentrains concerning it's existence; The cars are available now and the engine will be available at the start of next year.

Bachmann's Large Scale Emily arrives in model hobby shops worldwide starting next year in 2012.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for confirmation of the email.  

Confirmed: 'Merry Winter Wish' to come next year for UK

It has now been confirmed that the British version of the Merry Winter Wish DVD will not come out this Halloween, but next Halloween instead.

The news comes just as Hit Entertainment's Store website for England have removed the title from it's page completely.
Elsewhere and reported some days back, amazon were the first to delay it's release whereas Play.com had labelled the release as Not yet released but have since put out the date for next year.

Sendit.com and Argos Entertainment both have removed their Add to Basket tabs to a Sold Out notice.
Although the bbfc published the DVD's content, the recent criticism over the Winter holidays furory enabled the push, with Hit Entertainment previously hinting it's delay in a statement.

Last year we had Christmas Express and next year we are planning another Christmas title.

Merry Winter Wish arrives on UK DVD shelves at the new date of October 29th 2012

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

The end of the Hit sale goes on the nigh

After a long period of bidders waining in on the sale of Hit Entertainment, an end to it could surface as early as this week.

Mark Kleinman's latest post on his Sky News Blog indicates that toy maker Mattel is on the way to winning the bid.
The buyout would cost a sum of over £500 million or $785 million in the US which was originally thought to be a £1 billion payout at the start through to it's midway stage.

Neither Hit Entertainment, Mattel or Apax Partners have yet to speak over the sale or even of it's supposed upcoming end.

bbfc goes 'Backwards' for another Daily Record DVD

The bbfc have confirmed that a seventh promotional DVD will join the Daily Record's upcoming Thomas giveaway in their newspapers.

Although the Scottish newspaper chain have yet to commit to an official announcement, the first batch of six have since been revealed via the bbfc's database.

Now along with the Day of the Diesels trailer being included, the last release picks up on two episodes, one from the New and one from the Classic Series era's.

Sticky Toffee Thomas
Busy Going Backwards
Run time of 15 minutes and 45 seconds.

This isn't the first time that the Daily Record have sent out promotional DVD's of the TV Series as a few years back, one was made sometime after the release of Thomas' Trusty Friends.

The last two Jack and the Pack episodes and the music videos Five New Engines in the Shed, Troublesome Trucks and The Red Balloon were all included in a release, adapted from a Woolworths title made beforehand.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Two more 'Winter Wish' extras drawn out by DVDSource

DVDSource.co.uk have revealed another two extras due to be included in the Merry Winter Wish DVD for Britain.

Watch with Mr. Perkins is confirmed to return to the Knapford Station Common Room for more interactive talk.
After a long while, the All You Need Sing-a-Long Music Video finally makes it home release debut which completes the lineup for all the animated era songs to be released on DVD.

The bbfc have previously shown the appearance of the first two extras on their online database.

Merry Winter Wish is currently due to hit UK DVD shelves on October 31st 2011.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

Amazon adds delay to the 'Merry Winter Wish'

The upcoming Merry Winter Wish DVD for the UK has had it's release date pushed back on amazon.co.uk.

The online retailer's website lists the Season Fourteen title for an October 29th 2012 roll out rather than the Halloween 2011 date.
amazon's reported delay comes just as the home release is due to be available to buy within two weeks time.

Eagle eyed fans have already predicted that it will be the DVD that Hit Entertainment has confirmed for 2012 after their recent Winter holidays controversy.

Merry Winter Wish is currently due to hit UK DVD shelves on October 31st 2011.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Daily Record commissions more DVD promos

The Daily Record's success with a previous DVD promo of Thomas & Friends featuring two episodes and three songs have convinced the company to offer more to the public.

The bbfc have confirmed that the Scottish newspaper team will release six more promos, each containing a mix of two episodes coupled with more promotion of the Day of the Diesels special with it's trailer.

Going by the order of the bbfc's reference codes, the following DVD's are as follows;

Best Friends
Heave Ho Thomas!
Run time of 20 minutes and 9 seconds.

Big Strong Henry
Edward's Brass Band
Run time of 15 minutes and 40 seconds.

Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Thomas and the Rumours
Run time of 11 minutes and 21 seconds.

Thomas Saves the Day
James and the Express
Run time of 15 minutes and 45 seconds.

Thomas and Gordon
Percy's Promise
Run time of 11 minutes and 22 seconds.

You Can Do It, Toby!
Three Cheers for Thomas
Run time of 15 minutes and 40 seconds.

The episodes from the early years from Seasons One and Three are expected to be in their restored forms while a release date for each of the titles are yet to be announced by the paper.