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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

August cinema release for 'Blue Mountain Mystery' USA

Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie is now confirmed for cinema screenings in the United States of America.

The sixty minute film product which signals the end of the current era of the show, rolls into US theatres from the August of 2012.

The launch is being helmed by returning premiere host veterans, Kidtoon Films, who have had experience with the celebratory events of The Great Discovery, Hero of the Rails and the belated, Day of the Diesels.
Cinemall in Abingdon, Virginia teamed up with the sponsor to make the announcement on their website. Extra content preceding the movie's start is noted in a short explanation.

To start there are combinations of cartoon shorts or music videos and sing-alongs before the main feature and fun give aways such as coloring sheets, stickers or temporary tattoos for the children. 

Blue Mountain Mystery marks its world premiere in Australia at Hoyts cinemas on Saturday July 21st 2012 and will screen the film until September 16th.

Kidtoon Films will host the movie in various cities in the United States of America starting from August 2012.
The UK premieres the film in Vue cinemas for two days only on September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square is to be simulated on the first date. The DVD comes out on September 3rd.
Thanks to MrTrainfan1000 for the alert.

Monday, 28 May 2012

'Sodor Blackout' comes back to haunt with TrackMaster

The mysterious, Sodor Blackout is returning in a third piece from Fisher Price's TrackMaster collection.

The UK's Smyths online toy shopping website is the next contender to reveal more on the forthcoming unknown type of production vehicle.

Sure to create a rip roar of enthusiasm and imagination among fans is the yet to be dated set, Lights Out on Sodor.
Thomas expectingly, subjects the mission whilst serving and nearing an unseen location, as the evaluation teases.

As Thomas chugs past the Sodor Electric Plant he accidentally knocks over the power lines, and the lights on Sodor are out! Help Thomas collect the coal to restore power.

Although linked with the name and product idea, Duck is mentioned in the quote, as is a fellow Classic Series team participant. Both are sold seperately. 

If a little extra help is needed, Duck and Harvey are available to deliver tools and supplies for the repair.

TrackMaster Lights Out on Sodor from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide later this year.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Fat Controller becomes member of iTunes program

My First Thomas With The Fat Controller has opened its casing to be free to roam around Apple's iTunes service in Australia.

Like The Twin Engines and Diesel volumes, the now third digital program in the home video series made its name as a DVD title. Eight episodes donating Sir Topham Hatt's biggest roles
serve the whole On Demand show.

Triple stories each originating from the First and Fifth Seasons are followed by single Season Nine and Ten episodes individually.
Episodes include;
James and the Coaches
Trouble in the Shed
Toby and the Stout Gentleman
A Better View for Gordon
Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
The Green Controller

The premiere trio can be watched in their restorated suppliments whilst the finishing five can be viewed in a 4:3 Fullscreen ratio for the Fifth Series threesome and as a 16:9 Widescreen picture frame for the New Series duo.

My First Thomas with The Fat Controller is now available to purchase on iTunes Australia for $10.99 altogether. Episodes can be bought individually for $1.49.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

'Blue Mountain's smaller stars arise in Take-n-Play land

Three characters starring taking the stride in Blue Mountain Mystery, the feature-length special are synced to be a Take-n-Play object.

For 2012 and the film, Rusty the Little Diesel, Luke the Green Engine and Winston the Track Inspection Vehicle have been duly sent off to participate in the year's range.
Newcomer, Luke who is the main subject of the story, appears to have a slight alteration to his toy model compared to the big screen doppelganger. A main difference is his funnel, which is seen much taller on projection.

The new generation, Rusty sees his modern grills show up on his framework. This too connects with his spinoff die-cast merchandise.

Winston lastly is eyed in a squatter entity, holding The Fat Controller onboard as the struggling driver.

Take-n-Play Rusty, Luke and Winston from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide in the Summer.


'The Great Quarry Climb' starts grow in bigger detail

A Blue Mountain Mystery adventure set from Fisher Price has been expanded for further reading.

The Thomas and Owen sizeable vehicle, The Great Quarry Climb was recently taken into account for verification on Totally Thomas, the internet merchant.

The multiplex set first announced at the New York Toy Fair 2012 in February is based on the brand new DVD. Below, the description refers to new incline, Owen in an unassumed indentity.
With such steep inclines, Thomas is lucky to have Bud's winch to help him get up! Experience the adventure of Thomas and Bud the Crane as they load and unload cargo on the dock.

On the way Thomas rolls over a switch which activates the stone cutter to spin and cut the slab of stone.

Thomas then proceeds down the winding flexi track trail to pick up a heavy load. Bud the Crane assists Thomas using his winch to pull the heavy load up the steep incline into the loading bay.

It is thought that either the case was a typo error or the first name given for the new character before production stages began on the movie.

Take-n-Play The Great Quarry Climb from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide in the Summer.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Closer peek of 'Blue Mountain Supplies' surfaces online

More detailings of one of Fisher Price's motorized packs has come to fruition in connection with Blue Mountain Mystery.

Previously told earlier this month, Peter Sam's Blue Mountain Supplies ties in with the 2012 film and is part of TrackMaster's Thomas franchise.
The set has now been expanded in further detail with an image of the completed product found. Peter Sam is covered in quarry dust for this whilst he pulls a blue truck.

The truck is able to launch crates out of the Narrow Gauge Engine's load with the help of an action track and its small lever.

TrackMaster Peter Sam's Blue Mountain Supplies from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide now.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

'Curious Cargo' full specs and displays ready UK rollout

The mixed seasoned British DVD, Curious Cargo has been cleared for the upcoming middle of July public setting.

The title which makes contact with one Fourteenth and three Fifteenth Season episodes, applies the connection of animal based stories.

The upside and back display arts are ready for viewing pleasure on play.com, where the American equivalent cover style is retained.
Unlike its predecessor, the episode list returns on the reverse. Rescue on the Rails omitted this for unknown reasoning.

The summary delivers; All aboard for a wild ride on the Island of Sodor as Thomas and his engine friends deliver some Curious Cargo - from giraffes and cows to birds and bunnies and more!

Thomas meets a tall challenge while taking a giraffe to the Animal Park, Percy learns to be gentle with the animals of Sodor, and Belle and Toby discover the importance of listening to others. Join Thomas on his wildest adventures yet.

Done on the same day of play.com's update, the bbfc have since strived in adding the content that shall appear on the disc. The full specifications are as follows, below.
Episodes include;
Thomas' Tall Friend
Percy's New Friends
Toby and Bash
Big Belle

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins in Mr. Perkins Tidies Up
Down at the Station in Signalman
Guess Who? Puzzles

The activity puzzles presents Thomas and Rocky in one whilst Toby stars in another. Additionally, the release's title card and the Blue Mountain Mystery trailer proceed the disc when played.

Curious Cargo hits UK DVD shelves on July 16th 2012.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Original version of 'Roll Along' emerges from Nitrogen

A demo version of the Roll Along song from the Thirteenth Series has been heard in a new YouTube video.

The clip showcases some of Nitrogen Studios' CGI animation from their starting point in Hero of the Rails to the beginning of their end stint in Day of the Diesels.
In a surprise to many viewers already clocking up the video's view count, the audio enlists the first make of Roll Along to be listened to.

The never before heard sample uses an unknown female singer to perform the tune whilst an acoustic guitar is made out in several places.

A second creation starred Sam Blewitt featuring less variety in instruments is available to watch on Composer, Robert Hartshorne's website. The final version made use of more instrumental tagged onto it.

Returning to Nitrogen's showreel, clips sighted included slight extensions to scenes that in culmination, finished in fades.

Bachmann's Ice Cream Wagon model image goes online

The Bachmann constructed model of the Ice Cream Wagon has hit the internet waves with its portrayal seen.

The summer van seen sporadically in the New Series was first commissioned to be made by the American model making producers back in February.
Bachmann's online store, Bachmann Trains are responsible for publishing the rolling stock's image. The wagon is tinted white instead of the cream livery and the shaping is a less squatter portrayal.

The item originally divulged by Tower Hobbies is in HO Scale and costs $25 to purchase. On another note, the predominantly anticipated Duck is listed on the catalogue for $85.
Ice Cream Wagon from Bachmann is coming soon to US model and hobby stores.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sakar scores Hit alliance to make Thomas electronics

Hit Entertainment is to turn productive once again, this time for some Thomas & Friends electronic assets.

The long standing childrens brand firm has circulated a partnership with mechanical consumer, Sakar who deal with initiating technological products for essential uses.
They are to spawn Thomas related gaming, computing and radio components amongst others, percieved all in a 2013 North America rollout.

Vice President of Consumer Products in the Thomas Division, Gabriela Arenas, communicated on the dealership.

With Sakar's experience, we will be able to establish a presence in this critical space and give tech-savvy Thomas fans new ways to engage with their favorite No. 1 engine.

Hiro snowy themed TrackMaster uncovered on ebay

Hiro the Japanese Engine is to gain his own bundle pack as part of the TrackMaster Thomas timeline.

Currently upfront in shops ironically in Hiro's homeland, Japan, a two piece set is hoped to travel the borders across English speaking countries.
Snow Clearing Hiro presents the incumbent elderly train with snow drops scattered onto himself all over coupled with a red snowplough attached to his buffer beam. The item was discovered on ebay.com.
A red closed van reading Elsebridge Ice Supply completes the pack. Hiro in relation to the TV Series has only ever been spotted in just one winter themed tale, that be, Ho Ho Snowman from Series Fifteen.

TrackMaster Snow Clearing Hiro from Fisher Price is now available to buy in Japan.

Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Diesels back to Wooden and Flashback Victor explained

Online dedicated store, Totally Thomas have unfolded more on the reasoning of Flashback Victor.

Referred to as Victor Comes to Sodor, the pre Steamworks career of Victor is to be at a moments foreseen in Blue Mountain Mystery.

The Wooden Railway linked model recently had a detailed briefing by amazon.com. Totally Thomas have since picked it up for an extended analysis.
Before he came to Sodor, Victor was a very colorful little steam engine who worked the sugar plantations of Cuba.

He's still colorful, but the colors have changed considerably. He now works at the Sodor Steamworks helping to repair other steam engines.

Elsewhere, 'Arry and Bert have been brought back to the Learning Curve produced franchise with minor adjustments occuring on their respective modellings.
The demeaning allianced pair now have several impacts of weathering filled on their bodywork and cabs. The diesels' reborn synopsis talks about the two.

While they do work at the Sodor Ironworks, these two diesel twins are really two big doses of trouble.

Identical except for the additional stubble on Bert's face, the scheming twins made a bad impression early on by scheming to get some of the older steamies scrapped.

Wooden Railway Victor Comes to Sodor and 'Arry and Bert hit toy shelves worldwide now.


'Blue Mountain Mystery' arriving on September UK DVD

Thomas & Friends in Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie will come to UK DVD in the early days of September 2012.

The Narrow Gauge Engines' big re-introduction to the series is to appear on the digital versatile disc merely two days after the lengthy tale hits Vue cinemas on September 1st and 2nd.

It marks the shortest gap of a Thomas movie or special ever to transfer to a home video device, right after screening in theatres.
play.com are now the first online retailer to publicate its release date, although the extra contents are yet to be identified.

A Blu-Ray 1080i HD version of the film is on the cards to be developed and is expected to be available on the same day the DVD is freed to the British, American and Australasian public.

Blue Mountain Mystery marks its world premiere in Australia at Hoyts cinemas on Saturday July 21st 2012 and will screen the film until September 16th.

The UK premieres the film in Vue Cinemas for two days only on September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square is to be simulated on the first date. The DVD comes out on September 3rd.

The United States' release date is currently billed for a September rollout. This also applies to DVD/Bluray products all the above English speaking countries.

Monday, 21 May 2012

'Gordon and Ferdinand' story spins off to Take-n-Play

Ferdinand the Logging Loco Climax is the centre of attention in a Take-n-Play TV Series adapted package.

Taken for inspirational use, Muddy Ferdinand bases itself on the Season Fifteen starter episode, Gordon and Ferdinand.
Partly due to limited spacing and packaging, Gordon is omitted and a slight plot departure leads to the product to focus on Ferdinand more.

However, the Misty Island steam engine is covered in minor debris, hauls The Lion of Sodor statue and brings in a supply load of Jobi Logs.

The item's explanation quotes; Ferdinand is covered with oil and soot from old Wheezy crane, his tender, and two cargo cars for pulling the Jobi logs from Misty Island.

Take-n-Play Muddy Ferdinand from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide now.

Amazon delves into 'Blue Mountain' plot with Wooden

amazon has awoken further plot details aiding the Blue Mountain Mystery film via a Wooden Railway pair.

Two key highlights that are to be explored further in the sixth feature-length adventure focus on Rheneas and Victor.

The Repainted Rheneas Wooden and TrackMaster merchandises is now explained on amazon's American substitute site. The evaluation notes the name of a Blue Mountain Quarry bridge.
As he races over the Blondin' Bridge, it starts to crumble and collapses. Rheneas becomes derailed and shoots down the track. He has a few scrapes and scratches and needs to get a fresh coat of paint.

The yellow Victor Comes to Sodor or Flashback Victor idea, which has simultaneously been taking in a promising reception, is partly teased on the other hand.

This engine pack features the original Victor. Before Victor arrived on the Island of Sodor, he was a yellow spanish speaking engine.

Wooden Railway Repainted Rheneas and Victor Comes to Sodor hits toy shelves worldwide now.


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Exclusive: Mattel enunciates 'Sodor Blackout' rumours

Toy manufacturer, Mattel has addressed recent rumours about particular TrackMaster stocks coming soon.

It was recently emerged that Toby would take the reigns of a set subtitled, Sodor Blackout. A few days later, Duck sparked a frenzy of indulgement when it appeared that he would gain a similar impact aswell.
The continuation of the supposed type of series had the Thomas fandom questioning on whether a fresh special, episode or merchandising arc looked to be on the cards.

Duck's inclusion on the Fisher Price goods generated predictions on an imminent return to the TV Series. Mattel who own Fisher Price have issued a statement in response to the gossip that Roll Along Thomas can reveal.

Typically the Trackmaster Thomas sets are themed after TV episodes, movies, and other media outlets. The Sodor Blackout series would be one such theme.

The TrackMaster Sodor Blackout sets from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

TrackMaster 'Sodor Blackout' sparks anticipation fury

Theories have been rifing in a major fashion as another TrackMaster item from Fisher Price is witnessed.

Back by popular demand is Duck the Great Western Engine, where he is sharing a set first subjected from Toby.

The now elusive Sodor Blackout ties in with the blend and since then there has been a sizeable amount of speculation concerning the name. Duck is now rumoured for a return to Thomas & Friends.
It is thought by numerous people this could either be a new toy line or a proposed seventh feature-length special for the soon to be revamped TV Series.

The answer has been left ambiguous until future findings are due to crop up further down the line.

The stock itself is an exclusive to Target piece of merchandise and is named Duck's Power Line Repair. Duck's tow supports two flatbeds, one carrying cable drums and the other holding a telegraph pole.

TrackMaster Duck's Power Line Repair from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide later this year.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Exclusive: Sam Blewitt talks about new songs and more

Singer, Sam Blewitt has spoken to Roll Along Thomas about some of the tracks that he and close friend, composer, Robert Hartshorne have produced recently.

The latest music video which centered around Thomas and Percy's friendship was injected into a Season Sixteen half hour US broadcast this month. Blewitt has since confirmed that he lent his vocals to it.

Yes that's me. I was booked by Robert Hartshorne who writes and produces the music. The song was for a female vocal, but we tried it with me and it worked.
The Day of the Diesels artist shares a backstory on the tune; It was called Blue and Green. It had a working title of Thomas and Percy, Blue and Green. It's Thomas and Percy. Blue and Green must have been a working title.

Blewitt also detailed about Blue Mountain Mystery's subject song, appearing in the final act of the film.

I remember we recorded lots of versions of Blue Mountain Mystery though, until we were all happy with the sound and the lyric. The end result is very good.

Blue Mountain Mystery originally served as the working title for Quarry before the final version was realised; The song titles have a habit of changing titles as they move around the various departments at Hit. All good fun.
For the later part of 2012, Sam's voice returns in two new songs due to link before the start of Arc Productions' generation of Thomas. While the titles are confidential, Sam spilled the beans for future reference.

The latest songs we worked on were in January and February this year. Blue Mountain and another (two). I’m sure they’ll be released soon enough.

I’m not sure if (the two) are on the same episode or end up being the same song. I believe we have two or three more episodes to work on, but not sure when.

Since joining the show in 2009 for Hero of the Rails, the Go, Go Thomas! performer insighted on the past; As a singer, you always have ideas as the songs are being recorded. Now and again I will chip in with something.

I think I've recorded about nine songs, they're all very good. We do rip them apart and start again sometimes.
Elsewhere from Thomas land, Sam and Robert Hartshorne have been involved in a non-Thomas project, poised to hit cinemas in the coming years.

The duo, who have known each other since 2002, have already started work on the currently developed assignment.

We're recording a song for a UK/Chinese movie Robert has been working on for over a year now. And it's still in the early stages. Films take such a long time.

The working title is Twelve, something to do with the Chinese signs of the zodiac and calendar.

Don't quite get the story yet, that will no doubt change here and there, but it's a fantasy/thriller, good Vs. evil type of thing. Could be huge. The music so far is great.

Vue plays down 'Blue Mountain' extended running time

Vue's cinema page for Blue Mountain Mystery, the film has edited the run time info, aiding the movie.

During the end of April, the UK theatre chain constructed the special's alloted link on their website.

But confusion occured after the length's portrayal read; 90 min. However, Vue have since declined the speculation and replaced it with a 60 min identification.
It has now been known that the previous result was merely a typo error. The hour long story carries on the trend for the extended episodes' running length.

Blue Mountain Mystery marks its world premiere in Australia at Hoyts cinemas on Saturday July 21st 2012 and will screen the film until September 16th.

The United Kingdom premieres the film in Vue Cinemas for two days only on Saturday September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square in London is to be simulated on the first date.

The United States' release date is currently billed for a September rollout. This also applies to DVD/Bluray products all the above English speaking countries.

Engine Depot sends up Owen's online profile exposure

Owen the Incline Traction Engine is now available to be known all about on the Thomas & Friends website.

The Blue Mountain Quarry resident, who is accounting for his debut role in Blue Mountain Mystery, has entered the phases of the Engine Depot.
Although he is not clickable on Blue Mountain's minisite, his appearance mixes in with quarry's landscape. The dedicated Depot page can be accessed in the aforementioned section.

His definement comments; Owen is an enthusiastic drum house winch who is really proud of the uniqueness of his job. Owen never tires of sending trucks up and down the incline at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

More so, Owen's poster and puzzle activity is free to see by employing disguised links. The special's homepage teases for the remainder of less than three weeks time; Play the Owen game.



Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

One half of Ironworks Diesels strolls into Take-n-Play

Iron 'Arry, also known as one of Sodor's Smelters Diesels, is to turn into a Take-n-Play spinoff asset.

The gruff oiler who sports less facial stubble than Iron Bert, will be freed to the public from merchandiser, Fisher Price.
Preceding this, Arry was once foreseen as a Take Along die-cast alongside his fellow identical sidekick.

It is known as to why Bert hasn't been developed by the toymakers, although it is widely expected to happen.

Take-n-Play Iron 'Arry from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Exclusive Interview with...: Singer of 'Go, Go Thomas!' and 'Blue Mountain Quarry' fame, Sam Blewitt

Looking ahead to the release of Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie in Australia, Britain and America, a song now popular is to be tagged onto the end of the special.

Blue Mountain Quarry, which became upfront to the public on the internet in April, was sung by Sam Blewitt.

Now in his fourth year of being involved with Thomas, Roll Along Thomas caught up with the singer a few days before he and composer Robert Hartshorne were scoring music for a new film with the working title, Twelve.

So Sam, how did you get your career started? 
My career has been long and varied. I started out as a singer in a rock band from Newcastle, lured/moved to London after a few years, released a few albums toured a lot, then started working as a session singer.

It was scary at first, but like anything, with experience it all becomes more fun. Now I guest as a singer on lots of different albums etc with lots of different artists. Some big and some not so big.
How did you get involved in commiting to Thomas? Did you audition or did Hit approach you?
I have worked with Robert Hartshorne, the songwriter and music producer, about 10 years ago on various other projects.

He called me out of the blue one day and said he might have an interesting project for me. He explained it was Thomas the Tank Engine. It was initially a one off special (Go Go Thomas), so we could make the music a little more contemporary. It was great fun to work on.

Were you aware of the songs done previously that were performed by children?
Yes, I was very aware that children had sung the previous songs. I have 2 children and they spent many hours watching Thomas.

When it was decided to change tactics on the songs in tieing in with the new generation of Thomas & Friends, why was this?
I think the “new” approach for the songs was down to the producers at Hit and Robert Hartshorne. Because we had a one-off special to work on, it gave us a bit more freedom to try something new. The producers at Hit liked the song and it seems the fans did to. The new formula seemed to be a success.

Did you think with the new dynamic that this may or may not have worked?
To be honest, you never know if something will work or not straight away. I recorded Go Go Thomas with Robert, he mixed it and presented it to the producers at Hit. I seem to remember a slight lyric change, which we did, but basically they loved the song and it went onto the special-Hero of the rails.

When the tunes were being written or recorded, did you pitch any ideas to the team that helped out in improving tracks?
When you are singing a song, I try to keep it exactly as the writer / producer hears it. But sometimes I will chip in with a suggestion or add a vocal part to enhance a section.

Sometimes, I could be singing for a while and we would decide the key was wrong...then we would change the music to a new key and start over again. It’s all about the dynamic of the song in the end. Sometimes by adding or taking away a harmony you can totally change the sound.

How would you describe your take on the modern Thomas songs?
My take on the modern songs would be, that we took into consideration that adults would be watching and listening along with their children and that we tried to make the songs suit both. More contemporary with a “child-temporary” feel.

Do you have a favourite track you like to listen to? Be it classic or new?
I like to listen to Go Go Thomas (great song) and also Day of the Diesels is another good one.

Can you describe what your usual day would encounter from coming into the studio to wrapping the project?
My usual day in the studio with Robert would start with a quick catch up on anything we’ve been working on, a cup of tea, listening to the track, another cup of tea. Then singing, record some vocals, have a listen to make sure we like it.

Tweak anything that needs tweaking, then crack on and finish it. Main vocal first, then chorus harmonies, and any ad-libs that might fit. Then sometimes another cup of tea and a biscuit. The studio is about an hour’s drive from where I live. 
How long would it take to record your voice all the way up to finalising the track for completion?
To sing a song from scratch, we would usually allow 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes there are harmony parts to add. Robert will write the song, I will come in and learn it quickly, then start building the track up. Sometimes in the middle of recording we may change something, if it sounds better. But it’s usually 2-3 hours to sing, then Robert will mix the song. That can take best part of a day.

Have there been any songs involving you that may have been cut from the writing and development stages?
Usually Robert Hartshorne knows who will sing which song. Hit will sometimes say they want to hear another singer...either female or another style male singer. I sang backing vocals on the Fat Controller song because Robert wanted to use Stefan Ashton Frank (who did a great job)

If any of the records would one day enter the charts, would you like to witness this and maybe be part of stage performances?
Of course, I’d love to be a part of it. I thought they might have released Go Go Thomas when we recorded that. I reckon it’s a hit. I’m very proud of my involvement with Thomas.

Robert Hartshorne has been with the show since 2004. Since the Animated Series and movies have come along, his music score changes have proved popular among fans who now compare some of his works to previous composers, Mike O' Donnell & Junior Campbell. How do you feel about this?
Robert is brilliant, he is a great musician and composer. He covers a wide range of styles and genres. I’ve sung on countless pieces of music for him, some classical, some folk, some rock, some pop. I sometimes wonder how he does it, but he always comes up with an amazing catchy song. I would say he’s a genius, but he’d get far too bigheaded.

Is there any character that you would like to see gain their own song whether they've had one or not?
I think they should all have a feature song at some point. Maybe that’s a suggestion for the producers.

Fans can tell in the new songs that Sharon Miller may have wrote certain ones. Is there any that didn't involve her?
I met Sharon when we first worked on Hero of the Rails at Robert’s studio, she’s great. I think she may have been instrumental in the “new” song approach. She may have written lyrics or given the songwriters direction as to the subject matter of the episodes.

With the backlash that Miller received in episodes and even the music side, how do you feel about the criticism centering on her?
I wasn’t aware of any backlash towards her. I don’t really get involved in anything but the songs. Robert told me she was standing down, which was a shame, she was very good to work with.

We now deal with Ian McCue at Hit, he is a fantastic guy and a very good producer. I was recently at a wrap party for 3 episodes we have worked on...met all the UK staff and producers and writers, they’re a fantastic bunch of people and are very passionate about what they do.

Do you occasionally go onto the internet to see fan reactions and feedbacks?
I have looked at some feedback, but not too much. You have to be careful, you may not like what you read, mainly on Twitter to be honest. There were some people in the US who contacted me with a few questions, that was 2 years ago now.

Would you like to continue working for the show? Do you see an end to it?
I would love to continue working on Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m very proud of my involvement. I travel all over the world and almost everywhere you go, they know of Thomas.

I think, there may a shift of music style one day, there always is. When that comes, I guess that’ll be it for me. But until that day comes, I’ll gladly carry on as will Robert. But when I met all the producers and staff recently, the future looks bright, they all seem really happy with how things are going.

It has been announced that the new creative team coming in for Season Seventeen and onwards are to make changes to the series. Is there you want to say on this matter?
There is always a change going on somewhere, especially with big companies like Hit. I have no word on that I’m afraid, I haven’t heard a thing. I personally feel when something ain’t broke...don’t fix it. But I’m just a singer. Hopefully they’re happy with the music, that’s all that’s important to Robert and myself.

Robert Hartshorne in the past attended the Hero of the Rails premiere. What would you say to joining a Thomas event like this?
I was invited last year to the premiere of Day of the Diesels, but I was on the road with a band at the time. I couldn’t make it back in time for it. But I would have been there otherwise.

Maybe next time for the Blue Mountain Mystery premiere?
I’ll be there if I can, not sure when it is of course. Hopefully I’ll get an invite.

What have you got coming up in the pipeline in your career?
I only have some live shows this year, been recording with lots of artists, but it all depends what happens with them. If any of them take off, then I’ll be working with them. I sing with 2 or 3 bands, one of them “California Screaming” is a rock band, we’re doing a few charity events this year.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the fans?
Yes, fans are what keep film, tv and music alive. Without them there wouldn’t be any of this. So a big thank you to all the fans of Thomas. Robert, myself and all the people at Hit are delighted that Thomas is still going strong.

You can hear Sam's vocals sing out to Blue Mountain Quarry when the feature-length story, Blue Mountain Mystery is rolled out to cinemas and on home video.

Blue Mountain Mystery marks its world premiere in Australia at Hoyts cinemas on Saturday July 21st 2012 and will screen the film until September 16th.
The United Kingdom premieres the film in Vue cinemas for two days only on Saturday September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square in London is to be simulated on the first date.

The United States' release date is currently billed for a September rollout. This also applies to DVD/Bluray products all the above English speaking countries.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Railway Series goes gloriously digital with iBooks

The Rev. W. Awdry's, The Railway Series public prints have been released for the first time in digital form.

Egmont and Hit Entertainment's commercial arms joined forces again this season to develop the premiere foursome books for Apple's iBooks app.

Now in pristine quality, the first four volumes of The Three Railway Engines, Thomas the Tank Engine, James the Red Engine and Tank Engine Thomas Again can be viewed digitally on Apple devices.

Managing Director of Egmont Publishing Group, David Riley reasoned with the announcement; We are passionate about delivering the right content on the right platforms to reach our consumers.
Characters like Thomas the Tank Engine have been inspiring children to read for years and we hope to reach new generations with the launch of our iBooks.

Much to the delight of the Rev's son, Christopher Awdry, now over 80 years of age, expressed his elation;

We never dreamed that the stories our father read to us at mealtimes would come to be known throughout the world and loved by generations of children 67 years later.

We are delighted that they can now be downloaded digitally for even more fans to enjoy.

The Three Railway Engines, Thomas the Tank Engine, James the Red Engine and Tank Engine Thomas Again are available to buy on the iBooks app on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for £1.99 each.

'Wobbly Wheels & Whistles' clears cover Down Under

Wobbly Wheels & Whistles, the DVD is now heading its way to the late June release happening in Australasia.

The Season Fourteen focused and Season Thirteen extra time disc has since had its official cover frontal published by The ABC Shop.

The artwork uses the existing complete image as seen on the UK and US equivalents. It however is widened, revealing more of The Shake Shake Bridge background and Scruff's promo insert.
The blurb speaks; Come along with Thomas for a wonderfully wobbly and wheel-spinning good time! Your favourite friend has bridges to cross and tracks to uncover in these exciting adventures.

When Victor gets overloaded with too many tasks, can Thomas help him let out the steam? While trying to get Scruff as clean as a whistle, will Thomas have to get his own wheels dirty?
Just when things seem to be rolling along, will Ol’ Wheezy make a wobbly mess of Thomas’ special delivery? Hold on for exciting surprises waiting to be delivered just for you!

Episodes include;
Toby and the Whistling Woods
Victor Says Yes
Jumping Jobi Wood
Thomas and Scruff
Creaky Cranky
Tickled Pink

Wobbly Wheels & Whistles hits Australian and New Zealand DVD shelves on June 21st 2012.

Thanks to Dieselworks123 for the alert.

Season Sixteen enters TrackMaster development phase

Three highlights from the most recent Thomas & Friends series will be re-imagined for the hands of followers using the TrackMaster franchise.

Now considered as one of Hit Entertainment's best introduced characters in the railway based adventures, Stafford the Electric Battery Engine has been made for the Fisher Price property.

Established in a more squatter version, Stafford's cab has been drastically flattened in order to meet the packaging's size requirements. However, a great number of detail pays attention to his body.
The Welcome Stafford star who ironically runs on batteries, connects with a blue van and a golden brown brakevan.

Salty who gained his third episode in Season Sixteen, reminisces one tall tale he improvised, with the Green Salty pack.
Instead of carrying the story through as a singular party, the Brendam Docks diesel takes work duties using a red open truck and a blue van holding fish.

Concluding the season's toy tie-in is the return of the essential Thomas with Annie and Clarabel. Using the re-modelling of Thomas' face, the faithful coaches however retain their original face designs.

TrackMaster Stafford, Green Salty and Thomas with Annie and Clarabel from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide soon.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fresh TrackMaster and Plarail products take place

Sets linking Fisher Price TrackMaster and Tomy Plarail are to be liberated to the worldwide public later this year.

Starting with Japan, Belle the Brass Tank Engine is joining the Plarail system. Her model differs slightly from the TrackMaster perception, notably the height on her bufferbeam.

Belle's produce has included the original rolling stocks of the Tar Wagon and the Sodor Fuel Tanker. It coincides with her introduction to the Japanese for the translated forms of Day of the Diesels, Season Fifteen and Sixteen.
Two coming to the TrackMaster franchise meanwhile for the worldwide audience is first, Peter Sam's Blue Mountain Supplies.

Although not convincing from an unknown blurry scanned image, Peter Sam is linked with a Blue Mountain Quarry truck and an action track that can launch crates out of his load.

More so is the Repainted Rheneas who stars in Rheneas' New Coat of Paint. The still up in the air toy is accompanied by two of the quarry's trucks. Both are concieved to be plot elements for Blue Mountain Mystery.
With Risky Rails Bridge Drop and the Take-n-Play, The Great Quarry Drop both seen at the 2011 New York Toy Fair, one trio contained property is uncertain for the future.

Named, Toby's Electric Co. Delivery, Toby and two never before seen types of vans are sparking speculation for either being a completely original set or a possible episodic plot lead.

The only hint on the exclusive to Target packaging tags the following text and logo; Sodor Blackout.

The new TrackMaster and Plarail sets from Fisher Price and Tomy respectively hit toy shelves worldwide soon.


Skarloey and Rheneas in new 'Blue Mountain' image

A new image from Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie has found its way onto a different source.
The promotional still sights Skarloey and Rheneas talking to each other, both looking puzzled.
The duo are backdropped at the special's main location, the Blue Mountain Quarry. Further away in the near distance is Rusty pulling the Quarry's slate trucks down a slope.
Found in this week's May 9th Thomas & Friends magazine in Britain, Rheneas is sporting some residue on his bodywork. This discovery has been predicted by fans as a lead-in to the mysterious Repainted Rheneas portrayal.

Blue Mountain Mystery marks its world premiere in Australia at Hoyts cinemas on Saturday July 21st 2012 and will screen the film until September 16th.

The United Kingdom premieres the film in Vue cinemas for two days only on Saturday September 1st and 2nd 2012. A celebrity blue carpet launch at Vue Leicester Square in London is to be simulated on the first date.

The United States' release date is currently billed for a September rollout. This also applies to DVD/Bluray products all the above English speaking countries.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Season Sixteen's music video premieres in US broadcast

The Sixteenth Series' main song and music video emerged for the first time, in an American televised broadcast.

The half hour block entitled, Don't Give Up compiled the episodes Percy and the Calliope and Happy Birthday, Sir! for transmission on local PBS stations.

During which inbetween, the 73rd song, Thomas and Percy played out to viewers. It incorporated elements of pop, jazz and rock 'n' roll into the mix.
The music video was joined up using scenes from the Animated Series' lifespan, pre Blue Mountain Mystery.

It has so far already attracted mixed to negative reviews with many individuals praising the instrumental and backing vocals.

However the lyrics have been criticized for its use of formulaic repitition, the aged established relationship between Thomas and Percy and bringing the expected Steam Team routine into the final cut.

It is currently not known who vocally performs the tune, although theories have suggested that Sam Blewitt may have been involved as the lead.

Thanks to jeremycrispovideo for the alert.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Last three 'Thomas Story Time's silenty brace covers

The final triple helpings of the Thomas Story Time book line now have recieved their front covers.

After the silent treatment given for the other trio receiving the same effect, Edward the Hero, Thomas and the Piglets and James to the Rescue's identities have been secretly published.
All are variants of Nitrogen Studios' original engine promo shots, this time mixed in with an individual story's background.

Edward's one however has been pushed inward at an angle against the summer countryside backdrop.

The six Thomas Story Time titles from Egmont hit UK book shelves starting from August 6th before Snowy Tracks debuts on September 3rd 2012.
Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

Paxton broadens as own Take-n-Play set is announced

Paxton the Young Diesel is growing in involvements within the Thomas series as a tied-in Take-n-Play set is produced.

The engine, who will mark a lengthly speaking role in Blue Mountain Mystery is starring in Fisher Price's product, Twist & Tumble Cargo Drop.
Unknown to be related to the forthcoming Autumn special, Paxton participates in carrying a load of iron to and from the Smelters Yard.

The set's plot speaks; Paxton has an exciting job to do at the Smelter's Yard. Send the iron cargo down the ramp and into the smelting furnace. As it twists and tumbles its way down, Paxton zooms to the bottom to pick it up!

The bundle pack is foldable and able to be carried as a portable item. The tags tell; Send cargo down ramp... Paxton picks it up at the bottom!

Take-n-Play Twist & Tumble Cargo Drop from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.