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Friday, 31 August 2012

iTunes Australia and Thomas 'Together on the Tracks'

Another DVD release has been added to Apple's iTunes database in Australia, this time from the Ninth Series.

Together on the Tracks is the latest title in line to have originally been transferred from DVD to digital, Down Under.
The package holds selected episodes from the 2005 season, all in their full ten minute entireties.

The definement says; Thomas & Friends are together on the tracks in six adventures which feature everyone’s favourite engines as they go about their work on the Island of Sodor.

Molly's Special Special, Respect for Gordon, Emily Knows Best, Saving Edward, Rheneas and the Dinosaur and Thomas and the Golden Eagle represent the collection. 

Together on the Tracks is now available to buy on iTunes in Australia for $7.99. Episodes can be purchased individually for $1.49.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thomas takes lead in Take-n-Play's 'Muddy Adventure'

Fisher Price's Take-n-Play have made a product linking in with the unique Color Change series.

The colour changing line returns with Thomas taking on the reigns of the lead role in Muddy Adventure.
Using track and bridge, Thomas makes his way up to a section of bridge. As he drives through, Thomas is soaked from clean to muddy!.

The fold out playset's feature is by adding icy water to the above parting, the colour changing process will target Thomas when the action is made.

Take-n-Play Muddy Adventure from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

DVDs selected for 'Let's Explore with Thomas' boxset

The four DVDs joining the Let's Explore with Thomas boxset have been revealed by VideoETA.

Discovered recently for release in November, the US piece contains stories from the Eighth and Ninth Series alongside a feature-length special set in between the aforementioned timeline.
Glimpsed on the front cover, Calling All Engines!, Come Ride the Rails, Tales from the Tracks and It's Great to Be An Engine star in the four part compilation pack.

A Map of Sodor is included as a bonus, sharing the theme of exploration. Thomas' Calling All Engines! promo shot serves part of the front cover.

Let's Explore with Thomas hits US DVD shelves on November 6th 2012.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

TrackMaster makes 'Blue Mountain Gravel Delivery' set

Fisher Price have created another Blue Mountain Mystery product to tie-in with the new film.

Blue Mountain Gravel Delivery sees engine Thomas en route to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry, taking an empty red truck to the location's gravel chute.
It results in gravel being propelled onto the load via a specially enhanced piece of track. Afterwards Thomas makes his way through a circuit including going through an arch bridge.

The playset has been thought by fans to be a remake of another asset, that be of Arthur at the Copper Mine which appears to bore several similarities to Blue Mountain's subjected merchandise.

TrackMaster Blue Mountain Gravel Delivery from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide now.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Four disc DVD boxset revealed for American audiences

A new DVD boxset has been confirmed for the United States in the early part of November 2012.

VideoETA who specialise in releasing dates for home video titles have been the first to spread details for the upcoming, Let's Explore with Thomas.
Running at nearly four hours in length, the set is to contain a compilation of four selected discs.

Although billed to be produced by Hit Entertainment, it is so far not known as to what titles will feature.

Let's Explore with Thomas hits US DVD shelves on November 6th 2012.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

'The Complete Series 1-7' recieve revamped DVD covers

The first seven series due to be re-released onto UK DVD have each recieved their own specialised front covers.
The 2012 version of The Complete Series 1-7 utilizes inspirations from the cover arts of The Complete Series 12 and 13 DVDs for use.
Though revamped, the depictions of Thomas don't appear to match their respective series. These images originate from the Fourth, Seventh, Eleventh Seasons and Calling All Engines!, albeit, with certain edits made.
The detailings for each of the titles read; The Complete Series 1; All aboard for the first ever series of Thomas & Friends.
Join Thomas, together with his friends Edward, Gordon, Henry, James, Percy and, of course, The Fat Controller. Watch how Thomas earns his own branch railway line and how James has trouble with the trucks.
The Complete Series 2; It's full steam ahead for Thomas and his friends in the complete 2nd series. Watch as Thomas crashes through the wall of the Stationmaster's house, goes missing and manages to be spooked by Percy.
It's not only Thomas who is up to tricks as we join his friends Donald, Douglas, Gordon, James and, of course, The Fat Controller. 
The Complete Series 3; All aboard for some fun-packed adventure in this collection of every episode from Series 3.
Join Thomas and his friends as they welcome Mavis to Sodor. Meanwhile, Percy has a terrible fright when he confronts a huge dragon, but nobody believes him! 
The Complete Series 4; This Thomas & Friends collection brings together all of the episodes from Series 4.
Watch what happens when the circus comes to town, leaving behind a very big but unexpected surprise and join the engines as they get excited when The Queen comes to visit. 
The Complete Series 5; Watch all 26 classic episodes from Thomas & Friends Series 5. Climb aboard as Thomas meets Cranky, the new crane working at the docks.

Meanwhile, Toby, The Fat Controller and his grandchildren make an exciting discovery at a remote part of the island. 
The Complete Series 6; Join Thomas, together with his friends old and new in every episode from Series 6. The engines work together when there is a competition for the 'Most Beautiful Station' on the Island of Sodor.
Meanwhile, Percy has a sticky encounter with a chocolate factory and Jack meets exciting new friends whilst working at the Quarry! 
The Complete Series 7;  All aboard for Series 7 of Thomas & Friends. The Island of Sodor welcomes a new steam engine as Emily arrives to join the team.
Toby is upset when his beloved windmill is ruined in a storm and James is excited to learn that the Queen of Sodor is coming to the island! 
While it is not known if the New Series DVDs will take on the reissues for 2013, the first three seasons are expected once again to be featured in their remastered forms.
The Complete Series 1-7 DVDs hit UK DVD shelves on October 15th 2012.
Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

British 'Merry Winter Wish' revised for extended DVD

The ill-fated UK DVD, Merry Winter Wish is finally on its way to Britain for its late October release.
The long-awaited disc which was originally due to have been dispatched to shops for Halloween 2011, will at last appear for sale after a full year away.
Owing to criticism from fans over the length and price of the animated episodic titles, Merry Winter Wish has been confirmed for an extended feature edition.
Initially, four stories from the Fourteenth Series were headlining the release. amazon.co.uk have been the first to reveal that six episodes will now appear on the disc.
Though extras are thought to remain the same, the two extra stories featured come from the Fifteenth Series.
The definement reads; Next stop, Winter Wonderland! Join Thomas and his friends as they celebrate Christmas in these six enchanting tales.
Thomas has a special delivery for the season - the Star of Knapford, a festive light that makes wishes come true!
The children are excited for the Snowman Party in the Town Square but it's up to Thomas to find the snowman a special hat before the party can begin. Then Henry helps The Fat Controller prepare a secret surprise for all of Sodor.
Watch Bash, Dash and Ferdinand prepare for the first ever Misty Island Christmas party. The more friends the merrier, so join the fun and see that Christmas wishes do come true with Thomas & Friends!
Episodes include;
Merry Winter Wish
Thomas and the Snowman Party
Henry's Magic Box
Merry Misty Island
Let it Snow
Surprise Surprise

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins!: Knapford Station Common Room
Down at the Station: Coal
Sing-a-Long Music Video: All You Need
Guess Who? Puzzle

Merry Winter Wish hits UK DVD shelves on October 29th 2012.

Monday, 20 August 2012

New Zealand 'Blue Mountain' DVD release date foreseen

Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie will enter the territory of New Zealand with the release of it's DVD.

The special has already been shown to cinematic audiences and Thomas fans alike in Hoyts and Kidtoon Films showings in Australasia and America respectively.

Shortly after the Australian disc availability on September 19th, New Zealand will recieve the home video a week later.
The plot reads; Discover the mystery of the lost engine and be introduced to the exciting new destination Blue Mountain Quarry in the latest Thomas & Friends CGI movie.

In this action-packed adventure, Thomas discovers a new engine hiding in the tunnels and sets off to uncover the truth and get to the bottom of the mystery.

Along the way he meets four new engines bought to Sodor from faraway lands… Will Thomas piece together the story and convince his new friend there’s no reason to hide?
Blue Mountain Mystery is now showing in Australia and New Zealand's Hoyts cinemas, every weekend at 10:30am till September 16th. The DVD is released on September 19th and September 26th respectively. 

Kidtoon Films are currently hosting the movie in various cities in the United States of America for August 2012. The DVD and Blu-Ray bundle hits stores on September 18th.
The UK premieres the film in Vue cinemas for two days only on September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square is to be simulated on the first date. The DVD comes out on September 3rd.

Thanks to TheRollingThunder for the alert.

Season Sixteen returns to US with second half of shows

Season Sixteen is returning to the TV airwaves of America for the broadcasts of the second half of episodes.

The remaining ten half hour shows were thought to be in limbo shortly after the PBS transmissions of the first 30 minute blocks.

After a four month hiatus, A Friend in Need, Winter Surprise, Communication, Let it Snow and Just Being You will begin airing in their weekly order starting from the beginning of September.
Though the 2012 episodes have yet to be named for their specific shows, Christmas Tree Express, otherwise known as The Christmas Express, has been passed on to an expected Christmas date.

Just Being You will instead replace Express' vehicle, Let it Snow a week after Communication.

Season Sixteen of Thomas & Friends returns to the US, every Saturday at 9:00am on KET starting from September 1st 2012. Repeats occur on September 29th at the same time once the series has finished screening.
Local PBS stations across the country begin transmissions through September where broadcast dates may vary.

Japan are currently screening the series every Sunday on NHK at 7:00am and 7:20am respectively.

The latest series will return for one more day in Australia, the United Kingdom and America on ABC2, Channel 5 and PBS stations respectively, with the episode, Christmas Tree Express in Christmas 2012.

For a full list of the scheduling, visit the Dieselworks Turntable Roundhouse on the right hand sidebar for more details.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

'Bachmann Duck' release estimated for January 2013

Bachmann's forthcoming HO scale model of Duck the Great Western Engine has been given a predicted release date.

The resurgence of Duck's popularity in recent years notably prompted a return for the No. 8 engine to play supporting roles in the Twelfth Series.
However, Bachmann's long awaited creation has been revealed by Tower Hobbies and Wholesale to have an appraised launch date for the end of January 2013.

The proposed setting for the US would come almost a full 12 months after the character's initial development back in February. The latter news was first announced by British Railway Stories creator, Simon Martin.

Duck from Bachmann is expected to hit US model and hobby stores on January 30th 2013.


Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

'Blue Mountain Mystery' engines in quadruple image set

An assortment of images from Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie have surfaced from magazine and book scans.

Placed on the Thomas & Friends Wikia page for the film, one diesel engine and three steam engines star in the shots.

The first depicts Rusty talking to Thomas at a diamond crossing intersection near a hault. The second sees a concerned Luke hiding away in his hideaway tunnel.
Following this is a worried looking Thomas idling Luke, side-by-side. The last presents Victor in his flashback livery being painted to his current burgundy colour.

Blue Mountain Mystery is now showing in Australia at Hoyts cinemas, every weekend at 10:30am till September 16th. The DVD is released on September 19th.

Kidtoon Films are currently hosting the movie in various cities in the United States of America for August 2012. The DVD and Blu-Ray bundle hits stores on September 18th.
The UK premieres the film in Vue cinemas for two days only on September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square is to be simulated on the first date. The DVD comes out on September 3rd


Friday, 17 August 2012

'Blue Mountain Mystery' final UK DVD cover art passed

Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie is now heading its way onto UK DVD for it's early September release.
The sixth feature-length special which introduces Luke, Merrick, Owen and Winston to the series also spells the final creative contributions from long standing crew members Sharon Milller and animation team, Nitrogen Studios.
Play.com have published the finalised front and rear cover arts in the lead up to the DVD rollout. The face promises a free Kids Go Free to Thomas Land coupon whilst promoting the story as an All-new movie!.
The back shows a new promo shot of Owen looking down towards Luke and Thomas who are in between each other at a points section of track by the bottom of the cliffside. Victor is superimposed in for the picture.
The descriptions says; When trouble strikes at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is sent to help his narrow gauge engine friends. While shunting and hauling, he discovers a little green engine hiding in the tunnels.

Thomas is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery but discovering the truth is harder than he imagined!

Will Thomas be able to help his new friend? Or will the little engine be sent away from Sodor forever? Find out in Thomas' greatest adventure yet!
Extras include;
A Guide to Narrow and Standard Gauge Engines
Four Fantastic Guess Who? Puzzles
Sing-a-Long Song: Blue Mountain Mystery
Sing-a-Long Song: Working Together
Blue Mountain Mystery is now showing in Australia at Hoyts cinemas, every weekend at 10:30am till September 16th. The DVD is released on September 19th.
Kidtoon Films are currently hosting the movie in various cities in the United States of America for August 2012. The DVD and Blu-Ray bundle hits stores on September 18th.

The UK premieres the film in Vue cinemas for two days only on September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square is to be simulated on the first date. The DVD comes out on September 3rd

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Troublesome Truck CGI promo appears in UK magazine

An unseen image of a mischevious type of character in the Animated Series has been seen for the first time in the Thomas & Friends Magazine.

Sighted in Issue 647 of the UK magazine series, the August 15th release presents a promotional shot of a Troublesome Truck.
Designed by TV series veterans, Nitrogen Studios, the picture shows the ever not reliable character in a cheerful state, on its own.

Furthermore, a never before seen shot of Thomas, Gordon and Stanley with Annie and Clarabel at Bluff's Cove Junction from The Great Discovery also appears in the issue.

The Thomas & Friends Magazine from Egmont hits UK newsagents and stores every fortnight on Wednesdays.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fourth 'Thomas Story Time' books named for 2013 year

The fourth series of the Thomas Story Time book franchise has been revealed for the year of 2013.

Another five titles are due, two of which are based on Season Fifteen episodes. The other three are sourced from the recent Season Sixteen stories.

Egmont backgrounded on the developments of their new literature line to Roll Along Thomas back in Christmas 2011, also revealing that it was to continue through to at least next year.

The Giant Magnet
Based on Stuck on You
Thomas has been chosen to work at the Search and Rescue Centre with the bright, bold, brave truck, Butch. And Butch has a giant magnet on his crane arm today!

Thomas is excited. So excited in fact that he doesn't stop to listen to the instructions about the magnet.

Butch's magnet is very powerful and Thomas is made out of metal...The two friends soon become inseparable! Will Thomas ever be able to get the giant magnet off?

Stafford Gets Stuck
Based on Welcome Stafford
Spencer is chosen to show Stafford, the new electric shunting engine, around Sodor. But Spencer keeps forgetting that Stafford runs on a battery, which keeps running out!

Will Stafford ever get to meet everyone on Sodor or will he keep getting left behind?

Race to the Rescue
Flynn is a very special fire engine - he can go on the roads and the rails! Wherever there's a fire on Sodor, Flynn can get there to save the day. But when his road wheels go all wobbly, his confidence wavers, too.

Then a fire breaks out in The Fat Controller's shed, but it can only be reached by road. Will Flynn be able to race to the rescue on his wobbly wheels?

Flash! Bang! Wallop!
Based on Flash Bang Wallop!
 No description available.

Happy Hiro
Thomas notices that Hiro is feeling sad, and he's determined to cheer him up.

But Thomas is a young engine who likes going fast and being noisy and he doesn't listen when Hiro, an older engine, tells him that he likes to 'puff along quietly'. So will Thomas be able to cheer up Hiro?

The five new Thomas Story Time titles from Egmont hit UK book shelves on January 7th 2013.


Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Take-n-Play Color Change returns with Arry and Scruff

Fisher Price's latest Take-n-Play franchise, Color Change has returned to the Thomas & Friends range.

The somewhat radical offering from the specialized die-cast toy line has appointed another two engines to front their own sets. This comes after the debut colour changing release of the Thomas at the Ironworks play system.
Distancing away from the core main eight characters of the television series, 'Arry, one half of the Ironworks Diesels, is incorporated in a storyline titled, Iron 'Arry's Oily Mess.

While pulling a flatbed full of oil drums, the protagonist gets covered in the sticky liquid. Using a chunk sized tip to rub on his cab, 'Arry changes from "dirty" to "clean".

Scruff also is brought out for a revisitation, as he too pulls a flatbed, albeit, in a yellow formation in Scruff's Dirty Mess.

Take-n-Play Iron 'Arry's Oily Mess and Scruff's Dirty Mess from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

'Carnival Capers' parades it's way to Australian iTunes

Season Ten's celebratory themed DVD, Carnival Capers has been turned into a digital product for iTunes in Australia.

The seven parter, which is the only English speaking episodic release to hold Tenth Series adventures, made its debut on the Apple made service.
The summary explains; The fun fair is coming to Sodor and all of the engines have been asked to help, except for Percy!

When Percy leaves his boring job of pulling the coal and goes to help at the fun fair, all of the other trains grind to a halt because they have no fuel.

Percy is horrified and gets to work with the important job of delivering the coal. Will he be able to get all the trains working? Will the fun fair be set up on time? Join Percy in this great adventure.

Thomas and the Jet Plane, Percy and the Funfair, Thomas' Tricky Tree, Toby's Afternoon Off, Emily and the Special Coaches, Seeing the Sights and Thomas and the Shooting Star represent the collection.

Carnival Capers is now available to buy on iTunes in Australia for $9.99. Episodes can be purchased individually for $1.49.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

Monday, 6 August 2012

'The Complete Series 1-7' moves back to October 15th

The Complete Series 1-7 collection has been moved backward to three weeks from its presumed UK rollout.

The compilation of DVDs exploring the Classic Series tales were first revealed to Roll Along Thomas by Hit Entertainment for a September 24th date.
Play.com who have now listed the individual titles however, have revised the original dates for a new October 15th drawout.

Presumed to be released as in boxset form, all seven seasons are sold seperately. A first edition collector's set made its existence back in November 2008.

The Complete Series 1-7 titles from Hit Entertainment hit UK DVD shelves at the new date of October 15th 2012.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

Two books each announced by Amazon for UK and USA

Amazon's British and American websites have revealed new books to arrive in their respective countries from 2012 to 2013.

With a vast amount of information unavailable, a Board Book Collection is on the cards for a quick publication next month. Dean & Son take over duties in producing the UK set for September 1st.

Keeping in with the collection category, Holiday Gift Set by the Reader's Digest Association has been crafted in the style of a christmas stocking. The October 16th item boasts a telescopic viewer, stickers and a photo ornament.
Ideal for a christmas present, three edited Thomas Story Time titles are also included and have retreated back to their original TV Series counterpart names; Thomas' Tall Friend, Jumping Jobi Wood and Slippy Sodor.

For the US, based on the Season Fifteen episode, Golden Books' Up, Up & Away! is a colouring Paperback filling in etched moments from the story.

The description briefs; It's up, up, and away for Thomas & Friends!

Train-obsessed little boys ages 3-7 can use the four big chunky crayons included with this book to color Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends as they buffer giant balloons all around the Island of Sodor. 
Concluding the expectations is Thomas' 123 Book. By Random House, the Pictureback entails numeric education for young readers. The subject and the former are both set for a January 8th 2013 release.

The summary notes; Count along with Thomas the Tank Engine as he chugs around the Island of Sodor.

This companion to the perennial classic Thomas' ABC Book teaches numbers to train-obsessed little boys ages 3-7 as only Thomas & Friends can.

Board Book Collection, Holiday Gift Set and Up, Up & Away! and Thomas' 123 Book from Golden Books and Random House hit UK and US book shelves respectively from September 1st 2012 and January 8th 2013.



Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Bachmann G Scale Emily model image finally unveiled

Bachmann have at last released the debut image featuring their highly anticipated Large Scale Emily model.

The model railway company who produce the HO and G Scale Thomas range have offered a glimpse of their newest work in The National Model Railroad Association's product announcements catalogue.
On page 11 in the Thomas & Friends section, the latest generation Emily inherited from Nitrogen Studios' TV Series animation is stylized onto the train.

Emily is the fourth engine to enter the G Scale series after James, Percy and Thomas. S.C. Ruffey is also seen in the catalogue.

Large Scale Emily from Bachmann hits UK and US model and hobby shelves in October 2012.

Thanks to Calebtrain for the alert.

Athanassiou uploads 'Stinky Cheese' CGI test to Vimeo

Season Eleven and Twelve's Animation Director, Dino Athanassiou has uploaded a preview of Nitrogen Studios' CGI test of a known episode.

Athanassiou sensationally released the clip on his Vimeo channel near the end of July. The clip in question is from the recreated Thomas and the Stinky Cheese story.
The two snippets of Nitrogen's first work to the program shows a Sodor very different to what viewers would have eventually seen in 2009.

The visual style difference is accompanied by a pitch variant of the Michael Angelis' British narration.

The test was a submission in 2007 sent to Hit Entertainment to join the Twelfth Season of Thomas, implementing certain animated features before fully rendering the show in a CGI world for Hero of the Rails.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Rusty and Blue Mountain Quarry for 'Christmas Express'

Another shot from the eighteenth episode of the Sixteenth Series has been published by the UK's, Thomas & Friends Magazine.
Sighted in August 1st's 646th issue, the still outlines a scene set at the Blue Mountain Quarry. The quarry's Blondin' Bridge makes a cameo in the background.
Promised to gain his first big role in a Season Sixteen story, Toby is seen to be almost out of shot. Behind the steam tram is his flatbed holding a christmas tree, wedged infront of Rheneas who is being carried.
A third character to play a part is Rusty who looks on to the engines' arrivals. The Christmas Express is set before the events of Don't Bother Victor!.
The Christmas Express airs on Channel 5 milkshake! in the UK and on ABC2 in Australia in Christmas 2012.

For a full list of the scheduling, visit the Dieselworks Turntable Roundhouse on the right hand sidebar for more details.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.