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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thomas becomes most viewed in week for Nick Jr. 2

Thomas the Tank Engine was the most viewed programme for Nick Jr. 2 on the week of December 5th to the 11th 2011.

BARB, who display viewing figures for programmes sometime after their broadcasts, reveals that it achieved 228 viewers.
Peppa Pig who is a most times the forerunner on the channel's ratings was finally beaten down to three spots from 4th place behind two Max & Ruby shows.

Max & Ruby failed to beat Thomas to the top spot by 126 viewers. The block containing an unknown set of episodes was aired the last day of the week on Sunday 11th at a 3pm slot.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Feature: Follow TheTopHatts on Twitter

With a lack of updates in the Thomas world, I felt the time was right to promote myself on Twitter. Yes you heard me, TheTopHatts IS on Twitter.

I have been on the social networking site for over two months under a different pseudonym comparison to my name but ultimately wanted you people that know me to see what I do.
You can hear from me some of the latest Thomas updates which shall be carried onto my Twitter and see me become a critic of showbizness, TV, movies, the media and the real life, which does interest me.

Also witness what I go through in the outside life and get to know me more. Alternatively, you can find my page @TheRollAlongMan's Twitter on the blog's right hand sidebar above the Variety Station's section.

So drop me a Tweet or Retweet or Follow or whatever you can think you can be able to do with the live feeding website and above all, enjoy what I type, like this post!

Monday, 26 December 2011

'Day of the Diesels' and others hang steady in charts

Day of the Diesels on UK DVD is selling very well in Britain as proved in three online retailer website's charts alongside the Christmas Express aswell.

The 2011 special's home video disc is placed 6th on amazon.co.uk's Bestsellers in Children's TV page, narrowly being beaten by The Muppets Show and the BBC's Doctor Who and Merlin.
Even the preceding movie Misty Island Rescue is wanted on people's wish lists as it holds the 27th spot. milkshake! Gold which contains The Lion of Sodor episode recieves the 58th title.

Sainsbury's Entertainment meanwhile has moved the Diesel powered film from 5th to 54th on their listings. The appropriately titled Christmas Express DVD elsewhere is on 6th in Tesco Entertainment's DVD Family Chart.

The above compilation disc beats the 7th winner Day of the Diesels which once claimed the top winners title in late September.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Exclusive: Egmont on the magazines and 'Story Library'

Going out on a high for Christmas and 2011, at least one more exclusive story here on Roll Along Thomas is shared.

Fans have been left pondering over certain stories being re-used in the UK magazine series and if there will or will not be anymore books in the Thomas Story Library series.

Egmont's Editor of the Thomas & Friends magazine series, Jane Tarrant has responded to fans in an email sent by SteamTeam, revealed especially for The Thomas & Friends News Blog.
In the light of the repeated use of previously published stories in some of the magazine issues, Tarrant assures people that some change will be on the way. 

We do re-use stories, because from research we have undertaken, we understand that some children like to read favourite stories over again and we have a library of stories that we have amassed over the years. 

However I have taken note of comments and will endeavour to avoid using the stories too frequently.

As for the TV stories we can only reproduce them when we have the images from the Licensor and the most recent series has only been available for the last few weeks.
Stories from this series will be appearing in the New Year. Unfortunately I have not been in a position to commission stories with the new characters up to now but I will be doing in 2012.

Bash, Dash, Charlie and Hiro will be appearing in stories towards the middle of the year.

With the magazine problem dealt with, there has been limited roll outs of more Thomas Story Library books. It was predicted by Toot Toot Toys that the series would return in 2012. An Egmont respondent has played down speculation.

As the Story Library series has been in the market in since 2003 and we have seen a decline in sales in recent years, we have been working up a new, replacement series. 

Since that original series launched the Thomas brand has undergone numerous changes, not least the switch to CGI animation at the start of 2010.

So to keep up with the changing nature of the brand, we are just about to launch a new series, called Thomas Story Time that will hit the shops in January.
Although these books will not be character based in the same way as the previous series, the new titles will feature the latest characters (Flynn and Belle etc) and be drawn from the latest episodes (for which we have material).

We are publishing five titles in Jan-12, five in Apr-12 and five in Aug-12 before extending the series in 2013. It is also worth noting that both Charlie and Hiro featured in the last titles in the TSL series (nos. 61-65).

Thomas Story Time book line begins rolling out onto UK book shelves on January 3rd 2012 with the next sets due April 2nd and the month of August. Further publications will be expected in the year of 2013

Friday, 23 December 2011

'The Birthday Express' signals it's way to Britain

The ill-fated The Birthday Express DVD for Britain will finally be available from January 2012 thanks to Play.com's finalisations for the disc.

The birthday themed title has had it's front and back covers published on the online retailer's website.

The back cover involves stills from the episodes Creaky Cranky and Wonky Whistle which both do not appear on the release.
Furthermore, it's extra features have been confirmed with a team of a triple appearing, one old and two new.

The description reads; Unwrap your favourite episodes with this Thomas & Friends collection. Birthdays always come with surprises when your engine friends are geared up for the celebration.

Percy must safely deliver a beautifully wrapped present, while Thomas encounters a mystery as he takes The Fat Controller to the party. Full steam ahead for birthday fun!
Episodes include;
Percy's Parcel
Double Trouble
The Man in the Hills
The Party Surprise

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins
Sing-a-Long Song: Roll Along
Down at the Station: Driver

The DVD has had it's long history of trouble. Originally scheduled for release in Britain as far back as July 11th 2011, it was delayed for a December 12th roll out up to the final latest date.

The Birthday Express marks it's official UK debut on January 16th 2012.

Thanks to MrTrainfan1000 for the alert.

'Thomas in Charge!' becomes finalised for UK DVD

The Thomas in Charge! DVD arriving for England has been completely finalised for it's release in late January 2012.

Play.com have published it's full description and both it's front and back cover's on their page for the mixed season release.

The front cover has been given the UK treatment of the additional text and usual classification logos.
Meanwhile the back cover includes a promotional shot of Thomas and Mavis at the Quarry.

The description reads; Thomas is back in these exciting engine-packed adventures! Thomas and his friends are preparing for the Railway Inspector's visit to Knapford Station.

But when the coal trucks crash covering Gordon in soot, can Thomas take charge and help straighten out the mess? Find out as Thomas charges full steam ahead into fun!
Episodes include;
Thomas in Charge
Henry's Good Deeds
O the Indignity
A Blooming Mess

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins
Down at the Station: Coal
Puzzle: Guess Who?

The DVD runs at a total of 54 minutes approximately with the main feature attributing to 40 minutes worth.

Thomas in Charge! hits UK DVD shelves on January 23rd 2012.

Two UK magazine competitions ending January

Since the week of December 12th 2011, there have been two notable competitions present on the Thomas & Friends British magazine series'.

Both involve the chances to win selected Fisher Price items, mostly including the Take-n-Play models.

The first competition reads; Fisher-Price are offering 6 lucky readers the chance to win over £150 worth of Thomas goodies each!
The prizes involved;
1 x Follow Me Thomas
1 x Dieselworks Take-n-Play Playset
1 x Percy's Mail Delivery Take-n-Play Playset
5 x Die Cast Engines & Vehicles
1 x Cranky at The Docks Take-n-Play Playset
The closing date is 6th January 2012.
The second competition reads; Take-n-Play Engines 6 to Win! Little Thomas fans can recreate their favourite engines' adventures with a range of die-cast trains!
The closing date is 13th January 2012.
For information on the competitions' questions and where to send your answers to, click on the links below for more details.
Thanks to SteamTeam for the alerts.

Thomas glows in the dark for twelve page book

A Glow in the Dark book starring Thomas will appear in both the UK and US at the start of the Autumn of 2012.

Good Night, Thomas is a new board book accompained by the special light up feature.
The story involves Thomas experiencing Sodor at night time while witnessing bright happenings on ground and up in the sky.

It runs at only 12 pages long and is being published by Random House for their Young Readers range.

Good Night, Thomas hits UK and US book shelves on August 7th 2012.


Six American DVD's to return for new year

Six DVD title's are to make their way back to stores in the US for re-releases in the Spring of 2012.

At least three of them are double packs while the other three are single releases. The episodes contained within them span from the Fifth Series up to the Jack and the Pack spinoff show.
The double packs returning include; Spills & Chills/New Friends for Thomas, Thomas and the Toy Workshop/Thomas & the Really Brave Engines and Thomas' Trusty Friends/On Site With Thomas.

The single discs reprieving involve; It's Great to Be An Engine, Track Stars and Mud Glorious Mud.

The six Thomas & Friends releases return to US DVD shelves all on March 6th 2012.


'Up, Up & Away!' episode stills for title DVD

Lionsgate Publicity have issued out the front cover and the episode stills for the March US release of the Up, Up & Away! DVD.

The front cover which features a promotional shot of Percy and Thomas with a celebration of balloons appears to have slight pixelation added onto it which only occurs on the DVD's page.
The three stills from the release come from it's main episode, Up, Up & Away! Gordon, Thomas and Percy star in the stills.
Up, Up & Away! hits US DVD shelves on March 6th 2012.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

'All Star Tracks' turns into 'Day of the Diesels and More'

An alternate version of the All Star Tracks CD release is available in the UK under a new name and design.

Retitled Day of the Diesels and More!, the seventeen listed tracks originally on it's All Star Tracks compilation have been set in a slightly different order. It has been produced by Demon MUSIC Group.

More differences made have include the removal of the Night and Day song produced for the Ninth Series, being replaced in a surprising move by Emily, which has made it's reprieve from it's past touted cancellation.
Furthermore, an extra song has been included in the form of All You Need which now completes the CD's lineup for the Animation era tracks from post 2009 not to be sung by children.

Thomas You're the Leader! however has still been left out from the collection. The cover is an alternate version of the Day of the Diesels poster and artwork with Thomas replacing Diesel 10.

Day of the Diesels and More! is available to buy on amazon.co.uk as an mp3 album for £7.49 and on iTunes for £7.99.


Skarloey's role in 'Blue Mountain Mystery' detailed

Fisher Price have made an alteration with it's Meet the Characters on their Thomas & Friends website.

Going through their selection of Take-n-Play models featured, Skarloey's profile has been updated where his role in the new and upcoming Blue Mountain Mystery film is revealed.
Skarloey is the oldest engine on the Narrow Gauge Railway and has his own branchline - the Skarloey Railway. He is kind and wise.

The following description quoted confirms a new location due to feature in the 2012 feature-length special which has been predicted by some fans.

He watches over all engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry making sure they are all being Really Useful.

Blue Mountain Mystery is expected to appear in selected theatre screenings in the UK and US and also on DVD and Blu Ray.

Thanks to Rusty5 for the alert.

LeapFrog to develop own app store with Hit

LeapFrog and Hit Entertainment are teaming up in partnership to create an app store centering on children's best loved characters.

Billed for the LeapPad Explorer and Leapster Explorer later this month, brands currently due to feature such as Fireman Sam and even Thomas & Friends are joining the company's digital learning library of apps.

LeapFrog's Vice President, Jill Waller detailed; We are very excited to expand our digital learning library with a brand like Hit that shares a similar promise to entertain kids while they learn some of life's most important lessons.
By offering content starring kid-favorite characters like Thomas and Fireman Sam, parents can be assured that their kids are learning while having fun.

Senior Vice President of Global Brand Management and Digital Media for Hit Entertainment, Natasha Fishman gave her words of the partnership.

Hit is dedicated to providing kids with trusted, entertaining content, and we are thrilled to offer fans Thomas & Friends and Fireman Sam on these two popular children's platforms.
Hit and LeapFrog have collaborated for many years and we are delighted to expand our partnership into the digital space.

The apps will present educational video clips of the two mentioned characters teaching children the values of self-esteem, building friendships, and health and safety.

Thomas & Friends and Fireman Sam will appear in the LeapFrog App Center via the LeapFrog Connect Application on it's two Explorer platformers later this month and through to the new year.


Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Triple feature of extras make up 'Up, Up & Away!'

Season Fifteen's fourth DVD for the US has it's extras confirmed by online retailer Walmart.

Up, Up & Away!, which is now heading it's way to the States, will contain another show and tell of Driver Perkins in his latest escapades in Knapford Station's Common Room.
There is also a new game based on the release and the episodes' theme with Catch the Balloon and the first appearance of the Guess Who? puzzles on US DVD.

The description reads; The sky's the limit for fun with Thomas and his friends! Thomas and Percy have a special Special as they try and try again to bring balloons to Mr. Bubbles' Big Balloon Show.
At the Children's Steam Fair, Emily learns there are great rewards - and laughs - in helping others, Kevin tries his hook at Hide and Peep, and Thomas has a wonky whistle!

Up, up and away for exciting adventures with "Thomas & Friends".

Up, Up & Away! hits US DVD shelves on March 6th 2012.

Thanks to MrTrainfan1000 for the alert.

milkshake! presents 'Day of the Diesels' commercial

FIVE's milkshake! block has been broadcasting it's commercial for the UK terrestrial premiere of Day of the Diesels.

The special starring Diesel 10 with it's various newcomers is serving as a Christmas movie for the festive season.
Running at 31 seconds long, the televised advertisement features various scenes from the hour long episode accompained by it's opening theme tune.

The Day of the Diesels will be transmitted on Christmas Eve at 7am on FIVE's milkshake! in the UK.

Thanks to CraneProductions27 for the alert.

'Take-n-Play' rescues another playset with 'Sodor Search'

The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre is the latest Sodor location to be brought to life by the Take-n-Play toy series.

First introduced in Misty Island Rescue, it has become complete with a fold out playset feature starting from carrying it via a handle till the unfoldment of the full layout.
With part of the Centre's building included, a slope down track, a housing facility, track layout and prop fires, Fiery Flynn is the starring engine for the product.

Based on Day of the Diesels, the American truck can be used for an adventure of dousing fires around.

Take-n-Play Sodor Search and Rescue Centre playset is now available in stores worldwide.

Thanks to turtleandtrains66 for the alert.

Fearless Freddie reborn for 'Take-n-Play' die-cast

Fearless Freddie of the Narrow Gauge Railway is the latest character to join Fisher Price's Take-n-Play range.

He returns in die-cast form after his original Take Along was discontinued along with the mentioned toy line.
Freddie follows the reprievements of the likes of Isobella, Skarloey, D199 from The Railway Series and others.

Take-n-Play Freddie is now available to purchase in stores worldwide.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Newer 'Breakdown Crane' rolls on from Hornby

A refurbished and updated version of Hornby's Breakdown Crane from their Thomas range is now on sale.

Painted in a dark brown colour with a miniseries of hazard stripes stuck onto it's model, the 2011 Breakdown Crane bears no similarity to the TV Series' counterpart.
According to Thomas & Friends Wikia, the original version that Hornby made for Thomas was back in 1987, a year under a 25 year gap to the present forms'.

It also includes a long flatbed which may also be used to rest the crane's arm. The flatbed ends with a flap pointing largely upwards.

Hornby's Breakdown Crane is now available to buy in UK model and hobby stores.

'The Complete Series 13' cover recieves alteration

The Thirteenth Series' full UK DVD release has had a small edit made on the front cover.

amazon.co.uk were the first on hand to reveal the title's cover alongside four more releases due in 2012 Britain.
Originally, the background's cover was a bright orange colour but has since been changed to a tone of red.

The move has prompted split decisions to fans' minds which was foreseen on the SiF Forums and presently others such as YouTube.

The Complete Series 13 hits UK DVD shelves on February 13th 2012.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Six 'Blue Mountain' books unveiled by Random House

The upcoming Blue Mountain Mystery special for 2012 has been at the centre of very recent discoveries with the next being tie-in books from Random House.

The above publisher has revealed the titles and also the covers to six of the new books which currently depicts the fully confirmed returns of Skarloey and Rheneas.
They are joined alongside newcomers Luke the Green Engine and Merrick the Crane. Thomas appears to have a role in the film.

Two versions of the special's book will be available under the same name as the special with one coming in at 24 pages and the other at 48 pages long.
A Step Into Reading title brings Luke to the forefront in Secret of the Green Engine followed by a Hide-and-Seek Engines colouring book.

Risky Rails! shows apparant action taking place in the Paperback while another activity title called Thomas' Giant Puzzle Book will also be available.

The six Blue Mountain Mystery books hits US book shelves all on August 7th 2012 with the film coming to theatres and on DVD in the same fall year.


Forthcoming 'Wooden Railways' send spoiler shivers

The Train Cellar and Clevelands Wholesale Diecast Models have revealed a number of new and refurbished characters and sets due to be rolled out from January in the year.

Most of the characters who are featured in the 2012 drive may be potential spoilers to forthcoming attractions within the television series and so caution is advised.
With the return of the Narrow Gauge Engines in the Blue Mountain Mystery film, engines such as six of the little trains are involved with the shipment coming soon.

Three new characters have been confirmed to star under the names of Luke, Winston and Merrick.
Four of Miss. Jenny's pack members such as Max and Monty, the two mischevious dump trucks are just some of the reissues taking place.

An interesting concept toy of Victor the Steamworks Managing Engine is also on the list with a couple of packs incorporating Thomas sent into the mix.

The 2012 Wooden Railway lineup for the first half of the new year will hit toy shelves starting from January to June 2012.

iTunes' English speaking countries brings 'All Star' CD

All Star Tracks has made it's way to stores in the UK and US but also Down Under.

The CD title which contains seventeen selected songs from the New and Animation Series can now be given listening pleasure to the Australians via iTunes.
As confirmed, the tracks that are Emily and Thomas, You're the Leader are absent from the release.

All Star Tracks is now available to buy in UK, US and Australasian stores while iTunes in the US and Australia are at the prices of $9.99 and $16.99 respectively.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

'Engine Activities' arrives for download on iTunes

Callaway Digital Arts Inc. and Hit Entertainment's long promised app for iTunes users as finally arrived.

Named as Engine Activities, the brand new app allows fans to try out basic games such as puzzles, painting and matching cards.

The small games come similarly in design from Callaway's previous works of Hero of the Rails, Misty Island Rescue and Day of the Diesels.
The alternate side however brings the games each to have inspirational elements from two Season Thirteen and two Season Fourteen DVD releases.

The ones used are Pop Goes Thomas, Creaky Cranky, Wobbly Wheels & Whistles and The Lion of Sodor. The latter two must be purchased before downloading takes place.

A bonus tool included is a card collection where images of engines, people and objects are placed onto cards for viewing pleasure. Keith Wickham returns for narration on his thirteenth Thomas app.
The decription reads; Tap into the fun of Thomas & Friends with this all-new interactive activity app!

Little engineers will be entertained for hours as they play with come-alive puzzles, creativity-boosting colouring pages, and brain-building matching games.
Extend the play even further by purchasing additional packs with puzzles, colouring pages, and collectible match cards. With so much to do, Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities guarantees an endless supply of fun and adventure!

Engine Activities is now available to buy in Apple's App Store on iTunes at the price of £1.49 and $1.99 for the UK and US respectively.


'Up, Up and Away' DVD recieves US release date

With the UK first being confirmed, the US will be granted the release of the Up, Up & Away! in the same month of March.

Instead however and again, the Americans shall recieve it first near the beginning of the month with Britain getting the treatment 13 days later.
The home video title contains four of the most negatively responded episodes in the TV Series' history.

Walmart have been the first to reveal the DVD's existence and rollout date on their website rather than amazon.com.

Up, Up & Away! hits US DVD shelves on March 6th 2012.

Flynn, Thomas and Dash return in special TrackMaster's

Three of Sodor's engines will star in brand new sets and packs for Fisher Price's TrackMaster toy line series.

Fiery Flynn the Fire Engine is the next character to have the ability to spout out phrases with Talking Flynn after the likes of Hiro, Salty and Henry.

For the Christmas season, Thomas has a delivery to make for a perfect party in Thomas' Holiday Haul. He comes with a truck, a hopper and two vans containing items and decorated with seasonal designs.
See Inside Ice Cream Trucks gives the fan a chance to take a glimpse inside two vans carrying various ice cream packages. They are stored in the tool vans with minature icicles and freezers accompained. 

Lastly a new playset involves the little blue engine with a Logging Loco taking deliveries of logs round tracks with Thomas and Dash Adventure.

Also coming as previously found out is the Spaghetti and Meatballs Delivery three pack which can now be seen in it's full glory.

The new TrackMaster sets are available now in stores worldwide.

Thanks to tomtomica2 for the alert.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas linked with two 'Take-n-Play' packs

Two new Take-n-Play sets are making their way to stores just in time for Christmas which are themed with the Winter tradition.

The products are adapted from the two Season Fifteen episodes, Surprise, Surprise and Tree Trouble. They have also brang back the rivalry of Steam Engines Vs. Diesel Engines.
Surprise, Surprise at the Steamworks incorporates Thomas and Victor with a couple of flatbed complete with various items while Tree Trouble at the Dieselworks has Thomas and Den facing off with Christmas deliveries.

The packs however, over in the US are out to promote the October DVD release title, Merry Christmas, Thomas!

The Steamworks and Dieselworks Christmas packs are available in stores worldwide.

Thanks to TheDirtyTrain1 for the alert.

Friday, 9 December 2011

'Team Up' and 'Railway Friends' to be re-released

Season Twelve US DVD releases, Railway Friends and Team Up With Thomas will be re-entering stores and markets in 2012.

The two which previously became available again with the Adventure Pack boxset, are coming back just a few days into the new year.
Railway Friends introduced American fans to six episodes from the 2008 animation and model hybrid series while Team Up With Thomas contained four with the inclusion of the Mr. Arkwright fillers.

Mr. Arkwright would make another appearance on the Percy and the Bandstand DVD until being replaced by Driver Perkins for the full animation home video titles.

Railway Friends and Team Up With Thomas return to US DVD shelves both on January 3rd 2012.


Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

Britt Allcroft launches own facebook page

Britt Allcroft who created and worked on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends for many years has now made herself available to talk to the public via her official facebook page.

The Community Page is monitored and run by herself where the Producer has already replied and interacted with many facebook users.
Her Info section reveals some unheard details of her career including her early background being progressed to her successes with Thomas and The Magic Adventures of Mumfie.

Plus, never before seen photos are available on the Photos tab where the likes of Ringo Starr and the late David Mitton pose alongside her including the real TV models in one shot.


Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

milkshake! headlines Christmas with Thomas schedule

Channel 5's milkshake! children's television slot will air a miniseries of some festive episodes and a movie during the Christmas 2011 Season.

Starting from December 22nd 2011, the first Thomas themed episode to go out will be Henry's Magic Box followed by Thomas' Tricky Tree the next day.

Season Fourteen's finale episode, Merry Misty Island will then air nearly an hour and a half later on the above day.
As promised by the milkshake! team, the terrestrial broadcasting debut of Day of the Diesels proceeds on for Christmas Eve. Afterwards, the festive run ends and returns to it's continual showing of episodes through series orders.

milkshake!'s Christmas with Thomas & Friends schedule;
Henry's Magic Box on December 22nd 2011 at 7:25am
Thomas' Tricky Tree on December 23rd 2011 at 6:00am
Merry Misty Island on December 23rd 2011 at 7:25am
Day of the Diesels on December 24th 2011 at 7:00am
Day of the Diesels has been mistakenly billed and referred to on digiguide's online schedule As Good As Gordon.

All of the episodes due to be shown can be seen an hour later on Channel 5's new timeshift TV service, Channel 5+1.

milkshake!'s Christmas with Thomas & Friends begins on December 22nd 2011 at 7:25am starting with the episode, Henry's Magic Box and ending on Christmas Eve with the feature-length special, Day of the Diesels at 7:00am.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

'Misty Island Rescue' for Australian Christmas showing

2010's feature-length special, Misty Island Rescue which brought the debuts of The Logging Locos will make it's terrestrial debut on Australian TV.

The movie which boasts more action and a more dramatic orchestral soundtrack will air a day before Christmas Day on ABC2.
It serves as a Christmas film for the festive season which occured in the UK when it was broadcast in the 2010 year on the same billed day.

milkshake! have recently confirmed that Day of the Diesels shall be shown during the period aswell, for the Brits.

Misty Island Rescue debuts on Australian television on ABC2 on December 24th 2011 at 12:30pm.

Thanks to CharlieTheFunEngine14 for the alert.

Never before seen photo of crew trio surfaces

An unseen photograph of three of the original TV crew has emerged on a Wikipedia page.

The image shows Classic Series composers Mike O' Donnell and Junior Campbell standing with Producer Britt Allcroft.

Found on Campbell's Wikipedia page, the source from the origin of the photo details on it's background.
Photographed by David Mitton - director of tv series, originally as part of promotional photograph session - this picture was unused and presented to Junior Campbell as a gift by David Mitton.

According to the site, it was taken during the publicity launch of the first Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series in the year of 1983.

ebay previously listed a group of pictures on auction which featured Ringo Starr, the Rev. W. Awdry and the Thomas the Tank Engine model.


Thanks to Old Square Wheels for the alert.

Monday, 5 December 2011

New line of 'Guess Who?' puzzles created

The Official Thomas & Friends Website in both the United Kingdom and the United States have published more Guess Who? puzzle segments.

Four new clips of them are now exclusively available where for the first time, three of them involve duos.

These include finished puzzles revealing Thomas and Rocky, Thomas and Percy and Thomas and James.
The screenshots eventually shown are from the Thirteenth Season episodes Snow Tracks, The Biggest Present of All and Thomas and the Pigs.

The fourth brings the inclusion of Scruff the Scruncher with his screener coming from his debut episode, Thomas and Scruff.
For the quartet, no whistles and sounds are heard at the end of each of the interstitials. Ben Small as Thomas and Michael Brandon both return to narrate.

Also, originally first shown on YouTube's Official Thomas & Friends Channel, the Dash and The Fat Controller Guess Who?'s are also included in the Videos page.

Belle's and Flynn's, which were both added onto the Day of the Diesels UK and Australian DVD and Blu Ray's follow as well.


Hornby for 2012 stock with Thomas applied?

Hornby have announced on their Official facebook page that their range of new products for 2012 will be told.

A user asked the company via the Hornby Model Railways page; What's new for next year then?

The model trains firm gave a reply later saying; The 2012 range will be announced on the 3rd of January this year.
The news is expected to apply to the Thomas & Friends model railway series which has neither been hinted nor confirmed since.

Originally, the new series of stock was going to have been revealed on Christmas Day according to one user.

This comes just after the release and the largely positive reaction towards their model of Murdoch the Strong Goods Engine.