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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fisher Price shows 'King of the Railway' video and toys

Fisher Price's Thomas & Friends website has been updated showcasing a few surprises.

The teasers, in relation to the upcoming King of the Railway film, are seen largely in their Calling All Engines page.

A Meet the Characters video playlist features The Fat Controller in specially made animation by Arc Productions telling viewers why he thinks Stafford, Henry, Gordon, Luke and more are really useful engines.
In a printable poster, a first glimpse at Stephen's Take-n-Play is seen, ranked among other character models.

His nameplate however bears the name, Rocket. On a separate page is Thomas' Adventure Castle, a set based on a chase scene as seen in the movie's trailer.

The description reads; The Troublesome Truck tries to catch Thomas as he races down the spiral track! Will it be successful in catching him? As Thomas zooms downward, the flags unfurl and the treasure drops.

The King of the Railway Take-n-Play products hit toy shelves in the UK and US coinciding with the film's release this September.


  1. i didnt see any teasers and couldnt find a teaser for king of the railway.

  2. "Henry used to run on special coal, but then he was repaired and now runs on regular coal. His favourite job is pulling the Flying Kipper."

    Andrew Brenner - I love you.

    1. Well now... This is an interesting turn of events! Does that mean he's not gonna use that 'special' coal ever??? I hope not!!!