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Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Thomas music video and returning characters

The US Thomas website have a new music video on their homepage called All You Need.

The song is given a different music genre with female singers along with backing vocals by children. The music video features new footage from Misty Island Rescue, slight extensions of some Season Thirteen scenes and a glance at the official returns of Whiff and Stanley. New character Scruff the Scruncher makes his debut for the first time and looks like the original Rusty from the fourth series but green.

New scenes include Henry biffing a truck, Gordon crashing through some buffers, Thomas with Whiff and Scruff, the rocky bridge, the new Misty Island Rescue characters and Stanley.

The music video also includes a possible glance of the next series, Season Fourteen, as some of the scenes look like standalone episodes.

All You Need can now be seen on the official US Thomas & Friends website's homepage.

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