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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Season 17 UK festive episodes confirmed for Channel 5

It has been confirmed that Season 17 will return to the UK for a fourth outing on television.

Channel 5 milkshake! is to air the season's festive themed stories during the Christmas season.

No Snow for Thomas, Santa's Little Engine, The Missing Christmas Decorations and Frozen Turntable are all due for broadcast on the week of Christmas Day, with episodes from previous seasons preceding and following.

It now leaves No More Mr Nice Engine, Away from the Sea, Thomas' Shortcut, The Smelly Kipper, Gone Fishing and The Afternoon Tea Express in the wilderness, which are poised for broadcast sometime in early 2014.
Channel 5 milkshake's Thomas & Friends Christmas;
Surprise, Surprise
Monday December 16th at 7:35am.
Percy the Snowman
Tuesday December 17th at 7:35am.
Tree Trouble
Wednesday December 18th at 7:35am.
Henry's Magic Box
Thursday December 19th at 7:35am.
Snow Tracks
Friday December 20th at 7:35am.
No Snow for Thomas
Monday December 23rd at 7:35am.
Santa's Little Engine
Christmas Eve at 7:35am.
The Missing Christmas Decorations
Christmas Day at 6:55am.
Frozen Turntable
Boxing Day at 7:35am.
The Christmas Tree Express
Friday December 27th at 7:35am.
King of the Railway: The Movie
New Years Day at 8:50am.

The lineup will culminate with the terrestrial debut of King of the Railway: The Movie which was revealed earlier today by digiguide, although the listing has since been removed.

Season 17 of Thomas & Friends returns for four days on Channel 5 milkshake! in the UK on December 23rd, with the episode No Snow for Thomas.

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