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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Exclusive: Hit gives greenlight on 'Best of' episodes

Hit Entertainment have confirmed the collection of episodes due to feature respectively on the upcoming Best of DVD releases for the UK.

In an email sent by SteamTeam and now exclusively revealed by Roll Along Thomas, the dedicated James and Percy titles both include a mixture of 20 episodes.

Here is a list of the episodes that will appear on the DVDs you have enquired about:
Best of Percy
Percy Runs Away
Ghost Train
Percy & Harold
Percy and the Signal
Percy's Predicament
A Scarf For Percy
Percy's Promise
Thomas, Percy & The Post Train
Percy's Chocolate Crunch
Percy's New Whistle
Percy's Big Mistake
Percy and the Oil Painting
Percy and the Funfair
Percy and the Left Luggage
Percy and the Bandstand
Percy's Parcel
Being Percy
Thomas' Crazy Day
Percy The Snowman
Percy's New Friends

Best of James
James and the Coaches
James and the Express
Old Iron
Buzz Buzz
No Joke For James
Percy, James & The Fruitful Day
Time For Trouble
James & The Trouble With Trees
James & The Red Balloon
James & The Queen Of Sodor
James Goes Too Far
James Gets A New Coat
Keeping Up With James
James The Second Best
James Works It Out
Tickled Pink
Steamy Sodor
James In The Dark
Toby & The Whistling Woods
James To The Rescue

Not part of Percy's collection is episodes from the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Seasons while James is not involved in a Fourth Series show.

Prior to this, amazon.co.uk had revealed that both releases would contain the stocks of the Classic and the Present.

The Best of James and The Best of Percy will both hit UK DVD shelves on February 6th 2012.


Nitrogen talk feature-length special's title sequences

Nitrogen Studios who are responsible for the CGI animation in the present era of Thomas & Friends have showcased a video.

The video which appears on their YouTube Channel, NitrogenAnimation shows the uncut version of the Day of the Diesels title sequence.

The intro which includes an extra second of frames added to the beginning runs slightly off sync which indicates it's full form.
In the description, Nitrogen details on the sequence's art and notable theme.

For this one, we wanted to highlight a few of the newer engines introduced in the movie and give a nod to the adversarial relationship of the Steamies vs. the Diesels.

The Canadian based company also comment's on the future of the next string of films' titles; We aim to give all of our Thomas and Friends movies a unique and distinct style for the opening credits.

From it's original cut, the special's intro can be seen in full 1080p HD which also appears as the film is, on it's available Blu Ray releases.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

'The Lion of Sodor' to be delivered to Down Under

Season Thirteen four episode release, The Lion of Sodor is to come to Australasia on DVD.

It's main episodes will be transferred to the Aussies where the title comes in the usual carry case packaging.

The DVD not only will include the quartet of episodes but will also in the same vein as Splish, Splash, Splosh and Merry Winter Wish, carry another two episodes, from the 2010 Series.
The description reads; Full steam ahead for Lion-Sized fun and adventure! Join Thomas as he roars down the tracks with his most special delivery yet, The Lion of Sodor.

Thomas thinks it is a real lion and when the other trains try to tell him it is actually a statue, he is too excited to listen.

Hop on board with Thomas as he learns the importance of listening to others in this lionhearted collection of tales from the tracks.

Episodes include;
The Lion of Sodor
Thomas and the Pigs
Time for a Story
Extra: Thomas and the Runaway Kite
Extra: Buzzy Bess
Hiro Helps Out

With six episodes in total and combined together, the DVD will run at 66 minutes approximately.

The Lion of Sodor hits Australasian DVD shelves on January 5th 2012.

Thanks to Jim522 for the alert.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Exclusive: Hit responds to 'All Star' removal and more

Two songs which were to be featured on the upcoming All Star Tracks CD for the UK and US have been cut out from the collection.

One track in question is Thomas, You're the Leader, which never made amazon.com's Sample grid on the product's page.
Speaking to SI3DFilms via an email, a respondent from Hit Entertainment had this unshared comment to say over the four minute song's removal.

I had a look on the US Amazon and it doesn’t look as if Thomas, You’re the Leader will be featured. Sorry to disappoint!

On further indication, amazon.com have revealed that Emily will not appear on the release and has instead been replaced by Season Nine's Night and Day.
The now ill-fated Eighth Season song was previously available on the above online market place with it's sample also published.

The full CD which runs over 35 minutes will now carry seventeen tracks rather than the originally billed eighteen. 

All Star Tracks hits CD shelves UK and US CD shelves on December 13th 2011.


'Diesel 10's Counterattack' coming to Japan cinemas

The Japanese version of Day of the Diesels has had it's release date confirmed for next year in 2012.

The special over in the country is called, きかんしゃトーマス ディーゼル10の逆襲. Translated for the English, Diesel 10's Counterattack is the new name for the film in Japan.
It was revealed from a DVD in late October that the film would arrive in Japan by the Spring of 2012.

Sony Creative Products have issued out a press release which includes a revised version of the poster.
Changes include the Japaneses' retrospective logo for Diesel 10's Counterattack and images of Flynn and Belle added.

Also, in keeping in line with the special's correct main star, Percy is added to Thomas' left with The Fat Controller on his right.

きかんしゃトーマス ディーゼル10の逆襲 rolls into Japanese theatres and cinemas starting from April 28th 2012.

Thanks to PuffPuffThomasTV for the alert.

Dash leaves twin Bash again for TrackMaster

Dash the Logging Twin Engine will star in a new set from Fisher Price's TrackMaster series, set in a part of Misty Island.

The Zip-Line Bridge which has to date only been seen in two Thomas TV products; Misty Island Rescue and Jumping Jobi Wood!, is involved in the set.
Named Dash at the Zip-Line Bridge, the TrackMaster item was first found on an auction on ebay.

Bash, his twin doesn't feature which comes just a few days after Hit Entertainment published Dash's Guess Who? puzzle clip on YouTube, leaving out his accomplice once again.

Dash at the Zip-Line Bridge arrives in stores worldwide soon.

Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Previews of 'All Star Tracks' CD songs surface

amazon.com have published preview clips to the tracks going to be made available on the upcoming All Star Tracks CD.

Their Samples grid shows all of the songs' time durations, however, only two of them will come in their full three minute versions.

The two are What Makes an Engine Happy, also known as Responsibility and Harold.
The latter's full song can only be seen and heard on the Japanese DVD, たのしくうたおう♪きかんしゃトーマス ソング&ストーリー.

All of the other songs are confirmed to come in their shortened two minute forms, despite some of them having being released in full.

Strangely, Thomas, You're the Leader has been omitted from the Samples list. It is not known as to why the removal has occured and unknown if it shall be reinstated.

All Star Tracks hits CD shelves UK and US CD shelves on December 13th 2011.


thomasandfriends' YouTube makes more puzzles

The Thomas & Friends Official YouTube Channel has published two more character puzzles, exclusively available on the social video networking site.

With his twin absent, Dash the Logging Twin Engine is revealed in the first Guess Who? skit coming from the US, accompained by narration from Michael Brandon.
At the end of his identity being revealed, Dash's whistle can be heard with a still of him being shown which comes from Misty Island Rescue.

A human character is a first for the puzzles where The Fat Controller takes centre stage. Thomas, as voiced by Ben Small, narrates.

The most recent Guess Who? clips were for Belle and Flynn which can both be seen in the Extras on the Day of the Diesels DVD.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lady and the lamp props up on ebay

Three little minature props used for the New Series era have surfaced for sale via ebay.co.uk.

Used for the non-minature close ups on camera, the items come from an episode or two which cannot be made out or verified.
sithcollector who is selling the props explains their description; This is an original set of props from the classic TV series. Consisting of lady passenger, suitcase and lamp.

The lady is approx. 5cm tall, the lamp 2cm and the suitcase 2cm. Beautifully crafted model miniatures. Complete with COA from The Propstore Of London. Just the props will be sent, not the glass frame.

Various other props from the series are still available to purchase on the Prop Store's website in London.

Thanks to CPK for the alert.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Exclusive: milkshake! on Season Sixteen and DOTD

Since the airing finished of Season Fifteen in the UK, fans have been speculating over when Season Sixteen would come to fruition.

Somehow billed for a September to October airing, this was then predicted for a Winter airdate till the now currently thought Spring broadcast.

milkshake! have since responded to this in the form of an email sent by SteamTeam, with a short answer.
At this time we have no plans to show a new series of Thomas. There are 13 series of Thomas which we slowly work through! 

Nitrogen Studios in September of this year confirmed that animation was to have concluded on the next series.

However, in preparation of it's unknown release and for 2011's end, milkshake have confirmed the non-terrestrial debut airing of a Thomas TV product; Over the Christmas period we will be showing the new film 'Day of the Diesels'!

Day of the Diesels will be shown on five's milkshake slot this Christmas with Season Sixteen is currently slated to air in the UK, Spring 2012.

Feature: 'The Day of the Diesels' premiere report

Now I did promise you people that there would be a report log from the time of the Day of the Diesels premiere this year, but I was simply tied up.

With a lot going on in my outside life, although I squeezed the time to roll on with Thomas news, the report log would have taken ages and this is what I call the worst kept secret ever on this blog. However, with some spare time, I finally bring it to you.

The Day of the Diesels Premiere by

September 17th 2011 was The Day of the Diesels for the Brits as it arrived in Vue Cinemas. Getting up at 5:55am would be a tiresome struggle. Catching some energy, having brekkie, walking to get the train which would take an hour and half, this was the journey to Finchley Road.

Yes, Finchley Road. I was to reunited with my team of Thomas fans from the previous year's Misty Island Rescue premiere which was at the Leciester Square event. For some odd reason, this public event did not happen for this year's.

Sometime before the event, I contacted Vue in the Square blaming the lack of the film cans available. The more film cans, the more screens they can project the film, which is why we all chose to meet at Finchley instead.

10 minutes before arriving at London Victoria Rail Station, I get a phone call from Daniel Coffey, otherwise known as BusterTheSteamroller questioning my as of yet arrivance at the station, assuring him that would have no trouble getting to the big destination, boy was I wrong...
Owen and Michael as Thomas and Diesel 10? Which is which?

A bout of confusion over the bus travel's ticket rule delayed my journey which I blame on the fact that I am not a local Londoner, but rather a Sussex man, so I didn't know much about bus transport in the London area. Plus, it was awfully busy there!

Half way through my bus journey, Daniel calls me again, letting me know that Owen Hayward, Louie Sparkes and Oliver Townsend, otherwise known as therailwayinspector3, dieselfan50 and Klurty34 respectively, had turned up at Finchley Road 02 Centre.

Worryingly, getting off the bus to walk towards the centre caused some stress as there was no sight of it. Luckily thanks to the powers that be of Apple, I grab my iPhone 4 out, bring up Google Maps, locate the destination by walking straight on and at last at 10:10am, I arrive at the centre, much to the delight of the four already there.
The Londoner Locos that be Michael, Oliver, Louie and Christopher.

After a quick chinwag, I question the whereabouts of the rest of the crew. 10 minutes later, Michael Evans and Christopher Blower, a.k.a Thomasfan8 and TOPPictures turn up at the entrance. We all greet them warmly, excited for the day. But there was more to come.

Within several minutes of the film about to start, I realised that two people haven't yet appeared. I make a phone call to good friend Adam Dowds, DowdsyProductions1, questioning his whereabouts, but there's no answer. Frantically, on schedule of it's 10:30am screening, respected member of SiF, Nicholas Lovewell or The Colonel, runs towards me.

I am waiting outside of the centre with the rest making their way to the selected screen. Both of us finally being able to meet eachother, I tell Nick to follow the gang upstairs to the screen. Eventually I get through to Adam who reveals that he is at the wrong 02 Centre, which is an easy mistake to make to be fair!
Topping off the poster pose with two posters.
Me or TheTopHatts also known as Melad Moshiri, Michael, Owen and Daniel.

I tell Adam with help from the others on how to get to the right place in a matter of time. It's show time and the film starts. Inside the VIP audience which contained families, friends and us, there's a warmup cheer from some of us indicating that we are ready to grace the film's appearance. The titles run to the exciting orchestral music and the story begins...

20 minutes in, and Adam finally turns up at the screening, which we were all grateful that we all made it. Moments of laughter ensued in several scenes and a few cries from little children who were scared over the sight of Diesel 10. One mum and her child ended up walking out of the cinema, distraught over the diesel's scariness!
Exciting scenes start as the film turns to the dramatic tone with Percy on his way to save Thomas from the Dieselworks. The music of Robert Hartshorne's work proves effective, especially when The Steam Team join forces along the tracks to win over the Diesels, which when shown, was the most exciting I had ever seen in any Thomas & Friends episode. It was a win for me...!

Later in the last scene of the film, The Fat Controller says in a speech; None of my engines is ever forgotten., to which Louie, who is a good critic of the show calls out, Liar!, much to the amusement of us people.
The Four Engineers.

The Steam Engines and the Diesel Engines scene at the newly formed Dieselworks finishes, fades to black, the audience starts to applaud, then we are treated to the special's song. After the credits, the audience then makes a proper applause, indicating that everyone, well unless you count little children, nearly everyone enjoyed the film.

After a lenghtly chat catching up with eachother, commenting on the film, meeting up with Louie's father Mick, James Gaffney or OliverGWR11 and picking up posters and leaflets, we decide to make our way to Leciester Square via the Tube line. We then arrive and approach their Vue Cinema where the VIP premiere had just finished.

We catch sightings of Natasha Kaplinsky, Sally Bercow, Amanda Lamb and Jason Bradbury, who met and spoke to one of his biggest fans, Adam! We start to think where the Thomas team are and ultimately after a long wait decide to head to KFC to eat some lunch. Afterwards we head back to the Cinema's doors nearby.
It's Thomas, or Ben Small with the extended Steam Team...!

Suddenly, Michael tells me that he has just seen the sight of Thomas himself, Ben Small. We then all see him and cautiously hurry towards him. I greet him in honour of the rest by saying to him with the first line; Ben, we're the YouTubers, to which Ben smiles, greets us individually with handshakes all round and glad that we had finally met him.

He took sometime alongside his little daughter to talk to us, even confirming that the very YouTube Channel, was indeed him. He tells us, which I had known a few days after it was shut, the reason why he closed his account. I just thought I gave too much away and chose to stop, he says, to which we all backed his decision.

At one point, I asked Ben; Is Keith Wickham in there?, No he wasn't, said Ben, He couldn't make it today. I, known to some people as being the impersonator of Gordon and Percy on certain YouTube Thomas clips, ask Ben to do his Ferdinand, Toby and Thomas voices, which made us grin, laugh and clap, Ben was having fun.
Look at the camera and wait for the pose, points I.

We then pose for a few pictures where instead of saying Cheese!, Ben gives the command as Thomas by saying, Bubbling boilers!. We then all thank Ben for getting the chance to meet him as does he back at us, and leaves to go home.

After the 15 minutes of starstruckness and with Ben out of sight, I say the immortal words which have been censored; ******* hell!, to which the rest of the crew burst out laughing. Then we all put our hands on top of everyone's and cheer on our achievement.

Last year's premiere gave us the chance to recieve goodie bags from the Vue staff, thanks to Louie's mum Nicole, this year, we weren't sure if it was going to happen. After a word from Mick to the staff about our trek, we are granted the goodie bags which the Vue staff were calm and happy about. Later, we decide to finish with the cinema and head off to Hamleys.

With a wholeload of the public rummaging through the town and inside the store, it was difficult for us to navigate, however we make our way upstairs to look at Thomas merchandise. We then start to do impressions of certain characters, even quoting some lines from TTTEParody and GenericWTLAlt's marvellous and hilarious videos! Yes, we do love them guys!
A big surprise was waiting for us. Adam with James, Nicholas, Christopher, Owen, Oliver, Louie, Michael, Hilary Fortnam, Me and Daniel.

The goodie bags were still in our hands, then a man in a red jacket approaches us and speaks; You've been to a premiere haven't you?. Yes, we went to see Day of the Diesels, why?, questions one of us. I went to see it, says the man. Suddenly an elderly woman in a wheelchair appears pushed by the man and turns out to be none other than Rev. W. Awdry's daughter, Hilary Fortnam!

We recognised her, we were in shock, we couldn't believe our luck kept reappearing! Hilary, unquestioned by any of us, appeared to have been in some state as even though she was happy as can be in a wheelchair, she was accompained by crutches. We never knew why, but was looking well. I approach her and say; Are you Hilary Awdry?, she replies Yes, while holding her hand, Oh how nice to meet you.

Then out pops another woman who reveals to us that she is Veronica Chambers, Hilary's sister and the Rev's other daughter. The man then turns out to be Veronica's husband. All three of them with us start talking all things Railway Series and Thomas, which they were pleased to see a fanbase in activation. I tell them, Did you enjoy Day of the Diesels?.
Veronica Chambers joins in on the fun.

They were happy to say that they did enjoy the film but discussed their hate over it's preceder Misty Island Rescue which they agreed that they didn't like, commenting on it's unrealisticness and greater distance away from the series and Thomas. They considered Diesels as a different generation of Thomas from the Railway Series but still pleased by it's finalised product.

I then ask Hilary, Was Michael Angelis at the premiere?, No he wasn't there, she responds, and starts commenting positively about him, even being true to say and known to some fans that he kept the Ringo Starr magic going. After a few photographic poses, we start to say our goodbye's to the Awdry's. I then tell Hilary over the nature of the current nature of the series.

I tell her that the series has upset some fans due to it's downhill quality but assure her that it is being fixed and proceed with the topic of Andrew Brenner's appointment to the series. He has worked on some magazine stories during when Season Three was on, said I.

Hilary seems pleased by this hearing tells me; If they are getting someone like that, that can keep the quality going back to it's classic roots, then we will be happy.
Thomas and the Hamleys attendees arrive.

They then depart and so do we as we headed towards Hornby's model section. Some of us sit down on the floor, some of us talk about the series and start quoting lines. Me and Nick then discuss the TV series both agreeing that Season Twelve is so far Hit Entertainment's best series. After a few of us purchase stuff, we make our way downstairs and exit the store.

On arriving out, we look back at the window display and notice a display of Day of the Diesels, with cardboard cutouts of the new characters, and mocked up models of Thomas and Diesel 10 with Pinchy moving his mouth open and closed. We were all surprised and pose for a picture, which took a while due to the busy nature of the public going by and the rain that had just started.
Diesel 10, Den, Dart, Flynn, Belle and Thomas eye up the visitors.

Heading to hmv near 5:00pm, proved to be our final destination of the day. Looking at various DVD's of various shows, movies and Thomas, some of us had to depart, including me and were all sorry that we couldn't stay as long but thoroughly had enjoyed the special event.

Our newbies to the group Owen, Christopher and James had met us in anticipation and us oldies, me, Daniel, Adam, Michael, Louie, Oliver had remet and we all agreed that one day, we would return to met up again for a future event before the next premiere, but in what form...?

Well that's it. Thanks to all of the gang for the day and for the photos from a few of them and here are some extra photos to go out on.

TheTopHatts Gives Day of the Diesels...

Four early 2012 DVD's given front covers

Four of the UK's upcoming DVD titles which arrive starting from the early point of 2012 have had their covers published.

amazon.co.uk have be on board to update each of their pages, first with their revelations, synopsis and now their cover arts. 

Thomas in Charge! has yet to be given the full British classifications and additional texts treatment but will still carry it's original US front. 
The Best of James and The Best of Percy include the engines on their respectful covers with the same font as seen on The Best of Thomas release. 

The Best of Thomas is to be reissued to online and in store suppliers to match the look and feel of the above two engines' artworks.

A notable sign seen on the top left of the covers tie-ing with their contents reads; 2 1/2 Hours from 1984 to Today.
The Complete Series 13 is showing more promises as it is now retaining the original layout design as seen on The Complete Series 12's cover, but with some differences.

In the style of the Classic Collection releases before their makeovers in 2010, an animated Thomas appears with the background colour changed to gold.

Lastly, the UK are now officially the first to reveal the Up, Up and Away! main cover instead of the US.
With the additional British treatment missing, Thomas and Percy star on the cover alongside the big balloon as seen in it's main episode and text reading; High-flying adventures with Thomas!

The five home video titles for next year will hit UK DVD shelves starting from January 23rd 2012.

Release schedule;
Thomas in Charge!, January 23rd 2012.
The Best of James, February 6th 2012.
The Best of Percy, February 6th 2012.
The Complete Series 13, February 13th 2012.
Up, Up and Away!, March 19th 2012.


iTunes donates a 'Merry Winter Wish' to Aussies

The Australasians have been granted access to view the Merry Winter Wish DVD on iTunes.

The Season Fourteen Christmas themed release can now be bought on Apple's iTunes Store for the whole of $7.99 AUD.
The episodes can be purchased seperately for $1.49 each which includes the two non-christmas extra episodes, The Early Bird and Steamy Sodor.

Merry Winter Wish is available to buy in Australasian stores on DVD and on iTunes.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Updated roundup on 2012 UK DVD's

With the exciting news that the UK were to be given five new DVD's for the early part of 2012, amazon.co.uk have now updated each of their pages.

Additional information on the five of them are available to view which relate to each of their releases' descriptions.

With no as of yet confirmation on the three other episodes pending to be included on the Thomas in Charge! DVD, a synopsis of it has emerged for the online retailer.
Thomas is back in these exciting engine-packed adventures! Thomas and his friends are preparing for the Railway Inspector's visit to Knapford Station.

But when the coal trucks crash covering Gordon in soot, can Thomas take charge and help straighten out the mess? Find out as Thomas charges full steam ahead into fun! 

British fans will be given more joy as The Best of James and The Best of Percy titles will indeed hold selected episodes from the TV Series' lifespan.

Best of James;Over the years Thomas has been joined by his friend, cheeky red engine James! James is the No.5 member of The Fat Controller's railway,has a fine scarlet coat and thinks of himself as a Really Splendid Engine.
To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and James, we have put together 20 fantastic Percy episodes, from the classic live action to the all new animation. Bust my buffers it's James! 

The Best of Percy; Over the years Thomas has been joined by his best friend, the small green engine Percy! Percy is the No. 6 member of The Fat Controller's railway and his favourite job is delivering the mail.

To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Percy, we have put together 20 fantastic Percy episodes, from the classic live action to the all new animation. Peep Peep it's Percy! 
The highly anticipated return of The Complete Series releases continues with The Complete Series 13 with it's official synopsis written up.

Thomas and his friends return in Series 13 for more fun on the rails. For the first time ever, all 20 episodes featuring the latest CGI animation and talking engines are available on one DVD!

Join Thomas and the Really Useful crew for exciting adventures with mischievous bees, a runaway kite, a 'Bubble Show' and a case of mistaken identity. Introducing new friends Charlie, Hiro, Victor & Kevin! 
Finally Up, Up and Away!'s episodes have been fully confirmed which could see it's move on the US release. The four added are considered some of the most underappreciated episodes that the series has seen. 

Thomas and his friends reach new heights in this high-flying adventure!  Thomas and Percy have a special job to do as they try and try again to bring balloons to Mr. Bubbles' Big Balloon Show. 

At the Children's Steam Fair, Emily learns there are great rewards - and laughs - in helping others; Kevin tries his hook at Hide and Peep, and Thomas has a wonky whistle!  Up, up and away for fun and adventure! 
Episodes include;
Up, Up and Away!
Emily and Dash
Kevin the Steamie
Wonky Whistle

The five home video titles for next year will hit UK DVD shelves starting from January 23rd 2012.

Release schedule;
Thomas in Charge!, January 23rd 2012.
The Best of James, February 6th 2012.
The Best of Percy, February 6th 2012.
The Complete Series 13, February 13th 2012.
Up, Up and Away!, March 19th 2012.


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tesco marks alterations with 'Winter Wish'

Tesco Entertainment have now relisted the almost ill-fated Merry Winter Wish DVD for British audiences on their website.

After the controversary surroundings that was the Winter holidays debate, the Season Fourteen release is slowly evading attention from the arguments.
Tesco have renamed the title as Merry Christmas Wish which has currently not affected the front cover.

The extras have been reconfirmed along with a supposed revised release date for a November release for 2012 instead of October.

Other websites have yet to follow the date change from it's original October 29th 2012 send out

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

'The Birthday Express' delayed for second time

Mixed animation release, The Birthday Express which was originally meant to be released in the UK for 2011 will come next year instead.

The move revealed by amazon.co.uk now bills the DVD for a mid January 2012 release. It's original date, July 11th 2011 was pushed back to December 12th, to the current finalised latest.
On a more positive note, amazon have published it's official cover, retaining it's US likeness with the additional text; Includes Exclusive Activities & Fun with Mr. Perkins!

It is expected to include the episodes Percy's Parcel, Double Trouble, The Man in the Hills and The Party Surprise alongside the reprise of Driver Perkins.
The Birthday Express hits UK DVD shelves at the new date of January 16th 2012.

David Mitton's legacy series goes on YouTube

Original TV Series and late Director, David Mitton's post Thomas the Tank Engine show has been published on YouTube.

His long awaited but ultimately dismissed Adventures on Orsum Island has been made available to watch on the video servicing website with it's first two episodes ready for viewing.
The children's series about survival on an island utilized a mix of CGI animation and live action. Some of Thomas' key crew members went onto work for the incomplete show.

These included Writer Miranda Larson, Art Director Rob Gauld-Galliers, and even Thomas' American voiceover man, Martin T. Sherman.

Orsum Island never made it to television and never had it's run of episodes completed due to the death of Mitton on May 18th 2008.


Thanks to Old Square Wheels and Chris for the alerts.

Five exciting DVD's announced for Britain

amazon.co.uk have revealed that five new DVD releases will be on it's way to the United Kingdom in 2012.

First up for late January is Thomas in Charge! which has since been out in the US this July. The mixed Season title is expected to include the same episodes as the Americans had.

The episodes that originally accompained the release were of course Thomas in Charge, Henry's Good Deeds, O the Indignity and A Blooming Mess.
Next up is the promisingly two themed Best of DVD's which focus on James and Percy in The Best of James and The Best of Percy respectively.

James' special title will run approximately at 150 minutes long with Percy's coming in at 155. Both will recieve a mix of various selected episodes considered the best by Hit Entertainment for the fans.

Fans wishing that there would be more Complete Series releases have been granted with the announcement of The Complete Series 13 coming out.
All twenty episodes of the 2010 Season which followed on from 2009's Hero of the Rails special are to be included totalling up the run time to 200 minutes.

Finally the revelation that the Americans were to be recieving their third Fifteenth Season DVD will be a first for the Britain as it will be carried on over from March.
Not much is known of Up, Up and Away!, other than the fact that two episodes have been billed by Fisher Price products from America.

The five home video titles for next year will hit UK DVD shelves starting from January 23rd 2012.

Release schedule;
Thomas in Charge!, January 23rd 2012.
The Best of James, February 6th 2012.
The Best of Percy, February 6th 2012.
The Complete Series 13, February 13th 2012.
Up, Up and Away!, March 19th 2012.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fifteenth Season continues world view with Australia

2011's Fifteenth Series is on it's way to the Australians during the late period of this November.

Starting from the 21st, Season Fifteen will begin it's run on ABC2 in the morning starting with the first episode of The Logging Locos trilogy, Gordon and Ferdinand.
The episodes are running in the original and correct order as seen on the UK's milkshake! broadcasts on five.

Germany was previously announced to be the first non-English speaking country to air the new episodes.

The Fifteenth Series of Thomas & Friends starts on Monday November 21st 2011 at 9:15am on ABC 2 with the episode, Gordon and Ferdinand and will continue it's run everyday.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

The remote controller joins Gordon's cab

The fourth engine to be part of TrackMaster's 3 Speed R/C range is Gordon the Big Express Engine.

The No. 4 engine is somewhat ideal it where the person controls the speed of him via the specialised remote control accessory.
Gordon is able to spout out a number of phrases with his whistle and other sounds built in to the remote.

He comes after the first announced packs of Thomas the Tank Engine, James the Red Engine and Spencer the Silver Engine.

Trackmaster's 3 Speed R/C Gordon hits toy shelves worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.