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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Steven Kynman lends voice to returned engine Duck

Duck the Great Western Engine's return to the series has been met with a positive response.

The episode, Henry's Hero, was transmitted on Britain's Channel 5 milkshake!. Today, viewers caught the first glimpse of Duck in his CGI glory made by current animators, Arc Productions.

The engine played a brief cameo role to tell both Hiro and Henry that he had been sent to replace some bad coal with good coal.

Attributing his comeback was a fresh voice, lent by cast member Steven Kynman. The actor gave Duck a West Country accent, fitting in with the character's origins.

Togo Igawa also returned to voice Hiro, who had not spoken since Season 15's Fiery Flynn, despite the character making a number of appearances in the 16th Series.


  1. I liked the Welsh undertone in Ducks voice. Also, didn't Hiro's voice sound lighter?

    1. Correction: Duck's voice is of a Cornish/Somerset accent but since Cornwall and Somerset are close to Wales, it's an easy mistake to make. :)

      I was expecting a Cockney accent from Duck in truth, being a GWR engine and working at Paddington before being bought to work on Sodor. But since Duck's branch line runs along the coast and is based on the "Ducks" locomotive running on the Devonshire Railway(?), it makes sense as to why HIT decided on that patois...

  2. I hope they keep his voice for the US version. That would be totally great (then again, seeing they kept the voices for the narrow gauge engines quite the same for both versions, it's possible)!

  3. Duck's voice really suits him, considering where he's from. You could kinda imagine him with that voice now that you think about it