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Monday, 19 April 2010

Runaway Kite - UK cover and content

The bbfc have posted the content that will appear in the second thirteenth series DVD, Thomas and the Runaway Kite, which will hit UK DVD shelves on May 24th 2010.

Episodes include:
- Thomas and the Runaway Kite
- The Biggest Present of All
- Toby's New Whistle
- Buzzy Bees
DVD Extras includes the return of Driver Perkins in Watch with Mr. Perkins, whose links in between the episodes are specially filmed for the DVD. Also the CGI version of the Determination music video as seen on the official website, will also be included in the release.

Also, the 65th Anniversary promo as seen in the last two DVD's released in the UK will start off the DVD.

The synopsis for the DVD reads:
Join Thomas & Friends as your favorite engines from Sodor embark on exciting new adventures in this Thomas & the Runaway Kite DVD.

There's a kite on the loose and Thomas must catch it before the wind blows it from Sodor! With Gordon, Charlie and Toby by his side, Thomas learns that a helping hand keeps him right on track when it comes to rescuing kites, saving a swarm of bees, and preventing railway disasters from taking flight! Hop on board for a high-flying ride with Thomas & Friends in these all-new, never-before-seen train adventures.

The front cover differs from the US version, as I have noticed that the UK Season 13 covers have Thomas much more aligned rather than tilted to one side on the US Covers.

The information for the content can be found here:

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