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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

British 'Merry Winter Wish' revised for extended DVD

The ill-fated UK DVD, Merry Winter Wish is finally on its way to Britain for its late October release.
The long-awaited disc which was originally due to have been dispatched to shops for Halloween 2011, will at last appear for sale after a full year away.
Owing to criticism from fans over the length and price of the animated episodic titles, Merry Winter Wish has been confirmed for an extended feature edition.
Initially, four stories from the Fourteenth Series were headlining the release. amazon.co.uk have been the first to reveal that six episodes will now appear on the disc.
Though extras are thought to remain the same, the two extra stories featured come from the Fifteenth Series.
The definement reads; Next stop, Winter Wonderland! Join Thomas and his friends as they celebrate Christmas in these six enchanting tales.
Thomas has a special delivery for the season - the Star of Knapford, a festive light that makes wishes come true!
The children are excited for the Snowman Party in the Town Square but it's up to Thomas to find the snowman a special hat before the party can begin. Then Henry helps The Fat Controller prepare a secret surprise for all of Sodor.
Watch Bash, Dash and Ferdinand prepare for the first ever Misty Island Christmas party. The more friends the merrier, so join the fun and see that Christmas wishes do come true with Thomas & Friends!
Episodes include;
Merry Winter Wish
Thomas and the Snowman Party
Henry's Magic Box
Merry Misty Island
Let it Snow
Surprise Surprise

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins!: Knapford Station Common Room
Down at the Station: Coal
Sing-a-Long Music Video: All You Need
Guess Who? Puzzle

Merry Winter Wish hits UK DVD shelves on October 29th 2012.


  1. Six episodes? - nice change than four, maybe the SIF DVD Poll worked :P

  2. I like the six episode change, but...wasn't the title changed to "Merry Christmas Wish"?...

  3. I like that fans' concerns about value for money is being addressed. With two extras, this release is a bit more tempting

  4. Fantastic. I wonder how they'll work the Mr Perkins segments in?

  5. Looks HIT finally listened to the fans about having more episodeson the UK dvds. I have the DVD in Aus, but I might get myself a copy :)