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Friday, 31 December 2010

'MIR on YouTube - II' - Song Remix available

The second Misty Island Rescue themed video is now on YouTube.

The music video remix of the song that's the same name of the special probably in my view would turn out to be the best remix out of the three that I have made for the YouTube.
There may be some scenes in it that may suprise you, but most of all, the song is remixed!

Third video on the way, 7th January 2011.

Remixes reinstated for mp3 downloads

Due to the popularity of the remixes that I have made on YouTube, I have now reinstated the songs to be downloadable as mp3's to listen to.

I have had a fair number of requests from fans and even parents of children as to where they can download the remixes.

You can now find them each on their respectable video descriptions, or alternatively, you can download them below:

If used for videos, please credit TheTopHatts.


Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Teasing 'Misty Island Rescue' on YouTube

After working hard on four new Misty Island Rescue videos for YouTube, I can now confirm that the remaining three to be released are now completed.

Now for the hints...!

The Song Remix video will probably be out of this, my Roll Along and Go, Go Thomas remixes, the best one out of the three.
The editing will be better, the remix would satisfy people, there are no scenes from Season Fourteen due to chronoligical order and maybe some extra audio is in there...

Onto the Song Remix's Sing-a-Long. This will be basic, you can work out the rest.

Finally the Theme Music Video Remix. This video could turn out to be one of my best works to date, there might be some scenes that would suprise you.

It is a remix of the special's theme tune, also a music video remix, but with a twist...
So here to this and the next 2 weeks!

Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Music Video Remix
Friday 31st December 2010
Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Sing-A-Long Music Video Remix
Friday 7th January 2011
Misty Island Rescue - Theme Music Video Remix
Friday 14th January 2011 

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Blog revamped for the new year

Now that 2011 is coming upon us, I though it was about time that my blog needed a revamp.

I felt that the blog's look looked a bit tired and needed a rethink in time for the new year, which I think was the right decision.

Anybody who visited my blog on December 24th would have noticed that the layouts and the background had changed halfway.

I was due to finish the revamp on the day but didn't have the time to complete it.

Now, it is December 26th, just in time for the new year, a lot of it has changed.

A New banner, new background, new layout and a newer spruced up feel; I think you would agree with me that it looks miles better than the old one.

New Hornby models revealed + DOTD Model

Hornby have revealed two more engines to be released soon, with one being featured in the next feature-length special.

Murdoch will be one of the next models from Hornby to be released next year.
One of the newest characters in the next special Day of the Diesels has also be unveiled as a Hornby model, but sadly only on a side-on view.

Dart the Diesel's model on Hornby is likely to be innacurate to the model due to be featured in CGI, as the Bachmann Models closely resemble the proper engine types.
As you can see, Dart has the Dieselworks' logo, although it is hard to see.

Murdoch and Dart will be released by Hornby later in the new year.

Friday, 24 December 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' on YouTube kicks off

It is now Friday 24th December meaning that the Misty Island Rescue themed videos have now been given the green light on YouTube.

Kicking off the 4 week period is the Instrumental Version to the song and music video.

The video now on my Channel and has been released in conjunction with TheUnluckyTug02 to bring the video back onto YouTube, which was originally uploaded by Tug himself.
Now some of you may know that I will not do a Christmas video and I am very sorry if you were expecting one from me, but it wasn't possible.

With my new job at NEXT, college homework and other matters, I simply didn't have the time to make one and I couldn't even think of one, maybe next year guys.

But hey, the 4 MIR's will make up for Christmas, I promise! So that just leaves me to say; 31st December, New Years Eve, The return of the Music Videos, with Misty Island Rescue - REMIXED!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

'WW&W's UK DVD cover art revealed

Play.com have revealed the cover art for the upcoming Season Fourteen DVD release for the UK.

The cover of Wobbly Wheels & Whistles is the same as the US cover, apart from some minor changes.
You can now see a fuller background, a description of the running time, the classification logos and a free Thomas whistle tagline along with the whistle itself.

The UK release will be released as a box cover due to the free whistle.

Wobbly Wheels & Whistles hits UK DVD shelves on January 31st 2011.

Monday, 20 December 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' YouTube video dates revealed

All of the Misty Island Rescue videos that are coming to my YouTube will be available this month and in the new year.

There will be NO christmas video due to various reasons, however all 4 of the videos will be based on the 2010 special.
Here are the video's release dates:
- Misty Island Rescue - Instrumental Version
Friday 24th December 2010
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Music Video Remix
Friday 31st December 2010
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Sing-A-Long Music Video Remix
Friday 7th January 2011
- Misty Island Rescue - Theme Music Video Remix
Friday 14th January 2011 

I am still working on the theme remix video, which is another ambitious video, mainly on some of the scenes featured in the video.

I will say to everyone, you will not be dissapointed, especially on the remix and the theme videos. Promise!

The 4 Misty Island Rescue videos premiere on TheTopHatts' YouTube Channel starting from Friday 24th December 2010 to Friday 14th January 2011.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Read-alongs now on the iPad

Hit Entertainment have released 9 read-along books from the US, also available for the UK on the iPad.

The 9 books have never entered UK stores but can now be seen for the first time, only on the iPad for a respectable price.

All books include features such as a read-along cursor, recording functions, activities, narration and sound.
The book apps available are;
- Thomas Gets His Own Branch Line
- Thomas and Toby
- Thomas and the Castle
- Calling All Engines
- Thomas and the Snowplough
- Thomas-Saurus Rex
- The Special Delivery
- May the Best Engine Win
- Down at the Docks

The news comes just after the release of the read-along Misty Island Rescue app.

The 9 book apps are now available on the App Store on iTunes, the iTunes website and on the Thomas & Friends website at a price of £1.79 each for the UK and $2.99 for the US.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

New Thomas app revealed for the iPad

Callaway Digital Arts and Hit Entertainment have released a brand new app for the iPad.
The Misty Island Rescue app based on the special of the same name features activities including read-alongs, games, puzzles, art and 1 music video.
Callaway Digital Arts Chairman and Cheif Creative Officer, Nicholas Callaway spoke of the news; This is truly the ultimate Thomas experience. The iPad is an entirely new medium and we've taken advantage of its breakthrough capabilities to create an immersive experience for play and learning. 

Our app tells the Misty Island Rescue story children already love and builds on it with interactive games, puzzles, video animation, and narration.
Senior Vice President of Global Brand Management and Digital Media for Hit Entertainment, Natasha Fishman also commented; Thomas is an experiential brand, and Misty Island Rescue for the iPad provides a unique and immersive experience that children and families will find completely new.

Combining the iPad's advanced technology and Callaway's creative and development sensibility, this app is a must-have for every Thomas fan.
The app includes these various features;
- Interactive Playability
- Narration
- Games
- Puzzles
- Painting Activities
- A Music Video
Misty Island Rescue for the iPad is available for $5 in the US from the App Store on the iPad and on the iTunes website.

Callaway and Hit Entertainment will release the app for the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2011.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

'DOTD' book covers and identities revealed

Random House have released the images for the Day of the Diesels book tie-ins, revealing more on the special.

The logo for the special has been revealed on all 5 book covers showing a blue diamond at the back with a wider but herioc looking text for the special's name.

All but one of the book covers show the logo accompaining the phrases, As Seen on DVD! and The Movie.

The first cover, Day of the Diesels, shows Percy, new character Flynn the Fire Engine, Diesel, the return of Diesel 10 and Thomas supposedly by the Dieselworks.
On closer inspection by ByOnu and Christopher (Sif), The Thomas & Friends logo on the top right has a little illustration next to it reading Vicarstown Dieselworks. This possibility could bring a Railway Series station back to the series.

The second, Danger at the Dieselworks shows Flynn with Thomas, putting out a fire which is out of view.
From what I can see here, Flynn is not only a road vehicle, but look closely, you can see he has small wheels on rails, meaning that he is also an engine combined.

The third, Flynn Saves the Day is a cheery aftermath after the end of the fire at the Dieselworks.

The fourth, Rail Blazers shows Thomas and Flynn supposedly passing Maithwaite station, where Flynn is clearly on the rails.

Finally the fifth, Steam Team shows Percy, Thomas and new engine Belle who is a blue engine with firehose equipment attached to her.

The Day of the Diesels books hit UK and US book shelves starting from August 9th 2011 whilst the special will be release in fall 2011.

'Pop Goes Thomas' episodes confirmed

Hit News Online have confirmed the episodes to be featured on the upcoming Season Fourteen DVD release for the US.

Pop Goes Thomas is the third release in the US DVD range from the 2010 produced series where 4 episodes and 2 extras will accompain the release.

- Pop Goes Thomas
- Jitters and Japes
- Thomas' Crazy Day
- Pingy Pongy Pick Up

- A Sodor Hide and Seek game
- An episode from Roary the Racing Car called Roary's First Day.

Pop Goes Thomas hits US DVD shelves on March 1st 2011.

High-res version of 'Pop Goes Thomas' cover

Here is a larger version of the Pop Goes Thomas DVD cover.
The image size is 1375x1882 dimensions.

Pop Goes Thomas hits US DVD shelves on March 1st 2011.

Monday, 13 December 2010

New possibilities for YouTube

Selected users on YouTube are now being the chance to upload new videos longer than 15 minutes.

I am one of those, yes it is true, from now on, I will be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

As demonstrated in UnknownThomasFan1d's video, selected users have now been given the extension.

This means that when my Every Single Story video is updated in 2-3 years time, I won't have to reduce the time for the clips, which I originally had plans to.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' YouTube videos update

Just an update on the four Misty Island Rescue themed videos coming soon.

- Misty Island Rescue - Instrumental Version
- Misty Island Rescue - Theme Music Video Remix
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Music Video Remix
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Sing-A-Long Music Video Remix

Yes, the Misty Island Rescue remix video is now finished, although the sing-a-long version has yet to be finished.

No official release dates have been made as of now, due to the theme music video needing it's video and that I am busy with college along with my new temporary job at NEXT.

However I can say that the remix video will be dedicated to some certain people, on YouTube and the Sif Forums, I can't say who, but you will all see in due course.

Friday, 10 December 2010

'Pop Goes Thomas' cover art revealed

Amazon.com have revealed the cover art for the third Season Fourteen DVD release for the US, just a day after the title was revealed.

The cover is based on the main episode itself, Pop Goes Thomas.
Pop Goes Thomas is still the only confirmed episode to feature on the DVD of the same name.

Pop Goes Thomas hits US DVD shelves on March 1st 2011.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Third Season Fourteen release confirmed for US

Amazon.com have revealed the title of the third DVD accompaining Season Fourteen episodes for the US.

Pop Goes Thomas is the name of the next DVD which shall contain episodes from the 2010 Series.

So far, only the episode of the same name as above is the only one confirmed to be on the DVD, while 3 unknown episodes shall follow along with a few extras.

The DVD will run at 50 minutes approximately.

Pop Goes Thomas hits US DVD shelves on March 1st 2011.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hit Store revamped for US

Not only has the UK Hit Store website been revamped, but it has also affected the US version aswell.

The US Shopping website of Thomas products is different to the UK, but you can still find some bargains up for grabs.

On the front page is a banner that allows you to personalize Thomas & Friends clothing with a name, alongside different design methods and engines from the likes of James and Percy.
There is an information page concerning the shipping schedules for the Winter Holidays, or Christmas season for British people.

Alongside all that, the website also has a page for Misty Island Rescue themed products.

Hit Store website revamped for UK

Hit Entertainment have revamped their Shopping website for the UK, especially on Thomas.

The Store website now navigates to pages in a more easy format. On Thomas, there are now many deals to see, including DVD's with 70% off their price, now starting from as little as £3.99.
There is a page on Misty Island Rescue themed products including the DVD, Take-n-Play's, Wooden Railway's and more.

A new page has been added at the bottom left hand side of the page showing the Deals of the Week, where several Thomas products can be found at bargain prices.

Thanks to Callum Walker for the alert.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Chorion now linked to Hit bid

Mr. Men and Noddy company Chorion is now the latest firm to be linked to the takeover bid for Hit Entertainment.

The company is now in closer stages of securing a January bid for £1 billion. Hit Entertainment has now shortlisted three companies for the takeover, one of them being Chorion.

Chorion chairman Lord Waheed Alli has made it clear that he wants closer links with Hit Entertainment, either a full merger or a commercial tie-up.
The new investor will be chosen in the next two weeks with help from the investment bank Jefferies which Chorion has appointed.

If the deal comes to fruition, it would see the two businesses rolled together, with 3i who owns Chorion maintaining a minority stake.

The report comes from The Sunday Telegraph, in an unsourced story.

WW&W's UK DVD content revealed

The bbfc have published the content that will feature on the upcoming Season Fourteen release for the UK.

Wobbly Wheels & Whistles will feature these four episodes from the 2010 Series;
- Toby and the Whistling Woods
- Victor Says Yes
- Jumping Jobi Wood!
- Thomas and Scruff

DVD Extras include;
- The return of Watch With Mr. Perkins
- A Guess Who Puzzle
- Another Down at the Station segment called Whistle
- The Go, Go Thomas music video

Trailers include;
- The Thomas Land at Drayton Manor commercial
- The Take-n-Play commercial

Wobbly Wheels & Whistles hits UK DVD shelves on January 31st 2011.

4 new DVD's announced for UK

Play.com have announced that 4 new DVD's will surface early next year.

- First up is Wobbly Wheels & Whistles which will feature 4 episodes from the Fourteenth Series, similar to the upcoming US release. It will run at 54 minutes and will come free Gift Box and Toy. Due for release on January 31st 2011.

- Second is The Complete Twelth Series which will feature all 20 episodes from the 2008 Series and will run at 3 hours and 20 minutes. Due for release on February 21st 2011.
- Thirdly is the nationwide release of The Complete Series 1-11 Boxset which was previously released as an ASDA exclusive a few months ago but was originally scheduled for release in November this year. The boxset runs at a whopping 36 hours and 55 minutes. Due for release on March 7th 2011.

- Lastly is The Lion of Sodor which will feature 4 episodes from the Thirteenth Series, similar to the upcoming US release and will run at 54 minutes. Due for release on March 28th 2011.

The Four DVD's hit UK DVD shelves starting from January 31st-March 28th 2011.

Thanks to Ross for the alert.

Monday, 6 December 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' gets UK TV Premiere

FIVE are to air the recent 2010 special Misty Island Rescue on their milkshake slot, more than 2 months after it's UK DVD release back in October.

Misty Island Rescue is the second Thomas & Friends special to have it's UK TV premiere. The first being Calling All Engines! which first aired on Nick. Jr 2 in 2008, then on FIVE the next year.
It is currently not known when The Great Discovery and Hero of the Rails will get their TV broadcasts.

Misty Island Rescue will broadcast on FIVE's milkshake slot on December 23rd 2010 at 7:10am and will simulcast in HD on FIVE HD.

Thanks to Ross (CraneProductions27) for the alert.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

2,500 attend Thomas' 65th at Drayton Manor

A host of celebrities, fans and members of the Awdry family attended Drayton Manor's celebrations for Thomas' 65th Anniversary.

2,500 people attended the celebratory party up in Staffordshire, where many gathered at Thomas Land, for a day to remember.

Among the celebrities who attended included DJ's Zane Lowe and Nihal Arthanayake, Model Nell McAndrew, Hollyoaks' Nicole Barber Lane, The Rev. W. Awdry's daughters Hilary Fortnam and Veronica Chambers, the Voice of Thomas Ben Small and of course, The Fat Controller.
Some light entertainment was provided at the party by jugglers, magicians, story tellers, 4D cinema screenings and a fireworks display at the end.

Senior Vice President and Global Brand Management of the Thomas Division, Rick Glankler reported on the celebrations; 65 years since the Rev. Wilbert Awdry first told his young son Christopher a story about a cheeky little blue engine, Thomas continues to capture hearts and imaginations. Today’s event has provided an opportunity for us to celebrate the huge enjoyment Thomas has brought to generations of children from all around the world.

Managing Director of Drayton Manor Theme Park, Colin Bryan also commented; It’s an amazing honour for Drayton Manor Theme Park to be the home of Thomas Land and host this special 65th Anniversary Party. Thomas & Friends has a magical quality that entertains the young and young at heart, and has done so for over six decades.

Bryan also confirmed plans for a new ride; We opened Thomas Land in March 2008 and it quickly became one of our most popular attractions. We plan to develop Thomas Land further by adding a new ride, which is due to open Easter 2011.

'Day of the Diesels' confirmed for tie-ins

gforcemagazine has confirmed that the next special of Thomas & Friends, Day of the Diesels will have product tie-ins.

The media website confirmed that Diesel 10 is indeed returning along with some new characters.
Looking ahead, 2011 sees the return of Diesel 10 along with new characters and destinations in the movie ‘Day of the Diesels’.

Concerning the tie-ins, current toy makers Fisher Price and Mega Bloks will be tie-ing in the special with new toy's and other products.

Accompanying tie-in product from Fisher Price and Mega Bloks will hit stores and new broadcast episodes will debut on TV. With all this activity, the world’s number one favourite little blue engine has lots to celebrate and is on track to greater destinations than ever before!

Thomas & Friends returns with it's 15th Series next year along with the newest feature-length special, Day of the Diesels.

Thomas' voice interviewed at Drayton Manor

The voice of Thomas himself, Ben Small attended Drayton Manor's celebrations for Thomas' 65th Anniversary where he was interviewed by a known YouTuber.

Chris Thomson who is ThomasPercyandToby2 on YouTube and a good friend of mine, had the chance to interview Mr. Small at the celebratory party.

In a 5 minute interview, the voice of Thomas reveals that he listened to various Johnny Morris recordings for the Railway Series and also complimented on his fellow cast members, including Michael Angelis.
Michael Angelis is still doing the narration. He gives it that seal of approval dosen't it? He's still got his classic voice on it you know. He's been you know doing it for you know so long. He's great.

Ben also spoke of the model era of Thomas, what he thought of the CGI and his opinions of fan criticism, especially concerning the future of Thomas.

You sometimes you look at things, people on YouTube and they don't like it and they say they've ruined it. I think, the things is for you guys, the guys that really really, the bigger fans, if you improve it then we're laughing really.

You can see in the video below just how dedicated the man is!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Announcement: 4 Upcoming MIR videos on YouTube

Yes everybody, I will be back with more videos, which will all be based on the Misty Island Rescue special.

No release dates have been made yet, although at least one of them will premiere on Christmas Day.

Here are the videos coming up, along with how much progress have been made on each of them:

- Misty Island Rescue - Instrumental Version
- Misty Island Rescue - Theme Music Video Remix
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Music Video Remix
- Misty Island Rescue - TheTopHatts' Sing-A-Long Music Video Remix

The first video is basically the full instrumental version of the special's song, which has been made in conjunction with TheUnluckyTug02.

The second will feature a remixed and extended version of the main theme towards the special, which can be heard in the title sequence.

Finally, due to the popular demand on my music video remixes, messages saying that viewers would want to see more have been granted their wishes. Yes, the last two videos will be a remix of the special's song.

Expect those four very soon.....

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Sun shines on Thomas Land

The Sun are giving the chance for a family of four to visit Thomas Land at Drayton Manor during it's Christmas party season.

The competition will give you the chance to win a VIP to all rides an hour before the park opens, lunch with the Fat Controller above Knapford Station and a spectacular fireworks display at the end.
The prize also includes a copy of the new Christmas Express DVD and Egmont's 65th Anniversary book, which contains rare images of the Rev. W. Awdry's artworks.

The question is available in the middle of the page, which you probably won't have trouble with.

Entries must be 18 or over and you must register with The Sun in order to enter.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Nitrogen Studios showcases Thomas

Nitrogen Studios, the company behind the CGI animation on Thomas & Friends since 2009 have showcased their work on the show, on YouTube.

Nitrogen have uploaded 3 clips, one showing Hiro's flashback from Hero of the Rails, another showing the title sequence to Misty Island Rescue and a montage of scenes from the CGI series.
For the montage video, some differences occur to the finished version of Misty Island Rescue. Some of these are presumed to be in their draft state:
- The introduction of the special has some extra dialogue before Harold is shown out of the clouds, although it seems to be an already recorded line that might have appeared in an earlier or later episode.
- In the Shake Shake Bridge scene, just as Thomas is crossing it, the large fanfare of a trumpet is now quieter.
- A fade is meant to go into the next scene after The Fat Controller returns to Captain, but dosen't happen. This also happens to the music videos from 2009 and onwards, which always shows their full scenes without any tranisitions.
- The very ending showing Diesel 10 has a voice change. His voice here is heard to be less devious, although his laugh at the end remains the same. Plus, the music is missing.

A small clip showing a scene from Season Fourteen's Jitters and Japes also has it's fade missing at the end of it's scene.

For Hiro's flashback, there is no fade in at the beginning of the scene, showing the full scene.

Friday, 26 November 2010

'Henry's Magic Box' not S14 finale

The last episode of Season Fourteen that was broadcast in the UK wasn't meant to be the last in the series.

Henry's Magic Box was pushed back by 4 days as FIVE made the decision due to the Christmas period coming up. The episode waas eventually broadcast on November 8th 2010.
However, it has been revealed via Demand Five's service for Thomas that Henry's Magic Box was the second episode of Season Fourteen.

The episode was supposed to come after the 2010 Season opener Thomas' Tall Friend but was instead replaced by James in the Dark.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Amazon confirms 'Day of the Diesels' books

Amazon.com have unveiled 5 new books tieing with the release of next year's feature-length special, Day of the Diesels.

Now, I am not giving away the information, although the title of the books are safe enough to display.


The new special looks set to be dramatic, with a new friend and a devious plot.

Day of the Diesels' 5 books will be released in the UK and US from August 9th 2011 while the special itself is likely to be released midway through the latter year.

Thanks to SteamTeam3211 for the alert.

Thomas' Demand page revamped

FIVE have revamped their website which has also affected Thomas' On Demand page.

The broadcaster who is responsible for premiering the newest episodes of Thomas & Friends since 2008's Season Twelve still however have made some of Thomas' episodes On Demand, still available for viewing.
Seasons Twelve and Thirteen are to remain On Demand up until September 1st 2011, opting for a possible extension afterwards to keep the episodes for viewing pleasure.

The recent Season Fourteen however has yet to appear on the service but should be likely as the first two CGI series are available, while episode guides are only available for Seasons Nine-Eleven and Fourteen.

Thomas for 2011 TIA of the year

The Toy Industry Association has announced that Thomas & Friends  has been nominated for 2011's Toy Property of the Year.

Thomas is one of six property's nominated for the award that honors a property that had the greatest success in spreading it's brand throughout the industry.
Executive Vice President of Hit Entertainment's Thomas Division, Pam Westman commented on the news; The fact that Thomas & Friends is considered one of the most successful properties by the Toy Industry Association speaks to the timeless nature and longevity of this brand.

In a banner 65th Anniversary year for Thomas, the nomination is a testament to our great partners and how Thomas & Friends is constantly innovating while maintaining its position as a classic staple toy property for generations of kids. We are thrilled and proud that Thomas was selected as a nominee.

The winner will be announced at an awards ceremony to be held at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Saturday February 12th 2011.

'Pop Goes Thomas' Take-n-Play revealed

A new Take-n-Play toy has been revealed on ebay in Canada.

The Pop Goes Thomas toy is based on the recent 2010 episode of the same name from Season Fourteen.
The pack includes a brown truck full of lemonade and Thomas who seems to be covered in lemonade stains, which never happend in the actual episode.

The item is brand new and can currently be found on the Canadian ebay.

Thanks to SteamTeam3211 for the alert.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

'Take-n-Play' Scruff revealed

Scruff the Scruncher, the newest character from the recent Fourteenth Series has been unveiled as a Take-n-Play toy.

Scruff's face appears to be very indentical to his face in the series, along with his bodywork and paintwork.
Scruff will also be available as a Wooden Railway model along with Old Wheezy the Log Loader, both due to be released starting from December 2010 in the US.

It is currently not known when the model will be available, although it is likely to be in shops by the New Year.

Thanks to TinyGordon for the alert.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

'The Railway Series' No. 42 in July

The Sif Fansite have confirmed exclusively that the new 42nd Railway Series book in the series will be released in the summer of next year.

Egmont Books confirmed the release date of the 4th July 2011 to Sif forum member Silver Link.
Christopher Awdry will return to write the book since the successful return of The Railway Series' 41st book, Thomas and Victoria.

Details of what stories and characters will feature have yet to emerge although Clive Spong will come back to illustrate the book.

The Railway Series' 42nd (as of yet untitled) book will hit UK book shelves on the 4th July 2011.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Kay's 'All-Star Animated Band' a runner-up

Comedian Peter Kay's All-Star Animated Band music video has made a strong impact for the BBC's Children in Need, that it has been awarded a runner-up position in a recent poll.

BBC Three broadcast Children in Need - 50 Greatest Moments on Tuesday 9th November 2010, which concluded on the 16th that counted down the best moments from the annual telethon in the UK. But it was the Peter Kay's ambitious project that was the suprise of the night on last year's appeal. However, it has missed out on the top spot in the poll.
Thomas the Tank Engine and The Fat Controller of course starred in the video along with other iconic children's character's from the 1950's and onwards, from the likes of Postman Pat, The Wombles, Paddington Bear, Fireman Sam and his team alongside Peter Kay's Big Chris from Roary the Racing Car.

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr who of course narrated and voiced the First and Second Seasons of the TV Series, made a suprising return to voice Thomas for the music video, the first time that he had done so in over 20 years.

In conversation talking about the music video were celebrity fans of Children in Need including Eastenders' Ricky Groves, Presenter Fearne Cotton and Take That's Gary Barlow, who praised the hard work that was put in to the music video. Boy Band JLS however, were the ones who mentioned the little blue engine.

The top position was awarded to the Children in Need concert from last year which featured a host of artists and bands, that literally Rocked the Albert Hall.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Thomas Story Library gets promoted

Egmont has launched a campaign to promote the Thomas Story Library Series.

Promotions have since been planned and negotitated with House of Fraser, The Guardian and Starbucks, all tieing in with the 65th Anniversary celebrations.

Department store House of Fraser will start the campaign by giving away books from the series to customers spending over £30 on childrenswear ranges in-store. Fraser's website will run an online competition giving the oppourtunity to customers the chance to win one family ticket to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor along with 10 Thomas goodie bags.
On November 20th, copies of the Library Series books will be in The Guardian newspapers while distributed nationwide through 400 Starbucks outlets. A4 posters will be displayed in Starbucks stores, while The Guardian will support the promotion in both the paper and online.

Senior Director of Worlwide Publishing at Hit, Katie Price also commented; We hope this marketing campaign will enable even more children to enjoy the stories of Thomas & Friends.

Head of Marketing for Egmont Publishing, Nikki Causer spoke of the push; The involvement of these high profile brands, along with it being the first time Egmont has partnered with them, highlights the ongoing popularity of Thomas the Tank Engine. We are proud to be involved in the 65th anniversary of this iconic property.

I will just point out that the Katie Price in the story is NOT the one you are thinking about. Heck, if she worked for Egmont, it would be disastrous!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Thomas, Bash and Dash in 'Misty Island' promo

Used to promote the 2010 Thomas special, an existing but larger sized promo image has emerged.

Thomas, Bash and Dash star in the photo set on the Misty Island junction where Thomas first met the twins with Ferdinand.
The image first surfaced on the East Leigh News website promoting Misty Island Rescue at the Vue premiere. The size of the image is in 1421x919 dimensions.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

'Every Single Story' available on YouTube

After a brief delay, my All Series video is on YouTube, in the words of Captain, Ready and raring to be really useful!

The video Every Single Story, is a rundown guide of all the stories of Thomas & Friends that have been made to date.
Clocking up a massive 15 minutes (as part of YouTube's new uploading rule), it is the longest and most ambitious video I have ever worked on. Working on it for over 2 months was a struggle.

I hope you all enjoy this big video of mine and because that there is a possibility that there could be two Thomas series a year, the video will be updated in 2-3 years time.

Friday, 12 November 2010

'All Series' postponed till the weekend

Just an update everyone, I have completed my all series video since yesterday after 4 painstaking days clearing up in the edit, however I am unable to upload it onto YouTube tonight, but don't worry.

It shall appear in the weekend or so if I have the time, or it would appear maybe next week. This is due to time constraints and the size of the video.

I know you all have been looking forward to the secret video but do not despair.

It shall appear in due course. As soon as I have uploaded and released it, you shall here about it here and on YouTube.

So sorry guys.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'Misty Island Rescue' increases DVD sales

Since it's home releases in both the UK and Australia, Misty Island Rescue, the recent Thomas special has seen an increase in sales.

The 2010 produced special is now the fastest one week selling DVD in Hit Entertainment's history.

The DVD's first week of sales in the UK were up by 7% than the previous special Hero of the Rails one year ago. Now approaching the end of it's third week and approaching it's fourth, sales have increased to a further 10% lead to last year's figures.

Down Under in Australia, a massive increase of 40% has surpassed last year's feature-length special release.

Rick Glankler of Hit's Global Brand Management, commented on the good news. These fantastic figures are testament to Thomas' incredible popularity.

In our 65th anniversary year, Thomas' global appeal shows no sign of abating. Our feature length DVDs are clearly delighting Thomas fans and sales for the associated merchandise are also looking exceptionally good.

Misty Island Rescue is now available to buy on DVD in the UK, US and Australia while the latter two can be purchased as a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack or seperately.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

'All-Series' video coming Friday

Now, people who have seen my YouTube Channel might or might not know that I have a big video planned up.

I am not giving too much away but, the video involves all of the Seasons of Thomas & Friends including the specials, it's a long video and I have been working on it for 2 months.

4 YouTube friends are being credited, it involves the current series font and no, it is not a music video.

After the video is released, it is likely to be updated by the end of next year.

The All-Series video will appear on TheTopHatts' ChannelFriday evening on YouTube.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Thomas earns a new World Record

Thomas has earnt himself a new world record for the longest toy track ever which took place Down Under.

The track was more than two kilometres long and had 6 Thomas models running round the track, the models itself came from the Fisher Price Trackmaster range.
The world record was announced on Thursday November 4th 2010 and was held in the Australian city of Brisbane.

A previous attempt was held in Thomas Land at Drayton Manor in Staffordshire, UK, which also earnt a world record.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Thomas and George faces prop sale

The Prop Store website have added two more props from the model days of the TV series.
Thomas' sad face and George's happy face are on sale for £495 all together and include a memorabilia portrait complete with the TV Series logo from 2000-2009 along with a cartoon image and a promo shot of Thomas.

Both faces are from Season Eight to Eleven.

Special Thanks to ellsworth from Sif for the alert.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Roll Along gets extended

Nick. Jr are currently airing the Thirteenth Series, where one song has been released properly.

The 2009 song Roll Along which originally ran for over 1 minute and a half aired in one of the 30 minute shows recently, but in it's supposed full 2 minute and 10 second form.
My good friend Chris Thomson (ThomasPercyandToby2) has posted the full version on YouTube. The music video features more clips from the series and lyrics never before heard in the UK.

US fans who watched the Thomas and the Runaway Kite theatre screenings might have seen the full version at the start of the performances.

You can watch Thomas & Friends - Season Thirteen for half an hour at 12pm on Nick. Jr in the UK.

Just to clarify.....

For the latest news, articles, events and other things going on in Thomas, I will be honest...

I always use Google and type in Thomas the Tank Engine/Thomas & Friends for recent news FIRST. Anybody who thinks that I don't credit anyone for news is untrue. I have credited people like SI3DFilms.

For the Sif Forums, I only find small bits of info on there that I can't find elsewhere, as a couple of them had TheColonel being credited.

As for one certain spammer who has posted a lot of rude comments for at least 15 of my blog posts will have their comments removed forever if I find if that person is being innapropriate.

Anybody twisting their comments on me will not be acceptable, I am being honest to all I say here and I don't criticise anyone.
Thank you for listening.....

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hit in new buyer twist

As Apax continues to offer the future of Hit Entertainment and Thomas, some familiar if yet unusual buyers enter the fray.
The Telegraph reports that in a bizarre twist to the sale, toy makers Mattel and Hasbro are now being offered to Hit. While Disney, Viacom and Choiron follow interest, Apax hopes to sell the whole of Hit.

Apax's preference of selling all of Hit either breaths a sigh of relief or not, as Thomas at present might not be sold alone.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

'Henry's Magic Box' reconfirmed for November

As previously thought for Christmas, Henry's Magic Box has been confirmed for an earlier date on five in the UK.
As confirmed by Digiguide and The Colonel from the Sif Forums, the remainer Season Fourteen episode will air in a fifth week, rather than have to wait for the Christmas period.

Season Fourteen of Thomas & Friends continues on five and five HD in the UK on Monday 18th October 2010 at 8:35am, while Henry's Magic Box will be shown on November 8th at the same time slot.

Official: Arry and Bert return to the series

After a break from the series of one year for Season Thirteen, Arry and Bert have officially returned to the series.

In the latest episode of the Fourteenth Series, Victor Says Yes, broadcast on Thursday 21st October 2010, the Diesels played a secondary role alongside half of the Steam Team waiting for Victor to give them new valves.
When I viewed the episode, I really didn't expect any more returning characters, but I yelped then cheered when Arry and Bert came back. I was so ecstatic and glad that they were here to stay, again!

Arry and Bert both spoke with slightly gruff voices with West London accents.

Season Fourteen of Thomas & Friends continues on five and five HD in the UK on Friday 22nd October 2010 at 8:35am and will return for the third week of episodes on Monday 25th October at the same time slot.

Various new 'Wooden Railways' announced

The Train Cellar have announced a long line of new Wooden Railway items to be available, starting from this year's Winter Season, through to 2011.

The list follows all the new items from the Wooden Railway range in alphabetical order;

Battery Powered Charlie - May 2011
Battery Powered Rosie - Feburary 2011
Butch (Modified) - December 2010
Dash and the Launching Log (2 Pack) - December 2010
Farm House Rescue Set - July 2011
Fergus and the Power Cars - January 2011
Fuel Depot - June 2011
Holiday Lights Thomas - June 2011
James Lights the Way - January 2011
Mavis and the Fuel Tankers (2 Pack) - June 2011
The Quarry (4 Pack) - December 2010
Rumble Race Mountain Set - November 2010
Skarloey (Modified) - December 2010
Thomas and the Musical Candy Cane Car - 2011
Thomas' Tall Friends (3 Pack) - June 2011
Toby and Bash on the Farm (3 Pack) - June 2011
Toby and the Whistling Woods Set - 2011
Up and Around Sodor Set - June 2011
Victor and the Engine Repair Car - December 2010

'Scruff' and 'Old Wheezy' in Wooden Railway

New characters Old Wheezy and the upcoming Scruff have been revealed for the Wooden Railway Range.
Scruff and Old Wheezy will be available currently in the US starting from December 2010.