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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

bbfc confirms 'Sticky Situations' for eighty min UK DVD

The British Board of Film Classification have confirmed that Sticky Situations will be released in the UK with six episodes.

Submitted just before the start of late November, the January DVD will carry a mixture of Season Fourteen and Fifteen stories.

Complete with over fifteen minutes of extras, Sticky Situations is now the first CGI episodic release to eclipse the usual sixty minute run time and will instead be supported by an eighty minute duration.

Episodes include;
Stuck on You
Spencer the Grand
Gordon and Ferdinand
Charlie and Eddie
Henry's Health and Safety
Diesel's Special Delivery

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins!: Mr Perkins' Treasure Hunt
Down at the Station: Going Backwards
Guess Who?: Charlie and Spencer

The move, predicted to be Hit Entertainment's primary focus for 2013, is most certain to achieve positive appreciation from fans who lambasted the minimal content featured on previous titles

Sticky Situations from Hit Entertainment hits UK DVD shelves on January 14th 2013.


  1. Wow, maybe they ARE getting their act together and listening! Hopefully the DVDs aren't more expensive now...

    1. Currently, online prices at at £9.50, but buying them instore would be better these days, i would very much trust ASDA.

      Merry Winter Wish would of been the same if the Perkins segment had been refilmed.

      Now if only American DVD's were improved that would be an issue over entirely.

  2. Nice to see Mr Perkins back. A bit surprised to be honest as there's now got to be more segments of him as there's more episodes!

  3. About time we see a decent length DVD. :)