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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

3 more Season Fourteen's confirmed

Digiguide have confirmed 3 more Season Fourteen episodes after the first two were revealed by the Radio Times here in the UK.

Pingy Pongy Pick Up
On the day of a special Sodor football tournament, all the engines are given important jobs - except Emily, who is tasked with picking up some dirty washing. Emily decides to ignore her role, until she realises that the washing is the Sodor team's kits!

Airs Wednesday October 13th on five and five HD at 8:35am.

Charlie and Eddie
Edward tries to show his friend Charlie that he is a really fun engine - to the detriment of his job. Deciding to be called Eddie, Edward spends the day larking around, but things go somewhat awry when he accidentally delivers the Fat Controller's car to the steam works instead of the garage...

Airs Thursday October 14th on five and five HD at 8:35am.

Toby and the Whistling Woods
Toby must visit the summerhouse, which means travelling through the scary Whistling Woods. The brave little engine is determined to get through the woods without being frightened, until all kinds of noises send him steaming off in the opposite direction. Can Thomas and James help Toby conquer his fear?

Airs Friday October 15th on five and five HD at 8:35am

More to follow for the second week...

Season Fourteen of Thomas & Friends premieres on five and five HD in the UK on Monday 11th October 2010 at 8:30am

Second episode of Season Fourteen revealed

The Radio Times have confirmed the second episode of Season Fourteen.
James refuses to be fitted with a lamp to help him see in the dark, but begins to regret his decision when he is asked to pick up opera singer Alicia Botti for an evening concert. The episode is titled, James in the Dark.

More to follow... 

Season Fourteen of Thomas & Friends premieres on five in the UK on Monday 11th October 2010 at 8:30am

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Season Fourteen confirmed for 11th October

The Radio Times have confirmed that the first episode of the Fourteenth Series will air in the UK on the 11th October.
Thomas' Tall Friend will be the premiere episode for the 2010 series, where The engine is called upon to deliver a giraffe to the Sodor Wildlife Centre. Clearly it is Thomas has preview clips have seen him pull the giraffe on a load.

The second episode and subsequent ones will be revealed by the Radio Times every day excluding weekends.

I will keep you all up to date with the new episodes!

Season Fourteen of Thomas & Friends premieres on five in the UK on Monday 11th October 2010 at 8:30am

Monday, 27 September 2010

Thomas as a treat on new Hit DVD

Thomas will once again be included on a new Hit Favourites DVD in the UK.

Trick or Treat Tales features Halloween theme stories/episodes from 5 of Hit's brands including a bonus one. Thomas, Barney, Pingu, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder and the Fireman Sam bonus all appear on the DVD.
The decription reads; The thrills begin with Thomas & Friends in a ghostly adventure on Sodor. Pingu has some shadowy fun at bedtime whilst Bob the Builder and Spud put on scary faces to protect a giant pumpkin pie from hungry crows. Barney learns that there is more to a costume than just dressing up. Angelina Ballerina sneaks in to a costume ball and Fireman Sam saves a furry friend from a chilling experience. Sit back and enjoy a sweet collection of Trick or Treat Tales!

Episodes include;
Thomas & Friends - Flour Power
Barney - Guess Who
Bob the Builder - Trix' Pumpkin Pie
Pingu - Pingu and the Bedtime Shadows
Angelina Ballerina - The Costume Ball

Bonus Episode includes;
Fireman Sam - Cat Magic

Trick or Treat Tales hits UK DVD shelves on October 18th 2010.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

npr on Thomas' 65th with Awdry interview

Radio station npr in the US have published an article detailing on Thomas' 65th anniversary.
Robert Siegel interviewed Christopher Awdry in a 5 minute exerpt which can be heard on the top the article's page where he shares his memories about his father the Rev. W. Awdry, what his favourite engine is and more, even what he thinks of Thomas' voice.

A few facts, a rare image of one of Awdry's drawings and more can be found on the link below.

New clips from the Fourteenth Series

A Polish TV channel are soon to air Season Fourteen of Thomas & Friends soon, which offers an insight to the new series via clips.
Two commercials can be seen on YouTube showing clips from a few of the new episodes including scenes with;

- Thomas and a Giraffe 
- James with Farmer's McColl and Trotter with their Animals at Town Hall 
- Edward and Charlie racing across Sodor with The Fat Controller's car
- Thomas, James, Percy and Emily at Tidmouth Sheds talking about their loads.

Season Fourteen is due to air in the UK from mid October 2010 on five.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

'Go, Go Thomas' remix milestone

I would just like to say to everyone, after reading a comment by one of my friends on YouTube, I realised that it mentioned 1 million views, and NickClsBlack is right!

I am absoloutley suprised at how much support and interest is going with my remix of the Go, Go Thomas music video on my Channel.

It now has over 1 million views and climbing, still gets comments twice a week and is the first video placed on top of the search results when looking for Thomas & Friends. Even placed above the official Thomas & Friends YouTube Channel!
I am still getting comments and messages even from parents who have watched the video with their children and say at how much they loved it, especially the much talked about ending, which I will say again was so hard to do!

Thank you so much for enjoying my videos including the remix and just so happy that the support is still growing.
One more thing I will say as to what everyone wants to know from me, What's next?, Do you have any more ideas for new videos? Well yes I do. I am announcing here that I am working on one brand new video which I can't say much about, but I will give you lot a clue; It involves all of the TV series and specials.

That's all I will say and no, it is not a music video, but it will be a big and a long video. It will hopefully be released sometime after Season Fourteen has aired here in the UK.

Thank you everyone and keep watching!!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Larger version of 'Lion of Sodor' DVD cover

Lionsgate Publicity have published a high-res version of the cover for the US The Lion of Sodor DVD.
The Lion of Sodor hits US DVD shelves on December 7th 2010.

'Lion of Sodor' - episodes and extras confirmed

HitNewsOnline have confirmed the content that will appear on the upcoming US DVD, The Lion of Sodor.

The main episode is featured along with Thomas and the Pigs, Time for a Story and Hiro Helps Out while the extras contain the 2009 version of the Determination music video, a Party Train Match Game and an episode from the Wallace & Gromit spin-off series, Timmy Time called Timmy's Plane.

The decription reads; Join Thomas as he roars down the tracks withthemost special delivery yet, The Lion of Sodor.Thomas' special delivery is not what he thinks it is- a real lion. When the other trains try to tell him that it's actually a statue, he is too excited to listen. Join Thomas as helearns the importance of listening to others in thislionhearted collection of tales from the tracks.

It has also been confirmed by Hit that Driver Perkins will return for more scenes in between the episodes on the DVD.

The Lion of Sodor hits US DVD shelves on December 7th 2010 and will also be available On Demand and on Digital Download.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Thomas sale steaming ahead from Apax

Private equity firm Apax has started the process to sell all or part of Hit Entertainment.
It has called in the banks ahead of an expected trade sale of either Thomas & Friends, or the whole business early next year. Apax was forced to rework its Hit borrowings after the business suffered a slump in demand during the downturn.

It hopes the sale of Thomas could help pay off the remaining £300m debt weighing the business down.

Earlier this year during Easter, Hit reached a new agreement with its creditors to amend and extend its credit facilities. This followed an agreement with lenders to waive a scheduled covenant test on its $579 million debt.

Friday, 17 September 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' UK DVD cover art

Amazon.co.uk have revealed an alternate version of the US DVD cover of Misty Island Rescue for UK audiences.
The cover obviously holds the classification rating but also an icon representing the free book accompaining the DVD.

Misty Island Rescue hits UK DVD shelves on October 11th 2010.

'Lion of Sodor' - US release date and cover

Amazon.com have confirmed that The Lion of Sodor will come to DVD currently for the US during the Christmas season in December and have also revealed the cover.
There is still no information as to what 3 episodes will follow the DVD's main, apart from the fact that it will run at 48 minutes approximately.

Mr. Perkins is likely to make another re-appearance for more cut-scenes along with the possibility of an extra or two included while the latter can be a music video. Let's hope that Roll Along will be on it!

The Lion of Sodor hits US DVD shelves on December 7th 2010.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Season Fourteen UK air date confirmed

Hit News Online have confirmed that the Fourteenth Series of Thomas & Friends will air on five's milkshake in one month.

Explaining on what was coming up for Thomas via the Tilt and Go iPhone app press release, Hit mentioned the news in this sentence.

 In the UK series 14, the second in CG animation, will premiere in October on Channel 5's 'Milkshake!'

The new 2010 series of Thomas & Friends airs next month in October on five in the UK.

Thomas featured on new Hit US DVD

Thomas is one of the starts featured on Hit Entertainment's new US compilation DVD for their brands.

Animal Tails features stories from 5 of Hit's characters with animals included in each of them.
The description reads; Join your favorite characters Thomas, Bob the Builder, Barney, Fireman Sam and Kipper as they learn the value of responsibility and friendship with animal friends! Bob solves a barnyard mystery for Farmer Pickles, Thomas and Percy search for Golden Eagles and Fireman Sam saves a baby sheep from a fire! Learn why it takes more than just puppy love to be a good dog owner with Barney and why lions and cake don’t mix with Kipper. From household pets to wild beasts and barnyard buddies, your favorite friends will have you smiling!

Episodes include;
- Barney – Pets
- Bob the Builder – Scruffty on Guard
- Thomas & Friends – Thomas and the Golden Eagle
- Fireman Sam – Baa Baa Baby
- Kipper – Cakes and Tails

Animal Tails is available to buy on DVD, On Demand and Digital Download on November 23rd 2010.

'Tilt and Go' app - more details and chart entry

Hit News Online have released more information and images on the new Thomas & Friends iPhone app.
In it's first week on the iTunes store worldwide, the new app entered the charts as the No. 1 paid app for children in the UK and the No. 7 paid app for children in the US. Due to the popularity, the app was selected by Apple to be featured in the New and Noteworthy Kids and Racing Sections in the Apple App Store on September 7th.
More details about the game follow; With Thomas Tilt and Go, children can race against the clock on the Island of Sodor with their favorite engines, discover new destinations like Misty Island and unlock countryside and snowy weather adventures while traveling through mines and tunnels, collecting objects to score points to get to the next mission. By tilting their devices, little engineers can take Thomas, Percy and Toby on four unique missions, each with two timed levels. The new app also features video in CG animation from Thomas & Friends, including clips from Misty Island Rescue
Senior Vice President of Digital and Brand Management for Hit, Natasha Fishman said, The innovation of the Thomas Tilt and Go iPhone app gives kids an engaging new way to interact with the beloved Thomas & Friends characters. We are thrilled that the demand for Thomas apps continues to grow, and are focused on expanding Thomas and other key HIT properties across digital platforms."

The app can be purchased here for the US and here for the UK.

'Misty Island Rescue' software for US

Nova Development have devoloped and now made available a game based on Misty Island Rescue for PC and MAC.
The game looks like an exclusive and a consumer release from the company and includes 10 levels based on the special with educational activities included.

It can only be bought via Nova's website for the US for $19.99.

Misty Island Rescue - The Software Game can now be bought via Nova Development's website.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

amazon shows first 'Merry Winter Wish' clip

Amazon.com have uploaded the first two minutes of Season Fourteen's episode, Merry Winter Wish.

The clip is from the episode of the same name of the same DVD and features Thomas, Salty, The Fat Controller along with cameos from James, Percy, Henry, Stanley and Rosie.
The clip is in it's incomplete form as it is likely that Hit Entertainment are in the sound dubbing stage as the episodes might air as early as January 2011. Music is still featured, but sound effects are absent.

Merry Winter Wish hits US DVD shelves on October 12th 2010.

'The Lion of Sodor' theatrical trailer

The US Thomas & Friends official website have published the trailer for The Lion of Sodor theatrical event.
The trailer shows scenes from the very episode.

It is still not known as to what other three episodes will be screened along side the event's main episode from Season Thirteen.

The Lion of Sodor hits US theatres starting from October 2nd 2010.

'The Lion of Sodor' full theatrical poster

The Thomas & Friends Facebook page have published the full poster for the upcoming theatrical event of The Lion of Sodor.
 The Lion of Sodor hits US theatres starting on October 2nd 2010.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Thomas loses big at Licensing show

Previously reported here back in July, Thomas & Friends was nominated for four awards at this year's Licensing Awards show.

However, the little blue engine and his friends have not quite been up to it, as they won none of the four.
Thomas & Friends was up against some stiff competition, from the likes of The Simpsons, Peppa Pig and Wallace & Gromit. The four awards that the brand was up against included;

- Best Licenced Written, Listening or Learning Range,
- The Innovation Award,
- Best Licenced Marketing Communications Award and the big one,
- Best Pre-School Property.

During the show, Thomas had lost the first three and very very sadly, lost the Pre-School Property award. After a 10 year record, Peppa Pig beat Thomas for the one.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

'The Lion of Sodor' now booking

Screenvision have listed the dates and theatres where The Lion of Sodor will be shown in the United States.
From Alabama to Wisconsin, The Lion of Sodor is very likely to feature a block of 4 episodes from the Thirteenth Series.

So far, only the episode itself is confirmed for showing.

The Lion of Sodor hits US theatres starting from October 22nd 2010.

Another clip from 'Misty Island Rescue'

amazon.com have uploaded another clip from the US version of Misty Island Rescue.
The clip shows the moment when Thomas arrives on Misty Island via his raft. While looking through the island in the mist, he hears strange noises and happenings on the way.

The clip runs for 2 minutes.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Clip from US version of 'Misty Island Rescue'

amazon.com have uploaded a preview clip from the newest Thomas special for American audiences.
The clip shows Bash, Dash and Ferdinand crossing the Shake, Shake Bridge, while Thomas has his doubts.

The preview shows composer Robert Hartshorne updating his music score, with elements of Banjo's playing and a dramatic hornfare going on for some tension.

The clip runs for 1 minute.

Friday, 3 September 2010

New Thomas app released

Hit Entertainment have released a new app of Thomas & Friends for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.

The Thomas Tilt and Go Pack features 4 levels based on the CGI era with playable characters including Thomas, Percy and Toby.
The description reads, Race against the clock on the Island of Sodor with your favorite engines – Thomas, Percy, and Toby! Explore new destinations like Misty Island! Travel through the countryside, exploring mines and tunnels, collecting objects to score points while completing four unique missions.

To be a Really Useful Engine, listen carefully to Sir Topham Hatt’s instructions and follow the arrow signs. Choose the right path to successfully finish a level.

This is the first side-scrolling “train game” for iPhone, designed for young children to simulate the fun and thrill of actually chugging on the tracks.

Mission 1: Misty Island
Collect all the Jobi wood to help finish the Sodor Search and Rescue Center.

Mission 2: Sodor Kite Festival
Collect the kites and save the Sodor Kite Festival.

Mission 3: Snowy Day Sodor
Collect firewood to help passengers stay warm.

Mission 4: Bubble Bonanza
Collect bubbles for the Bubble Show
More Tilt and Go missions to come soon!

Play as Thomas, Percy, and Toby
Four missions with two timed levels in each
Video clips from Thomas & Friends episodes.

Each of the games are based on events in the recent CGI series, Misty Island Rescue, Thomas and the Runaway Kite, Snow Tracks and Slippy Sodor.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Larger version of 'Adventure Pack' cover

Lionsgate Publicity have published a larger-sized version of the upcoming Season Twelve boxset for the US.
Adventure Pack features all 4 DVD's from the 2008 series of Thomas as a Complete Season boxset including Railway Friends, High Speed Adventures, Team Up With Thomas and Percy and the Bandstand.

Adventure Pack hits US DVD shelves on November 16th 2010.

'Back to School' pushed back, episodes revealed

The Hit Favourites DVD ranges' latest release has been pushed pack to mid 2011.

Back to School was going to be the DVD to resume the series for Hit's range and was to include the following episodes and shows, now confirmed by the bbfc:

- Thomas & Friends - Thomas and the Colours
- Barney & Friends - The New Kid
- Bob the Builder-Project: Build It! - Dizzy the Walking Bus
- Kipper - Hide and Seek

The reason why the DVD has been pushed back from August 30th 2010 to June 2011 is due to a major rethinking of which Hit characters should be on the DVD.
The cover revealed that Thomas, Barney and Bob the Builder were going to be on it along with Pingu and Fireman Sam but has now removed the latter two to only to incorporate Kipper and that Barney's episode is nearly half-an-hour long.

It is not currently known why the the new date is so far away from release. Play.com have since changed the release date notification to Coming Soon.

Hit Favourites - Back to School hits UK DVD shelves at the new date of July 18th 2011, as revealed by amazon.co.uk.

UK Triple Pack DVD cover art revealed

The cover art for the upcoming re-release of three Thomas DVD's has been revealed.
Tales from the Tracks, Little Engines' Big Days Out and Together on the Tracks each includes 6 episodes totalling up to 18 in thee boxset.

Triple Pack hits UK DVD shelves on September 27th 2010.

'Misty Island Rescue' Deluxe Set from Trackmaster

The Thomas & Friends Trackmaster merchandising series from Fisher Price are due to release a deluxe set in conjunction with the release of Misty Island Rescue.
The set includes Thomas with a Cargo Car, Bash and Dash both with two different cargo cars, the Logging Mill, the Shake Shake Bridge, the Zip-Line Bridge and a complete track layout.

So far, this item has only been listen on ebay but is very likely to hit stores soon.