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Thursday, 23 September 2010

'Lion of Sodor' - episodes and extras confirmed

HitNewsOnline have confirmed the content that will appear on the upcoming US DVD, The Lion of Sodor.

The main episode is featured along with Thomas and the Pigs, Time for a Story and Hiro Helps Out while the extras contain the 2009 version of the Determination music video, a Party Train Match Game and an episode from the Wallace & Gromit spin-off series, Timmy Time called Timmy's Plane.

The decription reads; Join Thomas as he roars down the tracks withthemost special delivery yet, The Lion of Sodor.Thomas' special delivery is not what he thinks it is- a real lion. When the other trains try to tell him that it's actually a statue, he is too excited to listen. Join Thomas as helearns the importance of listening to others in thislionhearted collection of tales from the tracks.

It has also been confirmed by Hit that Driver Perkins will return for more scenes in between the episodes on the DVD.

The Lion of Sodor hits US DVD shelves on December 7th 2010 and will also be available On Demand and on Digital Download.

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