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Friday, 29 March 2013

'Blue Mountain' for Easter Sunday repeat on Channel 5

Blue Mountain Mystery, the sixth feature-length special is returning to Channel 5 in the United Kingdom this weekend.

Ahead of the Easter festivities, the broadcaster is to repeat the 2012 film on Easter Sunday morning on milkshake!.

milkshake!'s website reads; Its full steam ahead on Easter Sunday with the adventure packed film Thomas and Friends - Blue Mountain Mystery.

Thomas, the really useful engine, will be chugging on to your screens to solve the enigma of the runaway engine.

Mystery was recently picked up for its Australian TV debut by ABC4kids, who are to screen the special on Easter Monday.

Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie returns to Channel 5 milkshake! on Easter Sunday at 7:45am in the UK.

Thanks to Hawk01 for the alert.

Mike Grady joins 'King of the Railway' film as Sir Robert

Stage and screen actor Mike Grady has been cast in the King of the Railway feature film.

The Gloucestershire born actor is to voice Sir Robert Norramby in the 2013 special. The casting comes more than a month after Bob Golding was announced to play Stephen.

While his role hasn't been divulged by his agent Lip Service, his voice has been picked up fans of the show.

Grady is most recognised as Barry Wilkinson in Last of the Summer Wine, the UK's longest running sitcom. He played the role for a number of years from 1986 until the show's demise in 2010.

Other credits include Skins, As Time Goes ByCoronation Street and on film in The Pirates of Penzance and The Return of the Pink Panther.

Grady has also participated in a number of stage shows including Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet and Peter Pan with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

King of the Railway: The Movie premieres in Vue cinemas nationwide across the UK in late August with September releases due for the US, Germany and Australia.

Thanks to TTTE Wikia for the alert.

'King of the Railway' coming to Vue cinemas late August

King of the Railway will be screened in Vue cinemas in the United Kingdom before its DVD release.

The 2013 special's cinema weekend was confirmed by the Thomas & Friends UK facebook page when a user queried of its release date.

King of the Railway will be screening across UK VUE cinemas late August and will be released on DVD in September!

While no exact date was called out, it is expected to hit the big screen on the weekend of Saturday August 24th.

King of the Railway: The Movie premieres in Vue cinemas nationwide across the UK in late August with its DVD to follow in September.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Winston ride for Thomas Land coming in summer

Thomas Land's newest ride at the UK's Drayton Manor has been announced for a summer reveal.

To celebrate its fifth anniversary advertised as Thomas Land's biggest year yet, a new attraction is currently in the works.

Winston Ride as its tentatively titled, will bring the track inspection vehicle to the forefront as a monorail sky-lining the whole park. Theme Park Worldwide are to update its construction process on their YouTube channel.

Manor's latest addition has been promoted in their new brochures and on posters around its park.

Winston Ride will be open to the public at Drayton Manor's Thomas Land this summer.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Confirmed: Duck for new series return and clarification

The next series of Thomas & Friends is to herald the return of an old friend in the form of Duck.

The Great Western tank engine will be appearing in Season Seventeen, some five years after his four appearances in the Twelfth Series.

His return status was signaled when a new promotional photo of himself began being shown in a gallery of Sodor engines at Japan's Hara Model Railway Museum in Yokohama.

SiF have also confirmed the news on their facebook page. A preview DVD of five episodes called Railway Mischief is to be released in the US next month.

The brand new seventeenth series of Thomas & Friends airs this Autumn.

Railway Mischief from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves on April 9th 2013 only at Walmart.

Nitrogen presents aftermaths of models fates in video

Nitrogen Studios have revealed the exact fates as to what happened to TV Series models after the live action series ended.

Since the show's switch to full CGI in 2009, a number of the original models went on to be presented at the UK's Thomas Land Discover Thomas & Friends Exhibition in Staffordshire.
Despite being known to own a few, Nitrogen has surprised fans in a new YouTube video that an even greater number reside at their Vancouver based studios.

Engines such as Molly, Rheneas, Spencer, Duck, Murdoch and others are currently stored in cabinets for display purposes only.

Arc Productions were named as the successors to Nitrogen after the former left Thomas to pursue other projects.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Railway Series reference in 'King' film reveals new book

King of the Railway is to include an element from The Railway Series books when released.

As part of a Sticker Activity Book tie-in, the revelation of a lost crown of Sodor is owned by a former king, as the book's summary reveals.

The Earl of Sodor has come to visit the island, and he wants to reopen Ulfstead Castle. All the engines have a job to do, but poor old Stephen doesn't think he'll be able to help.

Can Thomas help Stephen find a way to be useful? Relive the action from the movie and help Thomas and Friends find King Godred's lost crown in this activity book complete with stickers!

The Godred reference dates back to the Mountain Engines book in The Railway Series, where a Sudrian figure known as Godred MacHarold ruled the reigns of Sodor for a number of years as king.

In the story Bad Look-Out, Culdee tells a tale of Godred, a careless mountain engine who was named after MacHarold.

King of the Railway: The Movie premieres in the UK, US, Germany and Australia from this September while the Sticker Activity Book hits UK book shelves on September 2nd.

'Blue Mountain' for Easter Monday Australian TV debut

Blue Mountain Mystery is to mark its television debut in Australia during the Easter holidays.

ABC's subsidiary channel for pre-school programs, ABC4kids has snapped up the 2012 special for broadcast at the start of April.

Both the UK and US aired the hour long feature respectively on Channel 5 milkshake! and PBS Kids last winter.

Mystery's critical and commercial success was realised when it was named the UK's No. 1 Pre-School DVD of 2012 last month.

Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie makes its Australian terrestrial debut on ABC4Kids on Easter Monday at 5pm.

Thanks to Thomas Stansfield for the alert.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wholesale updates Bachmann Duck for July reserves

An update on Bachmann's delayed model of Duck has been conducted by Wholesale's website.

The HO scale train has long been pushed back since a proposed date, as far back as January, was made.

Wholesale earlier this week gave out an estimated July 10th launch for the US but is now prioritised to ship for advanced reservations.

Eagle eyed fans have noticed in newer images that developments have been made to the model, such as the running plate more closely resembling the TV Series counterpart.

Duck from Bachmann hits US model and hobby stores this summer.

Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.

Season Thirteen back for US 'Awesome Adventures' five

Hit Entertainment is to release the next volume in the Awesome Adventures DVD series this summer.

The amalgamation of themed episodes from Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder will focus on Mighty Messes.

The fifth part of the US DVD range sees Thomas make a consecutive return in the form of another two stories from Season Thirteen.

The synopsis reads; There are dirty jobs, but somebody’s got to do them and Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder are ready!

Thomas and Rosie enjoy a game of splashing puddles but can Thomas stop playing when it’s time to be a Really Useful Engine?

See if Fireman Sam, Penny and Jupiter can get out of a sticky situation when Norman ignores some helpful instructions.
Will Scratch be able to juggle work and play to get the stadium done in time? Join your favorite friends as they get in – and out – of six messy adventures and prove that good friendships are the foundation of success!

Episodes include;
Thomas & Friends in
A Blooming Mess and Splish Splash Splosh
Fireman Sam in
Sticky Situation and Flood’s Flood
Bob the Builder in
Start From Scratch and Travis’ New Garage

Awesome Adventures Vol. Five: Mighty Messes from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves on June 11th 2013.

Thanks to MrTrainfan1000 for the alert.

Monday, 18 March 2013

'King of the Railway' minisite to launch April says book

King of the Railway's minisite is on track for an April launch, according to a promotional book.

The movie will receive its own dedicated website next month, where an assortment of content is being foreseen.

The date was revealed by Keep Looking Thomas!, a small tie-in book only available at Day Out with Thomas events across Britain. A digital version is expected to appear on the minisite.

Despite its basis, the book instead follows a standalone activity story of Thomas searching for a crate for The Fat Controller, unrelated to the special. Nitrogen Studios' promo shots cover the majority of images used.

King of the Railway: The Movie premieres in the UK, US, Germany and Australia from this September.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Brand new Season Seventeen for first DVD by Walmart

The brand new Seventeenth Series of Thomas & Friends is to mark its debut on an exclusive release.

Forerunning King of the Railway's September premiere, Season Seventeen will be previewed in Railway Mischief, only to be released as a Walmart exclusive.

The DVD is to hold five episodes ahead of a quickie release next month in the US. A commercially available version is expected to follow.

The summary reads; Cinders and Ashes! There’s trouble on the tracks for Thomas and his friends. 

Gordon and Cranky don’t want to listen to really useful advice from Paxton and Kevin. Scruff, Winston and Stafford lose track of themselves, causing confusion and delay!

Sometimes engines need a little help from their friends to chuff and puff full steam ahead!

Episodes include;
Gordon Runs Dry
Kevin’s Cranky Friend
Scruff’s Makeover
Wayward Winston
Steamie Stafford
Extras include;
Sodor Hide & Seek Game
All You Need Are Friends Music Video
Guess Who?: Kevin, Scruff and Gordon

The cover shows a surprised Thomas and Gordon running through muddy tracks. A Take-n-Play poster is included as a bonus.

Railway Mischief from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves on April 9th 2013 only at Walmart.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

'King's Connor and Caitlin Take-n-Play models revealed

Two new characters are to join Fisher Price's Take-n-Play range in the coming months.

Connor and Caitlin, both of whom will be introduced in the King of the Railway movie, will be a part of the die-cast series in conjunction with the film's release.

The streamlined Mainland tender engines follow in the footsteps of Stephen's model, as seen on Fisher Price's Thomas & Friends website last month.

An advertisement also promoting the King of the Railway playset revealed Connor and Caitlin's models.

Take-n-Play Connor and Caitlin from Fisher Price hits UK and US toy shelves this Autumn.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Exclusive: Ill fated 'Jack and the Pack' stories revealed

Another two episodes from the Jack and the Pack spin-off series were planned but never made it to production.

The stories were initially panned out by Thomas Gets it Right writer, Robert Rigby, credited as Robin in the latter's end credits.

Through Rigby's agent Janet Fillingham Associates, Roll Along Thomas can reveal that Safety First and Treasure Hunt were cut from the series.

Robert's episode of Thomas was called Thomas Gets it Right. Our archives reveal that the two episodes he wrote for Jack and the Pack were called Safety First and Treasure Hunt.

But I'm afraid neither Robert, nor we can remember whether either was produced. As said, this was a short-lived spinoff.

It is not known what the plots would have involved. Whose the Boss and No Dozer is an Island also met the same fate.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'King of the Railway: The Movie' new trail on YouTube

The second official trailer of King of the Railway: The Movie has appeared online on YouTube.

Uploaded by Shining23, the latest scenes from the new special can be seen on the US Go Go Thomas! DVD which was released earlier this week.

Highlights include Percy, Thomas and James' triple header, Gordon and Spencer meeting Connor and Caitlin, Stephen almost derailing at the Blue Mountain Quarry, the rest of the Steam Team and Hiro cameoing.

However, viewing criticism on Arc Productions' animation has yet to be changed with the majority branding the CGI unfinished.

King of the Railway: The Movie premieres in the UK, US, Germany and Australia from this September.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

'King of the Railway' movie storybook for UK September

King of the Railway will receive its own storybook tie-in when released in the UK this September.

The Movie Storybook is to present readers with a complete view of the special in readable form. amazon.co.uk's summary of the book reveals more on the plot.

The Earl of Sodor has come to visit the island, and he wants to reopen Ulfstead Castle. All the engines have a job to do, but poor old Stephen doesn't think he'll be able to help.

Can Thomas help Stephen find a way to be useful? Fans of Thomas and friends can relive all the action from the hit movie in this action-packed storybook!

Blue Mountain Mystery and Day of the Diesels also had their own storybooks made.

King of the Railway: The Movie Storybook hits UK book shelves on September 2nd 2013.

'Ol' Wheezy' story replaced on AU 'Go Go Thomas!' DVD

Australia's Go Go Thomas! DVD has been revealed to include changes to its original episode order.

Despite EZYDVD's description, six episodes are instead on the release with Ol' Wheezy Wobbles being removed and replaced with two other stories from a previous series.

Thomas Stansfield alias NWR1991 was the first to notice the change; I recently bought Go Go Thomas from JB HI-FI, they always release Thomas DVDs before the actual release date.

I noticed that there are two Season Fifteen episodes. They're, Kevin The Steamie and Wonky Whistle. They've replaced Ol' Wheezy Wobbles though.

Race to the Rescue, Express Coming Through, Flash Bang Wallop! and Welcome Stafford precede the new additions.

Go Go Thomas! from ABC for Kids is available to buy on Australian DVD.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Bachmann Duck shipping date halted till further notice

Bachmann's model of Duck will not be shipping until a new date is realised, an administrator has said.

The HO scaled make of the pannier tank engine was due to be released in the US on February 28th after its initial January date was delayed.

A rumoured March 31st estimate then appeared on Hobby On but has since been rubbished by administrator InsideTrack of Ask the Bach-Man Forum.

Sorry, but Duck will NOT be shipping on 3/31/13. We will let you know when we have a more definite shipping date.

Duck from Bachmann hits US model and hobby stores later this year.

Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.