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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Announcement: The end of Roll Along Thomas...?

It is with gracious and careful thought that after over four years, Roll Along Thomas will be no more, come October.

This is the moment I've been dreading for a while and have been contemplating for two months, so please read in full. It is to do with my future and have come to realise that I cannot go on with my blog for long. But, when you've got to go, you've got to go. If I don't let go now, I may find it harder to step away from it.

In September, I will be continuing my studies in acting as a BA honourate, planning to venture forth in other cities and have picked up an odd few opportunities in the business. Throughout the latter part of this year to 2015, I will need to be at my most creative, focused and consider time in order to progress with my career and for what's to come for me. I want to step away from blogging before it becomes stuck with me for the rest of my life.
(A visit to Thomas Land. 2011.)
Another reason why I have called it a day is due to the minutes and hours of excessive discoveries from the fans prompting me to think up original sentences and paragraphs within little time. The moments of spontaneity has been tough, having to rush back and forth to my desktop without a few hours of rest, so it has been physically draining, especially when other workloads can take over me. Now, October is when the end comes...

I tend to credit whoever sends or finds me links as a courtesy, which I believe the fanbase lacks... trust. When I don't credit peers, its mainly to do with who found what first as fans would pick an item up, leading to confusion. In some cases, news items can be too late to be reported, past their sell by dates or by lack of publicity from companies. Incidentally, when a discovery is made, is it really news? A worst of poll including a 2000 film is questionable...

My eye on the internet hasn't allowed me to leave my study. Having to design the necessary images for posts and sprucing them up from home sources was another challlenge. There has been tough weeks, especially the week of June 23rd, the slew of Tale of the Brave's publicity. The specials I will say have received the most interest in viewership, according to Blogger's demographics.
(Return to the Bluebell Railway. 2013.)
If I have to be honest about the fanbase who are dedicated and certainly passionate, the certain lots who have overused words (such as the o word... that's repetition.) to get through conversations are bizarre to see. The fangirling behaviour from time to time is also another asset, I have to say, wishing for things to come when it can be denied of truth even for a show squarely aimed at 2-6 year olds.

I'm aware of the so-called hardcore generation and Wikias, but the way that tweets or online conversations go, it can look acid. That's when other internet users tend to step in to harass or rather annoy those responsible for being too excited for one detail after another. Its not my hatred of fans, absolutley not, its just the bizarreness of how out of control things can go.

Calm through. Surprises can be a better feeling than not having your wish come true. I will use this opportunity to quote two songs to reflect my passion. Don't judge a book by its cover, just remember the rule... The Island of Sodor, magical land where dreams come true.

The dreaded nation of spoilers is disrespectful. I do feel for the many who'd rather not be surprised until the day whichever product is meant to arrive for them. Checking timelines, whether its your YouTubes or your facebooks or your Twitters, it can be a real blow. Example; when a trailer for a major blockbuster is released, the tantalising spoilers of plot and visuals can damage the viewing experience, judging something in a low accord.
(A surprise or two at the Battlefield Line Railway. 2014.)
It is also disheartening when the powers of be at Hit Entertainment see the cryptic nonsense going on, especially when I learnt at a railway event in April by a member of the team (who shall remain nameless) divulged to myself that they, even at Thomas production, oversaw tweets made to be disappointed with how leaks have gone.

I was surprised to learn that my site has been used by the crew as a backbone for seeing developments and decisions made by websites and studios to release information on anything Thomas. Although spoilers have been a thing, I didn't want to blog about them, otherwise I'd be held responsible for ransom and didn't want to be spoilt myself. I however got to know the odd secret or two, but I kept my mouth shut.

In retrospect, I am sometimes miffed of the support in terms of the timing of when my word of mouth mentions news, sometimes lacking response, as there have been in numbers. But to those who did, those eager, websites, friends, groups, online communities, producers, long time fans (you all know who you are, even the ones who went back to me after misinterpretation), I just want to say this... thank you.
(The archive.)
I will continue to watch the show and the brand religiously without having to worry about watching my eye on the internet and to enjoy things as a casual viewer. I will also continue to participate in fans' YouTube series (so long as the script or people are good!) and attend events dutifully to lend support and to talk to those willing for answers or for the pure banter.

For now, if there's any questions, submit or tweet me things you'd like to know, why things weren't blogged and what of the blog you may learn. I will gladly answer them. To culminate, I will only continue for now with a few more exclusives to look forward to on the way. Answers for the fans. I did this for the fans.

Until then, birthday come Saturday. I prepare for my departure and a little event in the capital in October. Trust Thomas. Thank you.



  1. I'm sad that it is over, but I totally understand. I resigned from adminship of TTTE Wikia just 6 days ago, myself.

    1. I'm being misquoted already by a few peers labelling me a mean person, which is a shame. Not true. They need to read my reasoning properly, especially about policies. If met in person, its much more understandbale than text as I come across as a generous person, and I worked for it.

      That makes two of us Zach. Best of luck to you too.

  2. I know you really can't do it anymore, but, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!😖😫 you can't leave

  3. Sorry to see you go, this blog has been a staple in my bookmarks for years now, and I often checked it at least twice a day. I completely understand though, I cannot imagine how strenuous the task must be of running this site. I wish you the best of luck in our studies. Thank you for faithfully keeping the fanbase updated. The impact you have made will not be forgotten.

    1. Its been tough to keep track both physically and mentally and so am humbled by your words, it means some and I hope I've made it worthwhile.

  4. No! I'm over with - You can't do this! Maybe handover Roll Along to someone, I know it's hard, you want to study, but...
    At least you can just post links about the news. Don't write, just give the links. Please! It won't take much time. Will you do the TOTB review? Not anything, but just that, Please! Reply.

    1. There's other practicalities getting in the way. I wouldn't want to hand the keys to someone else. Its my baby.

      Re Tale of the Brave, all I will say is, there's something in store for me.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. It's a shame to see that Roll Along Thomas is coming to an end in August.

  7. I will truly miss this. Every day when I got on my iPad I had 2 things to look foreword to 1: My YouTube channel views & 2: This AMAZING blog! I have been looking at this blog everyday for 4 years and I'm 14! I would just like to thank you for all your work and I wish you we'll. God bless you good luck! Bye!

    - Luis

  8. Well, this certainly grabbed everyone's attention.

    I love to occasionally check up here for news and updates so I can learn of when movies/specials air. Guess I'll have to find news in a much harder way now.

    It's sad to see this site close down, but I respect your decision since everyone can't always dedicate their life to providing news and updates. August 8 is my birthday, by the way... a shame it has to close down on my birthday month.