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Friday, 4 June 2010

MIR online game and returning character

The official minisite for Misty Island Rescue has been updated with a new game that can be for home use.

The game involves out of 4 players to help The Fat Controller find Thomas and must get to the finish line to save him. Dices and counters are essential for use which is ideal for any Thomas fan.
It also includes 3 images from the new special including The Fat Controller looking worried, Thomas beside some Mushrooms, and a view of the Search and Rescue Center.
Also, an eagle eyed member on the SiF Forums noticed that a picture on the game had a shot of Gordon, James and either Bash or Dash at the Rescue Center with a very noticeable crane arm next to James. The member pointed out that it is Harvey's! I had a closer look and it is definate! Harvey returns!

The game is available on the minisite as a downloadable pdf.
Misty Island Rescue game

EDIT: Ryan from Sif replied to the rumours saying that it is meant to be Rocky, so at least we know that Rocky very possibly is returning.


  1. Hey, TheTopHatt's. It's me, Thomasfan, the "eagle eyed member on the SiF Forums". Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! Any chance of you mentioning me by name next time though? :)

  2. It's me, Thomasfan, again. I forgot to mention that I wasn't the one who originally figured out that it was Harvey. It was a friend of mine, SteamTeam, that did. I thought I should clear this up.

  3. just thought i'd let you know, the pic of thomas next to the mushrooms is a tunnel under the sea bed conecting misty island and sodor