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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

'The Complete Series 1-7' recieve revamped DVD covers

The first seven series due to be re-released onto UK DVD have each recieved their own specialised front covers.
The 2012 version of The Complete Series 1-7 utilizes inspirations from the cover arts of The Complete Series 12 and 13 DVDs for use.
Though revamped, the depictions of Thomas don't appear to match their respective series. These images originate from the Fourth, Seventh, Eleventh Seasons and Calling All Engines!, albeit, with certain edits made.
The detailings for each of the titles read; The Complete Series 1; All aboard for the first ever series of Thomas & Friends.
Join Thomas, together with his friends Edward, Gordon, Henry, James, Percy and, of course, The Fat Controller. Watch how Thomas earns his own branch railway line and how James has trouble with the trucks.
The Complete Series 2; It's full steam ahead for Thomas and his friends in the complete 2nd series. Watch as Thomas crashes through the wall of the Stationmaster's house, goes missing and manages to be spooked by Percy.
It's not only Thomas who is up to tricks as we join his friends Donald, Douglas, Gordon, James and, of course, The Fat Controller. 
The Complete Series 3; All aboard for some fun-packed adventure in this collection of every episode from Series 3.
Join Thomas and his friends as they welcome Mavis to Sodor. Meanwhile, Percy has a terrible fright when he confronts a huge dragon, but nobody believes him! 
The Complete Series 4; This Thomas & Friends collection brings together all of the episodes from Series 4.
Watch what happens when the circus comes to town, leaving behind a very big but unexpected surprise and join the engines as they get excited when The Queen comes to visit. 
The Complete Series 5; Watch all 26 classic episodes from Thomas & Friends Series 5. Climb aboard as Thomas meets Cranky, the new crane working at the docks.

Meanwhile, Toby, The Fat Controller and his grandchildren make an exciting discovery at a remote part of the island. 
The Complete Series 6; Join Thomas, together with his friends old and new in every episode from Series 6. The engines work together when there is a competition for the 'Most Beautiful Station' on the Island of Sodor.
Meanwhile, Percy has a sticky encounter with a chocolate factory and Jack meets exciting new friends whilst working at the Quarry! 
The Complete Series 7;  All aboard for Series 7 of Thomas & Friends. The Island of Sodor welcomes a new steam engine as Emily arrives to join the team.
Toby is upset when his beloved windmill is ruined in a storm and James is excited to learn that the Queen of Sodor is coming to the island! 
While it is not known if the New Series DVDs will take on the reissues for 2013, the first three seasons are expected once again to be featured in their remastered forms.
The Complete Series 1-7 DVDs hit UK DVD shelves on October 15th 2012.
Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.


  1. I can only agree with TEngine - very impressive. These covers look really cool!

    I do wonder if Series 1 - 3 will be in their restored format. I have a feeling they will, so fingers crossed!