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Thursday, 2 September 2010

'Back to School' pushed back, episodes revealed

The Hit Favourites DVD ranges' latest release has been pushed pack to mid 2011.

Back to School was going to be the DVD to resume the series for Hit's range and was to include the following episodes and shows, now confirmed by the bbfc:

- Thomas & Friends - Thomas and the Colours
- Barney & Friends - The New Kid
- Bob the Builder-Project: Build It! - Dizzy the Walking Bus
- Kipper - Hide and Seek

The reason why the DVD has been pushed back from August 30th 2010 to June 2011 is due to a major rethinking of which Hit characters should be on the DVD.
The cover revealed that Thomas, Barney and Bob the Builder were going to be on it along with Pingu and Fireman Sam but has now removed the latter two to only to incorporate Kipper and that Barney's episode is nearly half-an-hour long.

It is not currently known why the the new date is so far away from release. Play.com have since changed the release date notification to Coming Soon.

Hit Favourites - Back to School hits UK DVD shelves at the new date of July 18th 2011, as revealed by amazon.co.uk.

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