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Monday, 31 January 2011

First clip from Fifteenth Series revealed

A clip from the upcoming Fifteenth Series of Thomas & Friends has been released.

Rhubard Voices, a voice acting agency have revealed a clip from the next series on Ben Small's page.

The clip shows Thomas in the snow looking for Percy while Gordon passes by.
It is currently unknown when the Fifteenth Series will air, although it has been confirmed that it will come after the next special, Day of the Diesels.

To watch the clip, go to the bottom right of the page, look on the videos and click play.

The clip runs over 2 minutes.

Special thanks to MrDiscovery1267 for the alert.

Thomas goes action in DVD pack

Thomas, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder are to feature in a new DVD pack.

Action Pack contains 4 DVD's including two from Thomas & Friends for US fans, Steamies Vs. Diesels and Track Stars.
Both DVD's feature episodes from the Eighth Series while the pack is part of the Hit Favourites range.

The set runs at 182 minutes.

Hit Favourites - Action Pack hits US DVD shelves on February 1st 2011.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Thomas' voice teases more

Ben Small who voices Thomas in the UK has promised more suprises in newer stories.

On his official YouTube Channel under the name of Benster71, Small confirmed the name of a new character in a later series; 
As far as I know Owen IS a new character.
He also confirmed that he will be voicing the new character along with a returnee;
Yes I'll be voicing Owen the Crane and Rheneas.
However, Small did not confirm when both would appear in later episodes or series, although he did promise that the next special would deliver; Day of the Diesels is gonna be a good one!!!

Concerning that he didn't know much sites about Thomas, he went onto praise a well known team that are known across the internet...;

I only know about SIF, and have been blessed enough to have met the guy's who run it, whilst at the premiers of HOTR and MIR.

Day of the Diesels and the next series of Thomas & Friends premieres later this year.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

'Day of the Diesels' update for cast member

As the next special Day of the Diesels is still in production, a cast member has just updated his involvement.

Ben Small who is as the voice of Thomas and Toby for UK audiences confirmed on Friday 28th January 2011 that he is now working on the special.
In a comment on ThomasPercyandToby2's Ben Small interview video on YouTube via his YouTube username of Benster71 he said; I started recording 'Day of the Diesels today!!!!

Day of the Diesels premieres later this year.

'Big Book of Engines' cover revealed

The cover for the upcoming book detailing on the engines has been revealed.

The Big Book of Engines will feature images, trivia, facts, puzzles and more on the Sodor Engines.
Engines including Toby, Edward, Arthur, Whiff and Henry are featured in the book.

The Big Book of Engines his UK book shelves on March 7th 2011.

Monday, 24 January 2011

'Complete Series Twelve' cover revealed

Amazon.co.uk have revealed the cover for the next Complete Series release in the UK.

The Complete Series Twelve features all 20 episodes from the 2008 Season, while the cover has been revamped to tie-in with the CGI era.
It is possible that this move could continue if there is more Complete CGI Series releases.

The Complete Series Twelve hits UK DVD shelves on February 21st 2011.

'Play Date Pack' cover art revealed

The cover art for the upcoming three disc DVD set in the US has been revealed.

The Play Date Pack features three previously released DVD's comprising of episodes from the Sixth, Seventh and the Jack and the Pack spinoff series.
The pack includes the following DVD's; Thomas and the Jet Engine, On Site With Thomas and Thomas and the Really Brave Engines.

Play Date Pack hits US DVD shelves on April 5th 2011.

'The Lion of Sodor' UK DVD cover revealed

Amazon.co.uk have revealed the cover art for the next Season Thirteen DVD in the UK.

The Lion of Sodor's covers is the same as opposed to the US cover, apart from the usual classification logo's and the Mr. Perkins tagline at the bottom.
The four episodes to be included on the DVD still have yet to be revealed although it is very likely that it will be the same as the US'.

The Lion of Sodor hits UK DVD shelves on March 28th 2011.

Alternate 'WW&W's UK cover art

Amazon.co.uk have released an alternate image of the upcoming Season Fourteen DVD.
Wobbly Wheels & Whistles will also be available as a single DVD, excluding the box cover with the free Thomas whistle included.

Wobbly Wheels & Whistles hits UK DVD shelves on January 31st 2011.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Involvements in newer series'

Two key players in upcoming series of Thomas & Friends have confirmed their involvement.

Teresa Gallagher who provides voices for the female character's in the show has confirmed via LinkedIn that she will voice Belle, a new character to be introduced in the next feature-length special Day of the Diesels.

Gallagher's comments however might seem puzzling; I am voicing all the female characters in this new look series for Chorion. I am now also voicing Belle, a female character in the US version.

Gallagher has mentioned that Chorion are involved with the new series, however the company is one of the top company's to take over Hit over their debts and thus is not yet confirmed for the new series.
Belle is to be voiced by Gallagher in the US version of the show, so it is not known if she will voice her in the UK version, unless Jules De Jongh is the UK voice.

British writer Jessica Sandys-Clarke has confirmed her involvement in Season Sixteen although it is not known if she will be part of the Fifteenth Season.

Commissioned for scripts by CBBC (ZingZillas), Thomas and Friends (Series 1600), which aired 2009-2010. 

The comment above might also seem confusing, as Season Sixteen is perhaps a year away and that she might be describing Thomas' first CGI foray for 2009 and 2010.

Sandys-Clarke is responsible for writing the recent Fourteenth Series' Diesel's Special Delivery and Thomas and the Snowman Party.

Thomas & Friends' next special Day of the Diesels and Season Fifteen will premiere later this year.

Friday, 21 January 2011

High-res 'Misty Island Rescue' promos

Here are some promotional images publicising the release of the Misty Island Rescue special.

Exclusive: High-res 'The Lion of Sodor' images

Here are some exclusive promotional images publicising the release of the US The Lion of Sodor DVD. (Which I actually found over a month ago.)

Exclusive: High-res 'Pop Goes Thomas' promos

Here are some exclusive promotional images publicising the release of the US Pop Goes Thomas DVD. (Which I actually found over a month ago.)

New 'Season Twelve' DVD for Aussies

Thomas fans Down Under will be pleased to know that a second and exclusive Season Twelve DVD will be on it's way.

The Party Suprise is the second DVD featuring episodes from the Twelfth Season individually since Heave Ho!, which was also a UK DVD.

UK fans will not be getting a second compilation of episodes from the 2008 Series, however the Complete Twelth Series DVD featuring all 20 will be released on February 21st 2011.
GETPRICE have confirmed the episodes that will feature on the DVD, as the description reads;
Join Thomas and his friends in these 7 great adventures in all new CGI animation.

- The Party Surprise
- Excellent Emily
- Saved You!
- Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
- James Works it Out
- Tram Trouble
- Dont Go Back

The Party Suprise hits Australian DVD shelves on Thursday March 3rd 2011.

Special thanks to eddfan345 for the alert.

Three US DVD's to be re-released

Three US DVD's are due to be re-released as part of a new boxset for American Thomas fans.

The Play Date Pack features three previously released DVD's comprising of episodes from the Sixth, Seventh and the Jack and the Pack spinoff series.

No image of the pack has been revealed yet, although the pack will contain the DVD's; Thomas and the Jet Engine, On Site With Thomas and Thomas and the Really Brave Engines.

Play Date Pack hits US DVD shelves on April 5th 2011.

Special thanks to StanleySpencerSilverZ for the alert.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Thomas continues pre-school record

Thomas & Friends are staying strong as it's has been named the No. 1 Pre-School Property for the Eleventh year running.

The NPD released the results this week based on data for toy sales from major retailers in the UK.
Senior Vice President for Global Brand Management of the Thomas Division, Rick Glankler commented on the continuing record; 

2010 was an exceptional year for Thomas at retail and today's results cement the brand's position as the continued number one choice for pre-schoolers.
Thomas is also on the winning rank in other countries such as the US, Germany, Australia, Korea and Japan.

The newer CGI produced series have witnessed a 20% increase in viewers on FIVE's milkshake and on DVD sales.

bbfc confirms Season Twelve release

The bbfc have published the content to be featured on the Complete Twelfth Series release on DVD in the UK.

The 20 episode series from 2008 will run in the broadcasted order from FIVE's milkshake run.
No extras are included, although each episode runs at 10 minutes while the whole DVD will run at 201 minutes.

Subtitles have been confirmed to be included.

The Complete Twelfth Series hits UK DVD shelves on February 21st 2011.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Three more series added on Demand Five

Demand Five have made three more series of Thomas & Friends available to watch On Demand in the UK.

The Complete Eighth and Tenth Seasons can now be viewed on the website along with the most recent Season Fourteen.
However, Seasons Nine and Eleven are yet to be enabled for viewing, although Seasons Twelve and Thirteen are still available.

All Series mentioned feature optional subtitles.

Friday, 14 January 2011

'The Flying Kipper' named best episode ever

The 1984 episode The Flying Kipper has been named the best episode of Thomas & Friends ever.

The First Season episode has remained a fan favourite and was recently award the best episode title by SiF's Best of Thomas Poll which started in the winter of 2010, last year.

Fans were asked to vote in the poll for the top 25 episodes of the show.
Season Three's Escape!, another fan favourite reached the runner-up spot while Edward centred episode Edward's Exploit's managed third place.

However, the 2009 feature-length special Hero of the Rails managed a respectful fourth place, becoming the top episode from the CGI Series, followed by 2000's Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie at fifth place.

I would just like to clear that the poll has no relation to my video poll, as this was a year ago and was for an episode only from each season to balance out.

Last 'Misty Island Rescue' themed video available

Well, it is finally here. My last Misty Island Rescue themed video is finally on YouTube.

The video is a remix of the opening theme tune from the 2010 special with some scenes and music that may suprise you while dedications have been made to some worthy people!

Also, in some of the parts of the video, you should notice that the suprises involve me having to brush up more on my editing skills, which was a challenge.
Robert Hartshorne's score in the special was a definite improvement and some parts did sound cinematic or dramatic! So now you can hear more of his score that was heard at some points in the special.

The remixed version is available to download as an mp3 on the description of the video, or alternatively, download at the bottom of this post.

I am pleased with the reception for all three videos so far prior to this one and I had a tight time making the videos as I was busy with my Christmas job at NEXT, college and homework.

Now, you are all probably thinking, What next?, well I have two ambitious ideas up my mind and they are big projects, but I am taking a break, as, in the words of The Fat Controller from Misty Island Rescue, There's a lot to do!
Well I hoped you have all enjoyed the new videos along with this one.

So in the words of Ronnie Corbett and the late Ronnie Barker, It's good night from me, and it's good night from him. Till next time.....

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Some teasers for last MIR YouTube video

Well, Friday is the day that the last Misty Island Rescue themed video will come to YouTube.

I will be uploading it sometime in the afternoon after I have come home from college, then it should hopefully be on YouTube before 4pm.
Any of you who can't wait that long to see what will be in the last video, well, now for the last set of hints!

The video will be a remix of the theme tune to the 2010 special
There will be some cut-in scenes accompaining the music
The remix version of the theme apart from the end credits runs at 4 minutes exact.
The video will be dedicated to a number of YouTubers and SiFers who I think deserved a credit
Robert Hartshorne's music is dramatic, but it did happen sometimes in the special
The editing should hopefully be suitable
Hartshorne's music at one point will sound emotional, the editing will accompain the emotion.
Finally, the editing in some parts will be spruced up. What I mean by that is is that you might think Wow! His editing has improved!

You shall soon see what I mean by the hints including last one.....

Misty Island Rescue - The Theme Music Video Remix premiere's on YouTube on Friday 14th January 2011 before 4pm.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another Trackmaster and Take-n-Play's revealed

Another character will be immortalised for the Trackmaster range whilst some old favourites are to appear differently for the Take-n-Play range.

Max the Dump Truck is the latest character to join the Trackmaster range under the Fisher Price company.
Thomas and Percy however are to appear in the Take-n-Play range once more, as Percy will be covered and Jelly Beans, whilst Thomas is covered in Chocolate.

Plus, there is also going to be a James pack with Ice Cream trucks entitled, James' Ice Cream Express.

Special Thanks to SteamTeam3211, TheColonel and ShuntingTank043 for the alerts.

Monday, 10 January 2011

New company to represent Thomas in India

Hit Entertainment have assinged newcomer Dream Theatre Private Limited to handle Thomas & Friends in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Thomas currently airs in India on Cartoon Network India while Dream Theatre will team up with Hit to release products such as stationary, bags, luggage and back to school.

Bob the Builder is also another property that will join Dream Theatre's agency.
SVP Asia Pacific at Hit, Antonio Huab commented on the agreement; We are very happy to appoint Dream Theatre as our agent for Thomas & Friends and Bob the Builder covering India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

These are important markets for us and we hope Dream Theatre will help bring these much loved brands into the lives of even more children through some strong licensing programmes complementing our already established TV presence.

Founder and CEO at Dream Theatre, Jiggy George added; We are thrilled and honoured to partner with Hit and their wonderful pre-school brands, and look forward to bringing these properties alive at retail.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

New games for Thomas website in Japan

The Japanese Thomas & Friends website have added 3 new games.

All three games include old favourites such as Thomas, James and Harold along with newer characters like Ferdinand, Victor and Hiro.

The first game is a Name Game which involves the player to guess the name of the engine pictured by choosing the correct order of their name in Japanese.
The second is a Quiz where a character is being described and must guess out of three choices the correct

Finally, the third involves Silhouettes, where you get another three choices of characters while correctly choosing the right friend that matches the silhouette.

The other games on the website are still available.

Japan to start a 'Misty Island Rescue'

Japan is to recieve the newest Thomas & Friends special Misty Island Rescue soon.

A website devoted to the 2010 special has been published by the official Thomas & Friends website in Japan.

So far, a promotional image of Bash, Dash, Harold and Thomas is shown along with images of the newest characters in the special.
The website will be updated later this season.

Misty Island Rescue or ミスレスキュ in Japanese will be released in Japan in April 2011.

Friday, 7 January 2011

3rd MIR YouTube video available

The 3rd video of the Misty Island Rescue season on my YouTube Channel is now available for viewing.

The video is basically my music video remix of the special's end song, but with karaoke subtitles included to appeal to kids and for fans to sing-a-long.
Alas, the last week will have the last themed video of the 2010 special. You shall see some hints soon...

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Official: Thomas movie pushed back

The upcoming theatrical film of Thomas & Friends since 2000 has now been pushed back to next year.

In an exclusive statement on the Sif Fansite that although the film entered pre pre-production, the film has been pushed back due to the money needed to make it.
As announced in last year in mid 2010, the film was to become the first to be made under the new Hit Movies company, developed by Hit Entertainment, but was delayed for a 2011 release, now for 2012.

Josh Klausner's drafted script includes the film to be set during the times of World War II with currently a live-action cast with CGI.

The newest Thomas & Friends theatrical film is now currently aimed for a 2012 release.

Railway Series 42. now for pre-order

The upcoming 42nd Railway Series title is now available for pre-ordering.

So far, not much has been revealed on the new book apart from this blurb published by amazon.co.uk; This is a brand-new title in the historic Railway Series of small books for small hands which are ideal for parents and children to share together.

The forty-second volume contains four engine stories and is beautifully illustrated by heritage artist Clive Spong. Join Thomas the Tank Engine and a brand-new friend in some classic adventures on the Island of Sodor. 

So apart from the fact that plot details and titles are currently remaining secretive, there will be a new character...

The 42nd Railway Series book will hit UK book shelves on July 4th 2011.

MIR Software now for Mac's

Nova Development, the team behind the Misty Island Rescue PC software game have announced that the game is now available for Mac computer users.

The Software that includes various games including puzzles and activities based on the 2010 special will now have greater recognition now that it is available to buy in the Apple Mac App store.

President of Nova Development, Todd Helfstein commented on the news; We are very excited to add the number-one pre-school property to Nova Development's family of beloved interactive edutainment software and to make it easily available to everyone at the Apple's new Mac App Store today.

Children are already very familiar with Thomas & Friends, and the Misty Island Rescue software adds an educational component that will nurture young minds at a critical stage in their development.
Vice President of Consumer Products for the Thomas Division in the US, Gabreila Arenas also spoke; Nova Development has taken all of the adventure of Thomas and his friends in Misty Island and translated it to an innovative software package.

As Thomas fans extend their enjoyment of Misty Island Rescue to their home computers, kids and parents will find learning with Thomas and his engine friends to be both interactive and entertaining.

The Software is compatible with Apple Mac's OS X 10.4 or later.

Misty Island Rescue - The PC Software is now available to purchase in the Mac App Store for $19.99 in the US.

Two more Thomas in Mega-Bloks range

Mega Bloks are to release two more characters in the Thomas range.

Charlie the Fun Engine and Bertie the Bus are the newest additions to the building blocks toy range.

Both characters are available to buy in stores later this year.

Thanks to SteamTeam3211 for the alert.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Confirmed: Season Fifteen after 'DOTD'

It has emerged that Season Fifteen won't come sooner in the Spring.

It has now been confirmed that the new Day of the Diesels special premiering later this year will take place before events coming up in the show's Fifteenth Season.

Previously, it was thought positively that the 2011 Season would appear later in the Spring, however the newest special is to come first then will lead into the next season.
Also, last year, Seasons Thirteen and Fourteen aired although the Thirteenth Season had actually been completed back in late 2009, but was pushed back.

Day of the Diesels will be released in select theatres and on DVD later this year, followed by the broadcast of the Fifteenth Season of Thomas & Friends.

Special thanks to Sif's Ryan for the confirmation and permission.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Klausner tight lipped on Thomas movie

Josh Klausner who is currently writing the newest Thomas & Friends theatrical film since Thomas and the Magic Railroad is now remaining silent on the film.

Previously, Klausner confirmed via his Twitter feed that the new film would be set during the times of World War II but ruled out speculation that Diesel 10 would be involved in the film.

Now, Klausner has no more to say as those information that he fed out were the only ones he could divulge.
So far, there is speculation that the film would be released this year in 2011, however, this has NOT been confirmed and a release date is not imminent.

These so far are the only things confirmed for the film;

A mix of CGI and live-action
Set during the times of World War II
Diesel Engines will appear
Nitrogen Studios are involved with the CGI
Josh Klausner of Shrek fame has written the first draft

The only way to find out more is some official links, press releases and maybe even some certain toy outlets...