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Friday, 23 April 2010

Thomas boosts Mattel Q1 profits

Toy maker Mattel Inc. are pleased that their profits have boosted for the first quarter of 2010, mainly from new toy lines such as World Wrestling Entertainment and the new Thomas & Friends line co-operated by Fisher Price.

Analyst Margaret Whitfield said, Toys always hold up better than other segments within retail, and retail activity in general seems to have improved. There's a sense that consumers are coming out of hiding.
The US toy maker also has a strong lineup this year compared with previous years.

Barbie sales rose by 5 percent, Hot Wheels rose 9 percent, while WWE and Toy Story rose 35 percent. Fisher Price sales rose by 5 percent, helped by the Thomas and Friends line and American Girl sales rose 6 percent.

CEO Bob Eckert said, We expect them to perform more akin to evergreen toy brands rather than one-hit wonders.

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  1. I think it's a shame that Learning Curve is no longer making them, and aparently Fisher-Price are making most for the Thomas products now, see for your self: