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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Season Fourteen given last minute nickjr. airdate

nickjr. in the UK are to show the first block of episodes from the Fourteenth Season of Thomas & Friends tomorrow.

The late announcement by the digital channel has had the same treatment for previous new episodes to be aired.
With it is an alternate version of their previous advertisement showing more scenes from Jumping Jobi Wood!, while being accompained by a rock instrumental.

Season Fourteen starts tomorrow on August 1st 2011 at 2pm on nickjr. and will continue to air every week day.

Thanks to ThomasPercyandToby2 for the alert.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

More apps on the Android a possibility

After the Thomas Game Pack became available for the Android in late June, it became a success.

Enjoyed by families and Thomas fans, there has since been requests for more of the apps, that are available for iTunes users, to get them all converted for the Android Market.
In a comment on the Official Thomas & Friends facebook Page about the matter, the page had this to say.

The Thomas Game Pack is available for Android, and stayed tuned for more future app development news!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thomas & Friends haul another Guinness on the track

Thomas & Friends have become record holders once again, this time in Japan's Fuji-Q Highland theme park.

The record is the longest toy train track which was previously done by the same brand in Brisbane, Australia last year and at Drayton Manor's Thomas Land in August 2008, UK.

Australia were the last record holders where the track was 207 metres long. This time, Japan has beaten it, clocking up a massive 2,221 and half metres long.
SVP of Hit Entertainment's Thomas & Friends in the Asian Pacific, Antonio Haub celebrated the achievement.

After previously holding the title in 2006, everyone on the Thomas team in Japan is delighted to have reclaimed the world record.

Thomas is hugely popular in Japan and the finished record breaking track makes a great additional attraction to Fuji-Q Highland in Japan.

The set is currently on display at Japan's Thomas Land until September 4th 2011.

Exclusive: The Railway Series to be continued...?

The success of the current Railway Series book, Thomas and His Friends, has been questioned by fans of the books.

Feverish speculation as led to theories if the series would return after the sell outs made from the new 42nd book.

In an email sent to publishers Egmont asking if more titles from the Awdry written library were due, a brief response was given.
Marketing Manager of Egmont Publishing, Linda Beavis refused to confirm of an ending to the books but added that it may not be the last of new material from Christopher Awdry.

The most recent title was commissioned to mark the centenary of The Rev. Awdry’s birth this year.

We have no plans at present to commission a 43rd title in the series. We may consider this in the future, but it is not a part of our publishing plan for 2012.

Thanks to orangepastille.

The Railway Series
To be continued...?

Day of the Misty Island Rescue from Australasia

ezydvd have confirmed a double pack of two feature-length specials ready for a DVD release in the Autumn.

The 2 Disc set includes the newest Day of the Diesels and Misty Island Rescue for the Australian market.
The set comes out the same day as the 2011 Diesels special appears on DVD but is not known if it will or not come after New Zealand's release date of September 7th 2011.
Day of the Diesels: The Movie/Misty Island Rescue: The Movie - 2 Disc Set hits Australasian DVD shelves on September 1st 2011.

Thanks to StanleySpencerSilverZ for the alert.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sir Topham's holiday in Auz for 'DOTD' premiere

Sir Topham Hatt, The Fat Controller attended the Blue Carpet premiere of Day of the Diesels in Hoyts Cinema, Chadstone, Melbourne.

Joining the Sunday July 24th event, Hatt travelled to Australia and was the only star of the day while 300 guests including families turned up for the screening.
The Official Thomas & Friends facebook page who have uploaded photos from the day, commented on the event.

The Fat Controller was there to greet fans and kids enjoyed a fun-filled morning including face painting, a balloon artist and special goodies bag packed with Thomas & Friends toys and merchandise.

Hoyts Cinemas are continuing to show the 2011 special on Saturdays and Sundays at 10am all over Australasia, with the next two on July 30th and 31st and the last on August 28th 2011.

Christopher Awdry's appointment with SiF

The SiF team are to exclusively interview Christopher Awdry in what is deemed to be their most exciting interview yet.

Awdry's involvement can spell out answers to questions about the new Railway Series book, the life of his father and his centenary, the growth of Thomas and more.
In celebration, there is to also be a competition launched from the fansite to win an unknown but big prize.

The interview feature is expected to be on SiF's fansite by next month.

2012 Story Library books revealed

amazon.co.uk have revealed the next five Thomas Story Library books that are coming soon in early 2012.

The five books are now focused on the episodic format rather than the character basis, although two include a new character each while all have extended book titles.

The Tall Friend (Based on Thomas' Tall Friend)
Thomas' tallest passenger ever is causing him lots of problems. Will Thomas get to the new safari park on time?

Busy Engines (Based on Thomas in Charge)
When The Fat Controller tells Thomas he has to be a busy engine for the day, Thomas tries too hard and things start to go wrong. 

Thomas' Crazy Day
When Thomas tries to be really useful and really fun at the same time, he finds that it's difficult to do two things at once. 

Belle's New Friend (Based on Big Belle)
Belle, the new engine, is determined to have lots of fun - but not everyone is able to join in. 
Fire Engine Flynn (Based on Fiery Flynn)
Flynn is in such a rush to save the day that he doesn't wait to hear where the fire is. Will he be able to save Thomas from the fire in time? 

The next five Thomas Story Library books hit UK book shelves all on January 3rd 2012.


Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Hit confirms 'Merry Christmas, Thomas!' episodes

Hit News Online have confirmed the last two episodes to be included the upcoming Season Fifteen US DVD debut release.

It was previously revealed by Movies Unlimited that Merry Christmas, Thomas! was to include Tree Trouble and Surprise, Surprise but didn't refer to the other two episodes.
In a press release, Hit confirmed that Let it Snow and Percy the Snowman will indeed be part of the release.

Also joined is a DVD extra in the form of The Christmas Gift Matching Game while On Demand and Digital Download viewers get the bonus episode, Buzzy Bees.

Merry Christmas, Thomas! hits US DVD shelves, On Demand and Digital Download on October 11th 2011.

ASDA 'DOTD' competition & promotion gets underway

ASDA are offering the chance for Thomas fans to meet him in one or two places on various dates to celebrate the release of the Day of the Diesels special.

The supermarket chain are running a competition where a family ticket can be won that will give access to the Day of the Diesels premiere in Leciester Square, UK on September 17th 2011.
ASDA are also offering fans to have their picture taken alongside Thomas in their selected stores.

Edinburgh - Tuesday July 26th
Gateshead - Wednesday July 27th
Pudsey - Thursday July 28th
Eastlands - Friday July 29th
Wakefield - Saturday July 30th
Lincoln Valentine - Tuesday August 2nd
Tamworth - Wednesday August 3rd
Minworth - Thursday August 4th
Watford - Friday August 5th

Monday, 25 July 2011

Learning Curve releases guides to sets on YouTube

Learning Curve's Official YouTube Channel have released five videos publicising their upcoming Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway sets.

Three of them have been based on some of the episodes from the CGI Series while two are original ideas.

Rumble and Race Mountain Set and Dieselworks Set with Percy have had their names inspired from the episodes Snow Tracks and Day of the Diesels.
The preview of the Dieselworks Set shows glimpses of the faceless Happy Hook the Crane, who is included with the product.

Toby's Whistling Woods Set is based on Season Fourteen's Toby and the Whistling Woods. The episode is mistakenly referred to being called Toby's Whistling Woods.
The two original's, Up and Around Sodor 5 in 1 Set and Crane and Cargo Figure 8 Set also feature.

The five Wooden Railway sets will be released later this year in shops worldwide.


Salty and Thomas next to Trackmaster the rails

Salty the Dockside Diesel and Thomas the Tank Engine are the next engines to recieve their own Trackmaster sets.

Salty features in Salty's Fish Delivery which involves him delivering fish that pops out of his van due to a bump on the tracks. The set includes a model of Salty and a mint green van with pop out fish and track.
Thomas recieves a set based on a near collision with some jam barrels. From Hero of the Rails, Thomas in a Jam also has a pop out function, with a red van and track included.

Trackmaster's Salty's Fish Delivery and Thomas in a Jam arrive in shops worldwide later this year.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Take-n-Play Sidney completes 'DOTD' engine line-up

Sidney the Forgetful Diesel has been revealed as the last Day of the Diesels engine to be available as a Take-n-Play model.

The dark blue coloured Diesel's model image was published on ToysRUs' website in America, where he can be purchased.
Priced at $5.99, Sidney's red buffer beam is covered all around him which doesn't occur in a previously seen promo image.

Take-n-Play's Sidney is now available in toy shops worldwide.

Thanks to Joe for the alert.

Merry Christmas from the Fifteenth Season

It has been confirmed that the upcoming Merry Christmas, Thomas! US DVD will feature episodes from the recent Fifteenth Season.

Movies Unlimited, currently the only source to publish the info however have referenced only two episodes by their description, Tree Trouble and Suprise, Suprise.
Join Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends for a delightful celebration of the Christmas holiday season!

After Thomas searches for the perfect tree, there's a trip to the Steamworks to enjoy a colorful surprise party that will leave everyone smiling and cheery.

Walmart.com have published the cover of the release which shows a brand new promo image of Thomas at Town Hall Station with Annie, Clarabel, The Fat Controller and children.

Merry Christmas, Thomas! hits US DVD shelves on October 11th 2011.

nickjr. gears up for the Fourteenth Season

nickjr. in the UK is to show the Fourteenth Season on their channel but has been billed as a Coming Soon attraction.

The 20 episode series follows on from their Thirteenth Season showings which included two episodes and a song in between.
An advert has been released in advance rather than a two day preperation due to it's unknown start date while a song has been specially created to celebrate the upcoming broadcast.

The advert is accompained by clips showing scenes from Being Percy, Thomas' Crazy Day, Jumping Jobi Wood!, Charlie and Eddie and the two music videos, Engine Roll Call and The Fat Controller Song.

Season Fourteen, coming soon to nickjr.

Thanks to ThomasPercyandToby2 for the alert.

'Triple Pack' three follows for change

The second Triple Pack UK DVD box set will recieve a cover revamp just like the Adventure Pack and the Movie Pack.

The cover shows half of a trademark Season Eight which includes Percy, Thomas and an animated Jeremy the Jet Plane above the two engines.
The Season Eight themed set includes the DVD's All Aboard for the Steam Team, It's Great to Be An Engine! and Peep Peep Hurray!

Play.com who revealed the new cover are also showing the back and an alternate view of the front.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

Friday, 22 July 2011

American cast take Avenge on Captain

Three cast members from the US version of Thomas & Friends will all be appearing in an upcoming feature film.

Michael Brandon, Martin Sherman and William Hope shall be seen in the widely publicised film, Captain America: The First Avenger.
Brandon known as The Narrator and Diesel is to play Senator Brandt while Sherman best known as the voice of Thomas will share scenes with him as Brandt's Aide.
Hope who provides the voices for Edward, Percy and others meanwhile takes on the role of a SHIELD Lieutenant.

Captain America: The First Avenger is now available to watch in US, Canadian, Italian and Polish cinemas with more worldwide screenings continuing on from July 27th 2011 and onwards.

Thanks to UnknownThomasFan1 for the alert.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Official: Sodor to arrive on UK Blu Ray in a first

British fans of Thomas & Friends will be pleased to know that there will be a debut Blu Ray release coming in the Autumn.

The title in question is the upcoming Day of the Diesels special which is the first Thomas story to hit the UK Blu Ray market.
The release will come in the usual DVD/Blu Ray Combo and will be available the same day as the DVD version.

hmv.com, Play.com and Hit Store UK's Thomas & Friends minisite have all listed the forthcoming product attraction.

Day of the Diesels hits UK Blu Ray and DVD shelves on September 26th 2011.

Thanks to SI3DFilms and StanleySpencerSilverZ for the alerts.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pack a Paxton in your pocket with Take-n-Play

Paxton the Young Diesel who will mark his official first appearance to Thomas & Friends in the Day of the Diesels special will also be introduced to the Take-n-Play toy line.

The green Diesel is the latest to be revealed for the pocket sized toy product series after his fellow accomplice, Norman.
Paxton is currently on auction via ebay.co.uk where his current price bid stands at over £7.49 with Economy Delivery for £1.99.

The product will be shipped Worldwide all the way from China with an estimated delivery span of 11-23 working days.

Take-n-Play Paxton will arrive in shops worldwide later this year.

Thanks to CharlietheFunEngine for the alert.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Saturday start for UK MEGA Express promotion

Mega Brands who create the Thomas & Friends MEGA BLOKS merchandising series are to giveaway some of their toys in the Daily Express and Sunday Express newspapers.

The deal will allow readers and Thomas fans to collect four out of six of the characters chosen for the giveaway.
James the Red Engine, Gordon the Big Express Engine, Harold the Helicopter, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bertie the Bus and Percy the Small Engine are the characters taking part in the promotion.

The promotion starts this Saturday and every day onwards until Tuesday July 19th with newspapers available in shops nationwide while a TV campaign will accompany the offer.

Thanks to ThomasPercyandToby2 for the alert.

Bloks collected from Whiff's Waste Dump

MEGA BLOKS will release a new set centering on Whiff the Rubbish Engine and his Waste Dump.

Whiff's Messy Day incroporates the spectacles wearing engine with a small truck ready to collect some blocks.
The set also includes the rubbish crusher and a waste factory all totalling the set up to 32 pieces.

MEGA BLOKS' Whiff's Messy Day is available in shops worldwide later this year.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Story books return to Egmont station's Library

It has been revealed that the Thomas Story Library will return with several new books later this year.

In an email sent by SteamTeam to Egmont quering about more of the books, Egmont responded confirming production of new books for the Thomas Story Library to be available.
It is not currently known as to what characters will be chosen for the 2011 Season while the last book to be released was The Spring Suprise based on the Season Thirteen TV episode, Thomas and the Pigs.

The 2011 Season of the Thomas Story Library books will be released in UK book shops in Autumn 2011.

Extensive range of upcoming merchandise found

Various new toys of Thomas & Friends have been found and due to be released for the Take-n-Play, Trackmaster, Wooden Railway Early Engineers and Lionel ranges.

The Wooden Railway Early Engineers range will release Victor and Hiro, following on from the likes of Percy, Rosie and others.
Lionel who produce O Scale models of Thomas are to make a Troublesome Trucks Christmas Two Pack ready for the Christmas season which includes two Troublesome Trucks models stacked with presents and gifts.

Meanwhile for Take-n-Play, Fisher Price will make a new pack with Scruff available called Scruff's Dirty Job which includes a Take-n-Play model of Scruff the Scruncher and a small squat truck full of rubbish.
Finally, Trackmaster have three sets due with the first being Thomas' Chocolate Delivery featuring Thomas, a mild chocolate covered truck with Special Delivery engraved, Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory and track pieces.

Another set involving Thomas is Thomas' Big Haul which includes the little blue engine and four trucks each with a load; Milk tankers, logs, barrels and a crate.
The last stars Toby with a Clown Van pulling it until the tram engine hits a bump forcing a Clown Car to emerge from his load in Toby and the Clown Car.

The upcoming Thomas & Friends toys will be released later this year in shops worldwide.

Thanks to MURPHYPRODUCTIONS828 and TMRReturns for the alerts.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Thomas & Friends prepare for grand License Awards

The Licensing Awards of 2011 have revealed the full list of finalists nominated for awards in the licensing industry.

Thomas & Friends have been missed out for the categories for merchandising but have made it for two important nominations; Best Pre-School Licensed Property and Best Classic Licensed Property.
Previously, Peppa Pig had won the last Pre-School Licensed Property award a year ago while Thomas is up for some competition between the above mentioned, Toy Story 3, The Gruffalo and more.

For the Best Classic Licensed Property, Thomas will go up against the likes of The Simpsons, Winnie the Pooh, Betty Boop, Star Wars and Doctor Who.

The Licensing Awards of 2011 show will appear later this year.

Confirmed: Annie and Clarabel to speak once again

Thomas' faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel are the next characters who will now speak in the CGI Series.

Confirmed on UK cast member Teresa Gallagher's Linked in page, Gallagher provided a small update on her Thomas & Friends section.
Update - am now also voicing Belle, Annie and Clarabel in both the US and UK versions.

Annie and Clarabel are the latest in line of characters who have been able to speak again the CGI Series rather than having silent cameos such as Stanley and Butch.

The coaches have not spoken since the Eleventh Season episode, Thomas in Trouble, which was four years ago and will have the resurgence in the upcoming Sixteenth Season.

Christmas time all the way with US' DVD's

The US will celebrate the Christmas season in Thomas & Friends style as two new DVD's are due to be released.

Walmart have revealed that the first to be available is titled Merry Christmas Thomas and is not currently known as to what episodes will feature.
The second is a box set called Holiday Favorites which will contain the previously released Holiday Express, Ultimate Christmas and Merry Winter Wish.

Merry Christmas Thomas and Holiday Favorites will hit US DVD shelves on October 11th and 18th 2011 respectively.


Thanks to MrTrainfan1000 for the alert.

MEGA Flynn and Diesel sets named and detailed

Previously, two Day of the Diesels based MEGA BLOKS merchandise were seen at an event which have now been named.

The Official Thomas & Friends Website have detailed on the sets by providing the names, descriptions and images.
The Diesel Small Bucket involves a ramp at the Dieselworks where Diesel he can slide down and includes 17 pieces to build.

Flynn's set titled Flynn's Rescue has him with his own garage to be ready for a day of work and includes 27 buildable pieces.

MEGA BLOKS' Diesel Small Bucket and Flynn's Rescue will hit toy shelves worldwide this Winter.

Thanks to StanleySpencerSilverZ for the alert.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blog: Background revamp in the works

To make my blog look more styled and more productive, I am to change the background, after thinking of the current background's dullness.

I am half way through finishing the new one which will feature most of the characters from the CGI Series of Thomas & Friends.

The new version will retain the banner, but will have all the characters at the bottom to be placed in small images on the sides of the page.
The images shall have an artistic style based on The Railway Series artworks as seen in the books giving the feeling that the blog is for long time, TV Series and Railway Series fans.

Back to the banner where The Fat Controller and maybe one another charatcer will be placed beside or near Thomas while some additional text could be possible.

Be on the look out for when the new background will surface and trust me, you will like it!

Diesel, Donald, Douglas, dates declared

The Bachmann models of Devious Diesel, Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines will be released this Winter in the US.

Revealed in the latest product announcements catalogue by Bachmann, not only the three engines' shipping dates have been confirmed, but also goes for a piece of Rolling Stock and two locations.
The Tar Car and the Oil Tank shall share the same availability date from the three engines of November while Knapford Station is ready and waiting in August.

The Windmill this time painted in black and referred to as the Operating Windmill will be the last of Bachmann's Thomas products to be released when the month of December comes.

The last set of Bachmann's Thomas & Friends products will hit US modelling shelves starting from August through to December 2011.

Thanks to therailwayinspector3 for the alert.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Blu Ray Diesels oiling it's way to Australasia

dvdorchard have revealed that the Day of the Diesels special will come to Blu Ray for Thomas fans Down Under.

Australia and New Zealand who will be the first to see the special on July 23rd and 24th at Hoyts Cinemas will also be the first to have the DVD and now Blu Ray releases.
dvdorchard have confirmed that the special's Blu Ray/DVD release priced at $28.95 will come with Dolby Digital English audio, a Down at the Station feature and a Music Video, all making up the Extras.

The Day of the Diesels Blu Ray/DVD feature will hit Australian and New Zealand Blu Ray shelves on September 1st 2011.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

December replaces July for Birthday Express

After one website changed the release date for an upcoming UK DVD, three more have.

zavvi.com who were the first to reveal that The Birthday Express had been pushed back from it's July 11th 2011 release date was followed on by others.
thehut.com, Sendit and Woolworths have also confirmed that the DVD will come out this year in December.

Because of this, the next new DVD due to be released for the UK will be the Day of the Diesels special on September 26th 2011.

The Birthday Express hits UK DVD shelves on December 12th 2011.

Glimpses of new merchandise revealed for Christmas

KidsCoolit.com have posted two videos of new Thomas & Friends merchandise due to be released for the Christmas season.

Recorded at an unknown event, the first video shows the new Follow Me Thomas where by using a remote control with a built in laser, Thomas will follow the laser's every move.

Meanwhile in the second video, accompaining the release of Day of the Diesels, various new stocks of merchandise are seen.
There is a MEGA BLOKS set featuring James and Flynn, although due to the nature of the camera's movement and quality, it can only be seen very briefly.

This also goes for another set with Diesel combined with an unknown location, a Thomas bedtime torch and scooter.

Elsewhere is a Steamies Vs. Diesels shirt with James, Thomas and Percy representing the Steam Engines and Den, Diesel 10 and Dart, the Diesel Engines.
A new puzzle game can also be seen that has an extensive cast of characters, a puzzle set as a four in one and a small Tidmouth Sheds with models of Thomas, the Fat Controller, his car, a coal truck and Harold.

Sightings of previously announced items such as the Day of the Diesels DVD/Blu-Ray, Wooden Railway models, Take-n-Play's and others are included in the video.

The new Day of the Diesels merchandise will be available in shops worldwide from this Christmas.

Covers revealed for 'DOTD' tie-in books

amazon.co.uk have published the covers for the upcoming Day of the Diesels tie-in books for the UK.

The books which were revealed nearly 2 months ago by the online retailer will both be based on the story while one will center on the characters involved.
The above mentioned is the Sticker Activity Book which will feature characters such as Belle, Diesel, Arry and others as playable stickers and is 28 pages long.
The other but main one is The Movie Storybook that will give the chance for fans to see the special in readable form with images from the story itself and is 32 pages long.

The Day of the Diesels Movie and Activity books will both hit UK book shelves on September 6th 2011.


Thanks to StanleySpencerSilverZ for the alert.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

First Look: Thomas Land's 'Blue Mountain Engines'

G-Force Magazine and Drayton Manor's facebook page have released the first images of Thomas Land's new ride which is still under construction.

The images altogether show all the participating Narrow Gauge Engines to feature in the new ride, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Rheneas.

G-Force confirms that The Thin Controller will be part of the ride by promoting it around the park as revealed in a photo on their article.
Terence's Driving School has been replaced by the new ride but will however stay at Drayton Manor's park as it has been confirmed to relocate near Farmer McColl's Farm.

It is currently not known when the ride will still be ready but shall be announced by the Thomas Land UK facebook page soon.

#1, #2, #3

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another 'Triple Pack' for a regenerated look

Following on from the cover revamp of the original Triple Pack, another version has been changed for the UK market.

The version featuring the first three feature-length specials of Thomas & Friends has now been renamed appropriately enough, Movie Pack.
Along with this is the cover, now changed to the US boxset style with the 3 DVD Set tag which includes a new but customized promo shot with James, Thomas and Cranky at the Docks.

Calling All Engines!, The Great Discovery and Hero of the Rails all feature in the set.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Licensing promotes RWS release with Egmont & Hit

Licensing.biz have promoted the 42nd Railway Series book in the series, Thomas and His Friends with a brief article.

Talking of the basic celebrations linked to the release including the Centenary of the Rev. W. Awdry, Licensing spoke to David Riley from the Egmont Publishing Group.
66 years after Thomas' first appearance in print, the cheeky little engine still has widespread appeal with readers of all ages.

Likewise, the Rev Awdry's original stories retain their timeless appeal, and Egmont is proud to be part of the centenary celebrations.

The company then proceeded to talk with the Senior Director of Global Publishing of Hit Entertainment, Katie Price.

Hit is delighted that Egmont is continuing to add to the Railway Series by publishing Christopher Awdry's celebratory new book. It is a wonderful way to mark the Rev W Awdry's centenary. 

Thomas and His Friends (No. 42) is now available in UK shops nationwide. 

Monday, 4 July 2011

BBC News previews 'Thomas and His Friends'

BBC News have published an article to promote the new 42nd Railway Series book, Thomas and His Friends along with the celebration of the Rev. W. Awdry's Centenary.

The article talks of the Rev's experience at the Railways he visited with his son Christopher Awdry and details on some known and not so known facts.
Promoting the book is two new images from Thomas and His Friends, one of which can be seen on the cover along with some hints and spoilers towards certain plotlines.

Thomas and His Friends (No. 42) is now on sale in UK shops nationwide.

Thanks to bulker for the alert.

Fiery Flynn called to the Depot Works

The last Day of the Diesels character to emerge from their silhouette on the Official Thomas & Friends Website has entered the Engine Depot.

Flynn the Fire Engine can now be viewed on the site where his bio is included along with his Poster and Puzzle downloads.
Flynn's description reads; Flynn is a really red fire engine and a member of the Sodor Search and Rescue team. He is very popular with the engines and is always raring to rescue.

He truly wants to help everyone. Flynn at times is overly enthusiastic, which sometimes leads to mistakes, but Belle is always there to keep him on course.


Sunday, 3 July 2011

An Author, Vicar and Driver talk with BBC Radio

Christopher Awdry, the Reverend Peter Gilks and Engine Driver Andrew Neish have donated interviews to BBC Radio in Solent to promote the Centenary of the Rev. W. Awdry and the 42nd Railway Series book.

All three spoke about the past times of Wilbert Awdry, how the characters came to life and more.
Christopher previously spoke to ITV for the Centenary and the BBC for the 65th Anniversary of the Railway Series.

The interviews can be found on YouTube via the links at the bottom as uploaded by BusterTheSteamroller.

Thomas and His Friends (No. 42) is now on sale in UK shops today from July 4th 2011.


"'The Birthday Express' arriving has been delayed"

The Birthday themed UK DVD release, The Birthday Express appears to have been pulled from it's originally scheduled release date.

It was due to be released on July 11th in a matter of days. However, the majority online websites have removed the release date and changed it to a Coming Soon attraction.

Only ASDA Entertainment and zavvi.com have removed their Add to Basket icons due to the DVD being Sold Out.
dvd-subtitles.com who provide the confirmation of subtitles due to be featured in upcoming DVD releases such as Thomas have listed the Release type to be Pulled.

However on zavvi.com, the release date has been changed to a December 12th release for 2011. Currently, only zavvi reports this and is not yet known if this is the new release date for the DVD.