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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Nitrogen Studios showcases Thomas

Nitrogen Studios, the company behind the CGI animation on Thomas & Friends since 2009 have showcased their work on the show, on YouTube.

Nitrogen have uploaded 3 clips, one showing Hiro's flashback from Hero of the Rails, another showing the title sequence to Misty Island Rescue and a montage of scenes from the CGI series.
For the montage video, some differences occur to the finished version of Misty Island Rescue. Some of these are presumed to be in their draft state:
- The introduction of the special has some extra dialogue before Harold is shown out of the clouds, although it seems to be an already recorded line that might have appeared in an earlier or later episode.
- In the Shake Shake Bridge scene, just as Thomas is crossing it, the large fanfare of a trumpet is now quieter.
- A fade is meant to go into the next scene after The Fat Controller returns to Captain, but dosen't happen. This also happens to the music videos from 2009 and onwards, which always shows their full scenes without any tranisitions.
- The very ending showing Diesel 10 has a voice change. His voice here is heard to be less devious, although his laugh at the end remains the same. Plus, the music is missing.

A small clip showing a scene from Season Fourteen's Jitters and Japes also has it's fade missing at the end of it's scene.

For Hiro's flashback, there is no fade in at the beginning of the scene, showing the full scene.


  1. I hope I don't sound too rude, but did you see this when I posted it on SIF or did you find it yourself?

  2. I found it myself, I always go on YouTube first then Sif. I posted something the other week where I said specifically that I would credit people if I didn't find any alerts, so I would've if I found it on Sif first.


  3. Ok, thanks. Just checking.

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