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Thursday, 15 November 2012

'Go Go Thomas!' stories teased for the United Kingdom

The first discovery of the five stories due to star in the UK's Go Go Thomas! DVD have been revealed by amazon.co.uk.

Though the US version was teased the first time, the online retailer recently published the British disc's description in their database.

Thomas shows Gordon that being quick is as useful as being strong, while Flynn the fire engine learns to put his pride aside and race to the rescue.

Thomas causes some trouble on the tracks trying to be a model engine for a new photographer, while Spencer's on the move, ignoring warnings about electric engine Stafford's battery.

Thomas pumps his pistons to Misty Island to help fix Ol' Wheezy.

The brief plotlines show that Express Coming Through, Race to the Rescue, Flash Bang Wallop, Welcome Stafford and Ol' Wheezy Wobbles will front the release.

Due to the 55 minute run time and the fact that complete CGI episodes costs 11 minutes of duration each, a minimal chance of extras looks to be apparent.

The cover art catches Thomas and Spencer racing on the rails. Created as a newly released promo shot by Nitrogen Studios, Stafford's stance is seen on the bottom left. The DVD's tagline reads; High speed fun on the rails!

Go Go Thomas! from Hit Entertainment hits UK DVD shelves on March 11th 2013.

Thanks to lg77612 for the alert.

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