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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Misty Island Rescue US DVD - Extras confirmed

The extras for the US release of the upcoming Misty Island Rescue DVD have been confirmed by Hit News Online.

A game called The Search for Thomas is included along with two new music videos, Misty Island Rescue and Sir Topham Hatt. Now I know what you are all thinking, is the Sir Topham Hatt song being re-edited with CGI footage, is the original music video from 1998 being included or is it a whole new song? Well to be honest, I don't know! We will have to wait and see...

For the DVD, the feature is in Widescreen and will have English, Spanish and French dubbed audio. The English dub will be enhanced in 5.1 Dolby Digital while the Spanish and French languages are only in 2.0 Dolby Digital format.

The Blu-Ray version will be enhanced in 1080p high definition widescreen while the English audio is to be given a 5.1 DTS HD master. The Spanish and French dubs remain in 2.0 Dolby Digital.

Misty Island Rescue hits US DVD and Blu-Ray shelves on September 7th 2010.

2011 calendar for US

Calendars.com have confirmed a new Thomas & Friends 2011 calendar for fans in the US.
The calendar is 16 months long and features various pictures from the Twelth Series of Thomas while on an environment point-of-view, the calendar has been made from recycled paper. Each of the pages spotlights one of the characters for each month and also features a small cartoon image of the very character on the bottom right of the page.

The 2011 calendar is available in the US on August 30th 2010 or you can pre-order here.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Another way to vote for your favourite Thomas song

You can vote hear on this poll website for an easier way to choose your favourite song for the No.1 spot in my new upcoming video on YouTube.!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

3 days left on US DVD's

There are less than 3 days left on my Thomas US DVD's on ebay.co.uk. I will only send to residents in the UK.


Thomas artwork in extra large formation

This is possibly the largest ever Thomas image I have come across. This was found on a media website promoting the Dutch series of Thomas the Tank Engine, which translates as, Thomas de Stoomlocomotif.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Vote for your favourite Thomas song!

Vote for your most favourite ever Thomas & Friends song/music video for my new poll video, Thomas & Friends - The Best of Thomas' Tunes.
Thomas' Anthem
The Island Song
Really Useful Engine
Accidents Will Happen
It's Great to be an Engine
Night Train
James the Really Splendid Engine
Little Engines
Never, Never Give Up
There Once was an Engine Who Ran Away
Ode to Gordon
Every Day's a Special Day
The Work Song
Thomas, You're the Leader!
Go, Go Thomas!
Roll Along
All You Need

The nominations are in a top 20 format, so post in the comments below what song would you like to take the No.1 spot.

The recent song All You Need has proved incredibly popular since it's release on the official Thomas website and was decided to be included in the poll. The nominations were determined and settled in an Sif thread.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Should 'All You Need' deserve to be in next poll?

As you may have heard on my YouTube that I have had plans for my next video countdown poll about the songs of Thomas, I want you lot to respond to one.

The recent All You Need song has a different feel but do you the fans think that it should take a place in my next poll?

Leave your comments below either saying Yes or No. You may also have your thoughts about Night Train, as it might not have a place in the poll, also say if Night Train should be in the poll and what song would you want it to replace?

Please comment! Currently started work on the title sequence.

The Best Songs (Working title) will have it's nominations released soon.

More MIR DVD news and covers

As we get closer and closer to the release of Misty Island Rescue, Amazon have posted the new covers and release dates for the UK & US.

In the US, the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack can alternatively be purchased as a standalone DVD while in the UK & US, both DVD covers have been published.



Misty Island Rescue hits US DVD shelves on September 7th 2010 and will later hit UK DVD shelves on October 11th 2010.

Exclusive: Three 'Misty Island Rescue' pics

Amazon.com have posted three new images from the next feature-length special, Misty Island Rescue.

The images show Thomas with Bash, Dash and Harold at the Search and Rescue Center, Thomas in a cave, and Thomas on the raft in the night.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Thomas music video and returning characters

The US Thomas website have a new music video on their homepage called All You Need.

The song is given a different music genre with female singers along with backing vocals by children. The music video features new footage from Misty Island Rescue, slight extensions of some Season Thirteen scenes and a glance at the official returns of Whiff and Stanley. New character Scruff the Scruncher makes his debut for the first time and looks like the original Rusty from the fourth series but green.

New scenes include Henry biffing a truck, Gordon crashing through some buffers, Thomas with Whiff and Scruff, the rocky bridge, the new Misty Island Rescue characters and Stanley.

The music video also includes a possible glance of the next series, Season Fourteen, as some of the scenes look like standalone episodes.

All You Need can now be seen on the official US Thomas & Friends website's homepage.

TheTopHatts relists his US DVD's

I have relisted my Thomas US DVD's after only a mere two got sold by Daniel Coffey.

The items last again for 7 more days, only shipping to residents in the UK and all have Buy It Now options. The DVD's are listed below with links:


Creaky Cranky UK DVD officially pushed back

For a while, rumours surfaced that the UK version of Creaky Cranky's DVD would be pushed back as few websites revealed. It has now emerged by amazon.co.uk and HitStoreUK that Creaky Cranky won't officialy appear on DVD until August 23rd 2010.

The original release date was July 5th 2010, but just weeks before the release, online retailers such as Play.com touted that the date would be pushed back till August, whereas HitStoreUK still had the DVD for the July date but have since changed it.

Creaky Cranky hits UK DVD shelves at the new date of August 23rd 2010.

MIR US DVD release date and extras

New information on the US version of the Misty Island Rescue DVD pack have been revealed.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack will appear in US retailers on September 7th 2010. It will be the second Lionsgate DVD of Thomas to be featured in Widescreen, the first being Hero of the Rails and will run at 60 minutes duration.

Extras have been revealed on Movies Unlimited which will include new Sing-a-long songs, a game and French and Spanish subtitles, although I do think that the website probably ment audio.

Misty Island Rescue hits US Blu-Ray/DVD shelves on September 7th 2010.

BBC Radio interviews with the Awdry's

Christopher and Hilary Awdry have been promoting Thomas' 65th year by being interviewed on two BBC Radio shows.

BBC Radio Devon interviewed the Awdry's on June 11th to talk about Thomas' origin, the success and even talking about the newest TV series, to which Hilary praised the recent series.
Then nearly two weeks later on June 21st, both Awdry's appeared on Clare Ashford's radio show for BBC Shropshire for more on Thomas, including the discussions on the rare artwork that now appear on the new Thomas book celebrating the anniversary.

Both interviews are now available on YouTube:

Fifteen pics from The Great Discovery

I found a lot of images from 2008's special, The Great Discovery on foreign websites while surfing on Google.

Enjoy 15 images from The Great Discovery.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Exclusive: More promos from the Eighth Series

More from Season Eight here, should point out that the first four are the size of your desktop, while the last three are incredibly large!


Monday, 21 June 2010

Exclusive: Thomas and the Magic Railroad pics

You might have seen some before, you might not have seen some before.

Taking a break from the Eighth Series, more exclusive images, this time it is Thomas and the Magic Railroad, with the biggest array of images so far.


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Exclusive: High-res Thomas promo shot

This image shows Thomas smiling in the countryside in a promotional shot dating back to the Eighth Series launch and is still used in merchandise.
The dimensions of the image are 2048 x 3072 which is incredibly large! Large enough to hit a small dog, So enjoy this maximised photo of Thomas the Tank Engine.


Accidents happen for Thomas in Baldwin City

A Thomas the Tank Engine collided with a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck. It happened during the last ride of this Saturday for the life-sized replica that comes to Baldwin City every year.
Event co-coordinator for Day Out With Thomas, Linda Ballinger said, We all thought it was hilarious, too, oh my! Everyone was talking about it on the radios. Thomas has been in an accident! A passer by, Delbert Sheldon commented on the incident, None of the 300 passengers aboard Thomas were injured, neither were crewmembers or the driver of the pickup pulling the trailer.

It broke out one of Thomas’ headlights, bent the bumpers and the ladder, said Ballinger. All he has now is a bumped-up bumper. Nobody was hurt, except Thomas. He was able to get fixed and go on to the next place. He didn’t have to go home to get fixed.
Thomas was going only 5 mph as he was heading north through the last intersection of the 25-minute pleasure trip before returning to the Midland Depot, although his top speed is only 8 mph. While the intersection at Lawrence Street is marked as a train crossing, there were no warning lights or crossing arms. Weeds were also overgrown near the track Thomas was coming down. Sheldon didn’t see Thomas, until it was too late.

As I’m going across the intersection, I hear the whistle for the first time, said Sheldon, The truck got through and three-quarters of the trailer got through, you’re not going to go through there fast. I’m already across, hind sight is 20/20 and I should have floor-boarded it and I just wish I wasn’t the one involved and I hope it’s a wake-up call. No one was hurt and that’s the main thing.

Sargeant. Mike Underwood of the Baldwin City Department said, He thinks there should be people at all the railroad intersections warning people with flags. There’s an emergency switch in the Thomas replica, but the train is actually being moved by a real engine that’s on the other end of the train. The person in Thomas activated the emergency brake after it happened, but there wasn’t much he could do. The actual engine was at the other end of the train and I’m sure he couldn’t have seen it seven cars down.

Ballinger said there hadn’t been a wreck here before. Baldwin hasn’t had one, no. But Thomas has been crunched before and they have had wrecks before.