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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Arthur and new Talking engines join Take-n-Play range

Arthur is to come back in die-cast form under Fisher Price's Take-n-Play line.

The large tank engine first introduced in the Seventh Series is new to the merchandising series. He sports a brighter running board and specially designed artwork on his packaging.
Logging Loco Ferdinand is too re-introduced after companions Bash and Dash and a Misty Island Spills & Thrills themed pack.

As part of the franchise, the Talking characters range has been gradually increased, bringing in classics Edward, the Troublesome Trucks, Spencer and Diesel 10.

Modern engines Belle, fiery Flynn and Paxton are also applied with fresh additions Hiro and Den incoming.

The Take-n-Play products from Fisher Price hit UK, US and Australian toy shelves now.

Thanks to Bass Tbone and Lightninging63 for the alerts.


  1. Most of the "new" products listed here were released last year, and I saw them in stores. (like the Logging Locos)

  2. I think the article is just recapping previous releases. Den and Hiro are the new talking engines and Arthur is a new release.

  3. Does anyone know if Molly is actually going to have a talking counterpart? It is listed on the wiki, but aside from that I can't find anything to confirm it.